Rugs offer more than just decorations in contemporary living rooms. A good rug connects all the color schemes in the room, provides cushioning for feet, and reducing noises. Contemporary rugs offer fresh and unique designs to improve your living room.

Need ideas for rug shopping references? Try these modern rug designs to complete your living room.

1. Wave-patterned Rugs

The free-flowing wave patterns are perfect for contemporary rugs. This design appears in diverse variations, but they are mostly favored for nautical themes. The swirling wave patterns help soften the bare and “cold” look of modern living rooms.

To complete the look of contemporary living room you can add a wave patterned rug that is made of wool material with a pop color. Include wall hangings in matching colors. Blue wave patterned rug from elledecor
This rug with an attractive wave design is the perfect choice to elegantly coat your living room floor. Add furniture in neutral colors like white. Elegant wave patterned rug from elledecor
Relying on dark wave pattern rug to be the perfect foundation for your modern furniture, this pattern can also bring together a contemporary living room nicely and perfectly. Dark wave pattern rug from goaproperty4u
In this contemporary-style living room, wave pattern rug that made of nylon can be a special touch as it gives the room a more vibrant color. In addition, the carpet is also a warm footwear. Nylon wave rug from ceplukan
A wave rug used to line the living room floor provides a cozy and open texture. Choose neutral colors that can blend with the feel of the room and other furniture. Neutral color wave rug from elledecoration

2. Striped Rugs

The simplicity of striped rugs is perfect for all types of room designs. Bold stripes make a contemporary living room pop, while thin strips are subtler and perfect for a subtler look. The stripes also appear in various color combinations, from black and white to multiple colors.

Adding glitter striped rug to your living room is an easy task to do and only takes a little work. Choose an big striped motif to give the illusion of a wider room. Big striped rug from decoist
Striped rugs with bright and cheerful colors are trend for a warm living room. Colorful furniture also makes the room more vibrant. Colorful striped rug from decoist
The contrast between the wooden floor and the black and white striped rug will be very obvious. This rug creates the center of attention in the center of this contemporary living room. Black and white striped rug from decoist
There is no doubt when it comes to modern striped rugs that so dominate contemporary living spaces. Add natural elements such as wooden floors. Modern striped rugs from homedoo
The easiest way to make living room decor have gradient effect is to use striped rug in more than one color. These rugs are easy on the eyes, and thanks to the number of colors they work in almost any type of interior. Small striped rug from homedoo

3. Geometric-patterned Rugs

Nothing says “contemporary” better than geometric patterns, and you can apply them on the rugs. Many “geometric rug” offer diverse colors and pattern styles. You can choose monochromatic or colorful rugs, depending on the living room style.

Match the feel of the living room for the selection of geometric rug to keep it stylish. The blue and white color of the rug is the best choice in this living room. Blue and white geometric rug from digsdigs
The small geometric patterns on the rug give the illusion of a small living room being more spacious. Choose several bright colors to liven up the living room atmosphere to be more charming. Small geometric patterns rug from digsdigs
The presence of geometric rug with colorful bold colors makes the living room decor look like a bohemian style. Choose suede sofa and ship lap walls to harmonize with contemporary living room theme. Bold geometric rug from digsdigs
Pay attention to the color selection in geometric carpet patterns to make the room theme more pleasing to the eye and more comfortable. The carpet is one element of the room that looks simple but charming. Geometric carpet patterns from digsdigs
Blue, gray and black on geometric rugs liven up your contemporary living room. This geometric pattern makes the room look longer and wider. Blue, gray and black geometric rug from digsdigs

4. Chevron Rugs

Bored with regular striped rugs? Improve them by switching the stripes with chevron patterns. These modified stripes offer more “extreme” visual thanks to the jutting patterns. Chevron rugs are simple but with a unique touch, making them perfect for contemporary living rooms.

The black and white chevron rug is one of the classic carpets that is visually dramatic. Apart from that the contemporary living room decor adds a unique touch. Black and white chevron rug from decoist
The inspiration for beautiful living room is to use white and light blue chevron rugs with contemporary theme. Green accent pillows are a pop color in this room. White and light blue chevron rug from decoist
The gray chevron rug used to coat the hardwood floors gives a living room decorating idea more colorful in no time. Match the color of the carpet to the feel of your living room. Gray chevron rug from decoist
The chevron rug pattern creates a very colorful visual effect in decorating your living room. Choose several different colors on the carpet like yellow, red, blue and white. Colorful chevron rug from decoist
Apart from adding color, the chevron rug provides beautiful contrast without overwhelming the space. The monochromatic chevron rug brings together the best of contemporary living room décor. Monochromatic chevron rug from decoist

5. Polka Dot Rugs

Polka dots are “happy” patterns, which don’t come into people’s mind when they talk about elegant designs. However, they are perfect for fresh and unusual take of modern rug patterns. Polka dots are available as large, small, or very subtle patterns. You can place a polka dot rug to improve a minimalist contemporary room.

Don’t miss out on polka dot rugs with quirky colors like yellow, black and green. Don’t be afraid to use 2 or 3 rugs at the same time with different colors and motifs because it will look even more stylish. Colorful polka dot rugs from madebymood
Rug suitable for this modern minimalist style is a polka dot pattern made of wool. For color, choose one that matches the interior. Minimalist polka dot rug from homemydesign
If your living room is small, then a polka-dotted rug with a large motif will serve as a seat and can cover the entire floor surface well. Reduce the procurement of large furniture so it doesn’t feel stuffy. Polka-dotted rug with a large motif from spy
Adjust the size of the black and brown polka dots rug in your living room decor as a warm sitting area. This room is also suitable as a reading room. Black and brown polka dots rug from abeautifulmess
You can replace the large sofa with a rug, polka dots of bright colors to add a large surface area. In addition, this rug also provides a beautiful color. Bright colors polka dots rug from lonny

Aside from the patterns, contemporary living room rug trends play with different materials. Don’t hesitate to consider unique materials like faux fur, woven grass, natural fiber, rattan, silk, or braided fiber for the rugs. You can also consider commercial area rugs for proper recommendation and reference.

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