Having a small bedroom means you have to be creative in choosing any furniture piece, especially for your bed. If you want something functional and also decorative at the same time, daybeds can be the brilliant choices for small space beds. A daybed serves as a beautiful sofa during daytime and turns into a cozy bed at nighttime. 

Let’s take a closer look to some elements of a daybed for better information before choosing your favorite one and adding it to your personal sleeping space.

1. The Frames

Daybeds generally come in metal, wood or the combination of wood and metal. You can find them having a two-side panel or one-back panel. Commonly constructed for a mattress in standard twin sizing, they are also available in double or queen-sized options.

A twin bed is required for this daybed. Use smooth black leather upholstery for a textured finish that gives it a classic look. Leather frames from home-designing
Velvet daybed in feminine colors offers an elegant and luxurious feel. The soft back makes you feel comfortable all day long. Throw in pillows and blankets as complements. Velvet frame daybed from home-designing
Re-paint the daybed frame white to create a clean room. Combine it with a blanket and small carpet patterned to give this room texture and style. White paint frame daybed from home-designing
The daybed design with metal frames provides a charming appeal wherever this furniture is placed. Completed with curvy details all over the frame. Metal frames daybed from home-designing
A queen size bed is perfect for this modern style daybed. Don’t forget to use the appropriate frames, for example, gray frames with soft and soft linen. Modern style daybed from home-designing
Wooden frames don’t need to worry about their existence anymore, because this furniture has more functionality. Here you can add storage underneath with three pull-out drawers. Minimalist wooden frame from home-designing
Reuse shabby wood as a daybed to create a rustic impression. Don’t forget to cover it with twin-sized mattresses to make it more comfortable when used. Colorful pillows give a pretty color. Shabby wood frame from home-designing
To make the daybed look more modern and minimalist, you can make a black wood frame equipped with rail arms to maintain a neat tread. Cover with a wool rug to make it warmer. Black wood frame from home-designing
The daybed frame in bright white paint ensures easy placement of this furniture. You can pair sheets and pillowcases with whites and blues for an added layer of nautical style. Nautical white frames from home-designing

2. The Mattress Support

There are two kinds of mattress supports for a daybed: link spring and slat. The first is the most popular one, having a structure of metal grids with springs to equally replace the box spring. By and large, this link spring is attached to the two-side panel frame, providing you with a hefty, steady small space bed. 

Meanwhile, the slat scheme is considered less common, offering the mattress support found in average full-sized beds. Come in wooden slats, it will make attachment to the bed rails, at the anterior and posterior, supplying more support. 

The wood details on the daybed add a contemporary style that matches the furniture around it. Use patterned mattresses and pillows for comfort and stylish texture in this room. Contemporary wood daybed from bobvila
You can place a DIY asymmetrical daybed in a corner of the room. Leave this wood color in its original color to make it look simple. The faux fur carpet gives off a warm impression. DIY asymmetrical daybed from bobvila
Enjoy the dark blue linens on the frame combined with the white mattress for a more classic look. Use velvet material to enhance the glamor and modern impression. Dark blue linens frame from home-designing
The tufted daybed with queen size mattress has a glamorous style that is perfect for an elegant décor. This daybed can accommodate more people due to its large size. Queen size tufted daybed from home-designing
The trundle-free wooden daybed has a lighter look. Finish with a bright textured white finish. This design accommodates twin size mattresses. Trundle-free wooden daybed from home-designing
The ultra soft blue velvet on the daybed provides classic appeal. Throw a pillow there for a cozy complement, a vase makes a sweet complement. Soft blue velvet daybed from home-designing
The faux leather material makes this daybed easy to maintain. Complement it with a patterned quilt and chevron carpet to add style and texture to this room. You can imitate it for your room decoration. Faux leather daybed from home-designing
Adding a storage rack to this metal daybed provides an industrial style with a layer of functionality. Metal material is stronger and not easily damaged. Metal daybed with rack storage from home-designing

3. The Trundles

A trundle is basically an additional mattress frame efficiently designed in a slide system under the link spring of a regular daybed. You can find it in two choices: a pop-up trundle or a drawer trundle. 

A pop-up trundle is usually available in a metal frame, can be stored and pulled beneath or lifted into a pop-up position to transform an ordinary twin-sized daybed into a king-sized bed. Wheres, drawer trundles are more popular for children and cannot be elevated. Not only for extra mattress, but it also offers additional storage idea.

The tufted daybed, which is equipped with a no knobs trundle, makes it smart because it looks hidden and doesn’t reveal its existence. Choose a gray color so that it is easy to combine with the surrounding interior. Hidden trundle from homedit
The daybed trundle design is very useful and suitable for decorating small spaces. Use wood on the frame to present a natural impression and classic appeal in this room. Classic daybed trundle from homedit
What stands out about this daybed trundle is the built in open storage shelf used for placing books and small ornaments. This daybed design saves a lot of space to make it more efficient. Daybed trundle with built in rack from homedit
You can combine the daybed design with a black wood frame with the appearance of functionality. You can add a trundle at the bottom for an elegant and stylish built in storage idea. Built in trundle from homedit
The twin daybed view with trundles is an effective and efficient furniture idea. The overall design of this furniture combines modern and traditional style details. Twin daybed trundle from homedit
The trundle under the daybed offers space for twin beds. Make the frame out of solid wood with a beautiful black finish. This furniture will save more space and be more elegant. Twin bed with trundle from homedit
The sleek design makes this daybed trundle look more minimalist and modern. You can pull out the trundle outward when using it. Isn’t it quite unique and easy. Pull out trundle from homedit
Include a trundle daybed detail by featuring sleek and elegant lines. Add sweet colors like pink for a feminine look that’s perfect for your girls bedroom decor. Feminine style trundle from homedit
A bed with a trundle underneath can accommodate more people in this room. Use wood to make it easier to coordinate with other furniture around it. Wood trundle from homedit

Now you get the basic knowledge of comfy daybeds as another alternative to small space beds. They also come in various styles that will satisfy any personal taste or preference.

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