I believe that most of you are agree to acknowledge that the dining room is our sacred space in our house where the warmth of togetherness we can get. Or at least we can get our time of eating in a comfortable ambiance and this is the important thing that we should provide. That is why the proper dining room decoration is needed. Confused? Not again! Because we try to enlighten you with some ideas below and hopefully these will help you up to create your special space.

Bohemian Style

This design is known as a freestyle design which no standard rules required. But, if you can notice that this design has its own characteristic. First, on its pattern which mostly pattern is irregular patterns. Next is the boho style is pointed out on its colorful used or contrast colors. And next is furniture characteristic which is combining vintage and earthy material made. So, if you want to have a different look and also more alive in your dining room, this style is worth trying. See more at the Artsy Bohemian Dining Room.

The Boho carpet which is used as the base for the dining table set, is a perfect focal point when combined with the hanging iron lamp. Do not forget to display some wall decorations in the corner of the room. Boho carpet for base dining table set from momooze
The wooden table surrounded by suede dining chairs and covered in rug boho makes your dining room decor look more rustic. Rattan plates can be used as a beautiful and charming wall decoration. Bohemian style with rattan plates decor from momooze
Use shabby wood furniture for furniture in your dining room, this is to get a vintage impression that is not excessive. Boho carpet is intended to protect your hardwood floors perfectly. Shabby wood furniture with boho nuance from momooze

Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse dining room decoration is identically spotted by earthy material used on most furniture. From its floor to its ornaments. This style also has plenty of vintage sense. You can make some ornaments or furniture by DIY. Utilizing secondhand chairs and tables by reconditioning them into an impressive dining room furniture set. Mostly, this style requires neutral colors like white, beige, or wooden colors. So, creativity is a must-have to create this style and if you want to have a simple, clean, and neat dining room, yes you can definitely apply this style.

When you choose a farmhouse design in the dining room, galvanized pots and wooden furniture are enough to indicate this theme. Vintage lighting reinforces the farmhouse design in this room. Wooden furniture with vintage lighting from homebnc
The use of a wooden ladder that is used to hang three crystal chandeliers will decorate your dining room. Complete with shabby cabinets for an edgy touch to the classic word. Wooden ladder with shabby cabinets from homebnc
The combination of a wooden dining table with iron chairs in the farmhouse dining room decoration looks simple and not excessive. Chalkboard and ceramic plates are a classic wall decoration. Combination of wooden dining table with iron chairs from homebnc

Modern Style

Well, the modern dining room style is shown by its modern style of every piece of furniture or ornaments used. This design uses up-to-date patterns and shapes and mostly they have simple yet elegant characteristics. You also can notice the color used which is the elegant color used like black, deep grey, and white. By its furniture will show you that the price is higher than ordinary design. But, it is something related to taste and budget, so if you have those, well you can create it based on your taste.

The all white scheme of the modern dining room gives the illusion of a room that makes it look wider. Wood becomes neutral in any style, apply it to the floor and dining table set. White scheme modern dining room from home-designing
Go vertical greenery on the wall can freshly decorate your dining room. Long pendant light becomes lighting that gives a modern impression. Go vertical greenery from home-designing
No need to use too much furniture in your dining room so as not to interfere with space. The modern dining room with white board walls makes it more elegant. Modern dining room with board walls from home-designing

Industrial Style

The interior design comes with varies designs because inspiration can be caught on everywhere and on anything such as industrial design. The inspiration comes from industrial tools or parts and it is more masculine look like iron material, dark colors used, unfinished wall, lighting, exposed pipe on ceiling and also the furniture that is untidy or worn look. Plus, no tile used or exposed cement floor. If you like to present this design, you can find one by one each furniture or ornament to complete your dining room. It is like an attractive activity to do like mix and match furniture to its design to finally reveal an industrial design.

The black standing cabinet in the corner is an interesting accent for this moody industrial dining room design. The wood and steel touches of the dining set make for an amazing combination. Moody industrial dining room from homedesignlover
The steel dining table makes a strong, sturdy and durable furniture accent. This furniture is also not easy to rust, use red brick walls to provide a contrasting color. Steel dining table set from homedesignlover
The touch of sleek wood on the floor area makes this industrial dining room warmer. Instead of using brick walls with large glass windows. Industrial dining room with wood floor from homedesignlover

Scandinavian Style

This Scandinavian style is simple and emphasized its utilization on each piece of furniture. You can have this design by applying soft or neutral colors like white, beige, grey, so you can combine it with one or two other colors. You can design your dining room that allows the sunlight to shine directly into your dining room. This is one typical characteristic of rustic. Don’t forget to add some greeneries there so, you still can have a warm and fresh vibe there. So, if you want to have a clean, neat and warm dining room without over-furnished, well, this style is perfect for you.

The Scandinavian-style dining room with white shades can be paired with dark floors and chairs to add color contrast to one room. Wood is the main material for furniture ideas. Wood indoor furniture from homestratosphere
The bright dining room is complemented by soft wood elements on the decorative walls. White dining chairs with the size of the spacious room give a beautiful Scandinavian accent. White Scandinavian style from homestratosphere
The white walls and ceiling are illuminated by hanging ball lights giving the dining room a brilliant design. The white chairs surrounding the wooden dining table make for an elegant unity of décor. White walls and ceiling from homestratosphere

Classic Style

So, now it is a classic style. Well, the Classic style is known as old-style around the ’60s. But, it is not just old furniture used that reflect the year, but also it has a special value which this style has pricy design than others. Why is it so? Because the pattern that classic has is the curviest and high taste of art. From its chandelier to its furniture. Yet, indeed that most furniture is solid wooden made with glossy and dark color used. This design will reveal an elegant and classy look. You can have this look but, do prepare the budget because it will ask you more budget.

To create a classic look you can give your dining room a little drama. For example, installing a shelf on a yellow wall and choosing other patterned fixtures. Patterned fixtures dining room from architecturaldigest
There’s nothing wrong with trying green paint on the walls of your classic dining room, this color makes the room more one with nature. White furniture is a color balance in this room. White and green nuance dining room from architecturaldigest
A quick way to change the appearance of your current dining room furniture is to give it a coat of paint to make it look newer and less shabby. Repaint dining room furniture from architecturaldigest

Nautical Style

It is like industrial design which the point is that inspiration for interior design comes from anywhere, such as this nautical design. It is inspired by sailors or maritime’s look like. Commonly, a round table with rattan classic design is used on this design. You can add some sailors needed or even you can put some sea ornaments like sea stars, shells, rope, and etc. This design is so interesting and so different.

To strengthen the nautical in your dining room, the star centerpiece of the dining table is the right answer. Don’t forget to use beach colors like white and blue. Star centerpiece dining table from homedesignlover
The nautical dining room style cannot be separated from the blue and white colors, because basically these colors are the main ones. Rattan rug is an environmentally friendly wood floor coating. White and blue nautical dining room from bocadolobo
You can neutralize dining room furniture in dark colors with white built in wall storage. Show a beach-smelling ornament like shells. Bright lighting is important in this dining room. Nautical dining room with wall storage from bocadolobo

Rustic Style

What pointed out of this design is this style has a simple, less artsy look and rough pattern or unfinished well. The characteristic is on the material used that is a natural and solid texture made. Mostly this design is solid wooden made without glossy, which means it has its own original look. If you want to have a warm dining room, this design is a match for you. Moreover, this design is less expensive than other designs. Because you don’t need an excessive variation on this design and that the art thing comes from.

Decorate your rustic dining room with elephant ornaments and flower vases on the dining table. The rustic dining room cannot be avoided from shabby wooden furniture. Here you will feel more natural. Wood natural furniture from homebnc
Barn door with a vintage feel is suitable when combined with the rustic dining room style. Big pendant light becomes a lighting fixture to strengthen the rustic style. Rustic vintage style from homebnc
White and wood are popular features of the rustic dining room style. Place a flower vase in the middle of the dining table as a fresh decoration. White rustic dining room from homebnc
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