Keep your laundry room neat, and well organized is needed since most of you find washing, drying, and ironing are not your favorite chores. Keeping the area-efficient, practical, as well as comfortable, can make the whole operations less annoying. If you’re looking for some laundry room organization, here are some DIY hacks you can recreate.

1. Pedestal Drawers

Pedestal drawers are perfect shelving placed under your washer or dryer machines. The bottom can open so you can put detergent or other washing supplies. You can make your pedestal drawer from wood. Add some color by painting your DIY pedestal, or you can even put a large sticker to cover the basic material.

The washing machine’s built in storage drawers provide a furniture idea that’s perfect for a small laundry room. You can use it to store washing utensils and detergent. Built in pedestal drawer from ana-white
Pull out the wooden drawer in the washing machine, you can complete it with an iron basket to store clean towels. This container also makes it easy for you to organize storage. Pull out wooden drawer from decorpad
You can use the washing machine with drawer equipment for extra storage to make the room more organized. Give a white list to the side of the drawer to provide an interesting color contrast. Wooden drawer for extra storage from woodshopdiaries
Don’t leave your detergent scattered everywhere, organize everything in the washing machine’s built in storage drawer. The drawer in white gives an elegant appearance. Built in white drawer from housessive
Leave some space under the washing machine for a smart storage idea. Add plastic baskets to organize the items to be stored according to their type and use. Under the washing machine storage from housessive
The storage wooden drawer under the washing machine is unquestionable. This storage does not take up much space so it is suitable for small laundry rooms. Small laundry rooms with drawer from housessive

2. Hanger Hampers

Hangers are small things but imagine if you let all your hangers hang or lie down. It will, of course, give you a bad sight. You can add a hanger as your additional storage.

The wall mounted wire basket offers plenty of functional space for laundry and other laundry items. Add an iron hook underneath to hang the ironed clothes. Wall mounted wire basket from ideastand
Take advantage of the empty space on your wall to hang blue plastic baskets for open storage that is easier to access when needed. You can try it in a small laundry room. Hang blue plastic baskets from ideastand
Cover your walls with pegboard to hang metal baskets and hooks for a smart storage idea. The fabric basket can hold more items. Pegboard with fabric basket storage from ideastand
Instead of wire baskets with wicker baskets to give the impression of a farmhouse. Besides that, the rattan basket also makes the room more natural and environmentally friendly. Rattan basket storage from onekindesign
You can use a floating pipe rack combined with an wire basket for storage ideas so that all your items are organized and more organized. Try hanging it over the washing machine. Wire basket with floating rack from onekindesign
Paint your storage basket to make it look more modern and stylish. The white wire basket over the grandchild machine helps keep everything stylish and tidy in place. Paint basket storage from onekindesign
Go vertical laundry storage with plastic baskets for clean clothes storage ideas. This basket makes use of unused wall space. You can try it. Go vertical basket from onekindesign

3. Storage Shelves

Never leave out shelves for your laundry room organization. While purchasing them might cost you some bucks, try to make your DIY shelves from particleboard or wooden. The great this is you can splash your favorite colors on them. Use a dead space from your room and install these stylish and budget-friendly shelves to keep your detergent, bleach and other cleaning supplies organized.

A simple way to add storage space in the laundry room is by making a storage rack. You can try making it yourself from wood and pipe material so that it will be stronger and still save costs. Wood and pipe rack from homebnc
Installing a vintage shelf above the washing machine will make it easier for you to place and retrieve the things you need. To save money you can do DIY projects to make it look more creative. Vintage rack storage from homebnc
To keep your laundry room tidy, adding your storage rack is the right idea. DIY rack ideas that made of wooden material will save you more on renovation costs and look better. Wooden rack storage from homebnc
Making shelves from teak wooden for the idea of storage in your laundry room is an idea that will never fail so you will have enough storage space. Teak wooden rack from homebnc
In addition to storage, you can also use wooden shelves to display decorative items that can beautify the room, such as flower vases and photographs. Wooden shelves from homebnc
Wooden shelf hanger between floating cabinets for effective and efficient storage. You can put clean towels, iron and ceramic flower vases on this shelf neatly. Floating rack between floating cabinets from homebnc
Use iron supports on your wooden racks to make it stronger to accommodate the items you place here. Use wooden beams as the base surface as an item that gives the impression of a farmhouse. Wooden beams rack from homebnc

4. Matching Colors and Labels

Looking at your laundry room and finding that you have enough storage bin and baskets you need but still find your washing area out of control? Then this will be your perfect solution. Use matching fabrics or large cutting stickers to wrap your bins or baskets and label them according to their function. The matching color will make your room look a lot better.

To make it easier to find the items you need, sticking labels on the outer surface of the basket is an idea that you can try. This idea is easy enough to do and doesn’t cost a fortune. Sticking labels from canberkarac
Some stainless steel baskets that are placed on the washing machine can be marked with a label according to the contents of this basket. Use a label in a contrasting color to the basket material. Color contrast label from canberkarac
Labels with black surfaces are suitable for attaching to your wicker baskets so that they are seen more clearly. Use white in the writing. Black and white labels from canberkarac
The best thing for your storage basket is to complete it with written labels to make it easier to organize and store frequently used items, besides being easy to reach. Labels organize from crazytogether
Labels affixed to the surface of the basket help you to be more practical and efficient in finding the items you need. Apart from that these labels also become creative for laundry storage ideas. Sticky labels from homedit
Label the laundry storage basket so you can easily find the items you need. Great way to increase the storage capacity of your laundry room shelf. Basket storage with labels from weheartit

Make your washing and drying process a bit better with those smart laundry room organizations. Make the most of your laundry area.

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