Colors and patterns are two main features of a Bohemian bedroom, but combining them in one space can be a bit tricky when you don’t know the right ways to do. Before you end up with a clashed combination of colors and patterns spoiling the whole concept of Bohemian design, check out these easy ways to mix them properly.

1.     Use shades in the same color groups

Bohemian commonly features earthy and jewel tones, such as brown, beige, green, or saturated blue and purple. To make you easier when taking the next step, the first thing to do is choose the color palette in the same tones. Doing so will make your bedroom looks harmoniously beautiful.

For instance, if you choose to use brown as the main color, you can use along with some other darker or lighter brownish shades, including bronze, caramel, hazel, or chestnut. Take one shade for the bedding, and use the rest for the wall or bedroom furniture. The same rule also applies to other color tones.

The patterned blanket and curtain looks really match with the purple color of the bohemian bedroom wall. It is because the blanket and curtain has the same base color with the bedroom color scheme. So it will look harmonious and eye catching. Purple patterned blanket and curtain from digsdigs
Throw the blanket over the bed that matches the light on it. For example, purple, this color provides a bohemian bedroom decor that stands out without being overwhelming. Blanket and hanging lamp from digsdigs
You can put monochromatic decoration ideas into bohemian designs, black and white is an undoubtedly favorite color combination. String lights become lighting that makes the room feel more dramatic. Monochromatic bohemian style from digsdigs
Instead of using one color in the room decor, two or three color tones are a fantastic idea that you can try. When you paint half of the wall with green, then choose a tufted bench of the same color to match the color tone in this room. Green wall and tufted bench from digsdigs
Make pink a pop color in your bohemian bedroom. This color gives a pretty feminine impression. Don’t forget to use walnut wood as your floor idea. Pink pop color from digsdigs
You can create rustic bohemian ideas easily, to show the harmony of your bedroom, you can use two matching color tones. Wood material dominates your bedroom decor. Rustic bohemian bedroom from digsdigs
Reuse old cloth for DIY wall decoration ideas. You can throw a blanket with a matching color, for example, the light pink color that already dominates this room. DIY wall decoration and blanket from designideasguide
Instead of matching the color of the furniture with blankets or wall decorations. This time you can add fresh decorative indoor plants to the same color tone as the blanket on your bed. Wool blanket and indoor plants from designideasguide
The bohemian bedroom decor that used a brown color scheme looks matching with the patterned rug that’s has the same color that installed under the bed. The bed frame and the nightstand color makes the bohemian bedroom decor looks stunning. Patterned rug and furniture from designideasguide

2.     Mix white with colored patterns

Another easy and safe way to mix colors and patterns in a Bohemian bedroom is using colored patterns on the white background. Take the bedroom floor as an example. If you are planning to include some patterned rugs that are rich in colors.

When you choose white to be the dominant color in your bedroom, then cover your floor with a black and red patterned carpet to give a beautiful color to your boho decor. White canopy provides full comfort when you sleep. Black and red patterned rug from digsdigs
Patterned blankets in several different colors are the focal point in this neutral bedroom. A shabby wooden bed frame equipped with a carved headboard gives a strong vintage impression. Colorful blanket from digsdigs
Pink, blue and white are a favorite combination for any decoration style, including bohemian style. You can apply pink to the mural, blue to the blanket and one of your pillows. This idea is quite easy to apply to your bedroom decor. Combination of blue, pink and white color from digsdigs
An all-white bedroom furnished with wooden shiplap walls and leaving a color statement piece on the quilt makes the boho decor even more fantastic. Small accents like plants enliven and bring color to a room. Blue patterned blanket from digsdigs
Blue and pink rugs help with the eye-catching color scheme of this bohemian bedroom, add a mirror in the corner of the room to reflect more light. Sufficient natural light creates a bright space. Blue and pink rugs from digsdigs
To make a difference in your bohemian bedroom, a swing bed equipped with a colorful pillow and tassel blanket is the perfect complement. The white nuance gives off a clean and spacious impression. Colorful pillow and tassel blanket from digsdigs
This white bedroom with a feminine vibe has a bohemian twist. The striped chairs, floral pillows and blankets set against the white tones give it a beautiful all day long look. Patterned chair, pillows and blanket from digsdigs
The blue carpet plays a neutral bedroom decor for more contrast. The green chandelier also reinforces the simple color palette that lies within this bohemian bedroom decor. Blue carpet and green chandelier from digsdigs
So that the feel of the bohemian bedroom is not too flashy, then you can combine white and light purple as the dominant color. Apply light purple color to the blanket and the headboard of the bed. Light purple blanket and headboard from digsdigs

3.     Combine basic patterns with bolder colors

Basic patterns such as stripes or polka dots will enhance the lively vibe in your Bohemian bedroom if they are mixed with bold colors. A such combination is an excellent option for the noticeable features of the bedroom, such as pillows, draperies, and furniture upholstery.

Use several patterns and colors on your pillows and blankets. The classic pillow gives a simple impression that still attracts attention. Classic patterned pillow from bhg
The pinks and whites create contrast in the room with a cohesive look. Pink curtains, pillows and blankets draw white color to the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. Colorful bed from bhg
You can combine the natural white color on the walls and floors of the bohemian bedroom with green pillows and blankets. This color splash gives the room atmosphere more to nature, you can try it for your current bedroom decoration. Green pillows from designideasguide
Complete your white bedroom with a touch of color to complement your bed and wall decoration. You can also include indoor plants as decorative items that are fresh and natural. Colorful complement bed from designideasguide
Boho patterned pillows with striking colors are the center of attention in your bedroom decor. The high headboard which is equipped with colorful ornaments reinforces the tone of the color palette in this room. Boho patterned pillows from designideasguide
White walls adorned with hanging big macramé make this room look even more beautiful. The striped blanket in pink provides a feminine vibe that is perfect for a girl’s bedroom decor. Striped blanket from designideasguide
You can put a striped blanket and boho carpet with matching colors in a white bedroom decor. Because pink and white will blend and match the room perfectly. Striped blanket and boho carpet with matching colors from designideasguide
Throw a strikingly colored blanket over the white bed for a pop of design that can spice up the room. Greens help give a room a fresh natural color. Strikingly colored blanket from designideasguide
The sides and center of the blanket with vibrant motifs and colors make the white bedroom more colorful. Provide enough lighting to reflect more light into the room. Patterned sides and center blanket from designideasguide

By keeping those points in mind, it will be easier for you to mix colors and patterns for your Bohemian bedroom. Now, all you have left to do is say hello to a relaxing and harmonious proportion offered by the Bohemian design.

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