Decorating a white kitchen is not as difficult as it might seem. When you think of it as a canvas, you can decorate the white space with a wide range of visual interests, from pops of colors to attractive kitchen features. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this elegant kitchen style.

1. Add Gold and Silver Accents

Gold and silver are some of the best color accents for the all-white background. Include these shades in the additional features of the kitchen, such as the knobs of the cabinet doors. A gold faucet in the white kitchen sink also makes the design sticks out nicely.

Look at the gold high chair legs are so amazing. The main special decoration there is the gold and silver accents on this kitchen utensil. This design looks absolutely awesome on a white base theme. Gold high chair legs and silver hanging lamps from elledecor
The final touch to a white kitchen decor is to add gold and silver accents to this room. Brushed gold lighting and silver faucets will shine even more when surrounded by white furniture. Brushed gold lighting and silver faucet from elledecor
Combine a gold faucet with a marble backsplash to create a variety of elegance. This white kitchen gives off a timeless classic. Gold faucet with marble backsplash from hgtv
Gold is a stunning focal point for your kitchen faucet designs and ornaments. The knobs on the cabinet also reinforce the antique gold touch. Gold faucet kitchen from decorpad
Adding a touch of gold to a white kitchen is a great way to modernize a contemporary style. You can apply it to the chandelier and cabinet pulls. Gold pendant lamp case from faucetlist
A modern white kitchen look with antique gold light fixtures and gold chair legs. The marble backsplash complements the gold light fixtures perfectly. Antique gold light fixtures from decorpad

2. Opt for Wood Flooring

If you already paint the kitchen wall in white as well as install the white cabinets and countertops, it is better to give the flooring a little variation. Choose wooden flooring instead of white floor tiles to warm up the vibe in the room.

Choose a wooden floor for a white kitchen decor with a dark brown color to give it a warm and more natural color. Also use cabinets and doors of the same color and material. Dark brown wooden floor from digsdigs
There is nothing wrong when your white kitchen design is combined with light brown wood floors, because this idea gives the illusion of a wider kitchen. Light brown wooden floor from digsdigs
Parquet type wood floors are easier to maintain, because basically this floor has a shiny texture. Here you only need to sweep and mop it. Parquet wood floors from digsdigs
The surface is hard but smooth, wood pallet is ready to become the surface of your kitchen floor. Wood pallet material also has more resistance to all weather. Wooden pallet floor from digsdigs
Wooden floors work well with any décor including your white kitchen. This solid wood floor has a faded brown color that gives it a vintage feel without being overwhelming. Solid wood floor from digsdigs
Cover your wood floor with your vintage carpet as comfortable and warmer footwear. In addition, this carpet also gives color to your white kitchen design. Wood floor with carpet from digsdigs

3. Install a Tile Backsplash

Regardless of the colors, a tile backsplash will create an elegant statement in the white kitchen. Tile backsplash in gray or white goes well with the kitchen’s neutral concept. Meanwhile, blue or green tiles in the backsplash radiate a bright vibe to the whole room.

To give your white kitchen a beach feel, try installing a fish-scale inspired backsplash. Its blue color with a splash of green makes for a beautiful style and design. Fish scale backsplash from thespruce
The white kitchen interior design can give off its vibrations to make it more colorful with red pegboard backsplash. In addition, this pegboard can also be used as a wall mounted storage idea. Red pegboard backsplash with storage from thespruce
The dark red backsplash adds an interesting white kitchen decor idea with a contrasting color surrounded by neutral furniture. This backsplash also provides a natural texture due to the main ingredient of wood tiles. Wood tile backsplash from bhg
Green backsplash tiles add luxury to your kitchen. A brass ball pendant lamp is a complement to an antique look. Green backsplash tiles from bhg
The white and blue combination in this tiny kitchen adds to a lovely color scheme. Floating wooden cabinets are suitable for this room because they don’t take up much space so they don’t interfere with your space when in the kitchen. Blue tile backsplash from bhg
To include a natural impression in your white kitchen, then the use of green tile backsplash is a design idea that you can try. Don’t forget to use wood-based furniture to strengthen the modern decor of your kitchen farmhouse. Green tile backsplash from bhg

4. Place Some Greenery

Despite its small size, some greenery or houseplants in a pot produce a great effect in decorating the white kitchen. They enliven the room’s atmosphere while going in line with the neutral and natural concept.

Bring freshness to your white kitchen by placing some green plants in the corner of the room. Choose several types of plants to make it more festive. Corner plants from goodhousekeeping
By placing a glass pot filled with flowers on your white kitchen table, it will certainly give the room a more feminine impression. In addition, flowers can also fill the empty space above your countertop. Flowers on glass pot from goodhousekeeping
Placing green plants on your modern farmhouse kitchen windows can give a natural impression in the room. You can also combine with several other types of plants to complete your plant collection. Windowsill with plant greenery from goodhousekeeping
Aquatic plants give their own color and atmosphere when placed in your white kitchen. This plant is a decorative item that brings kitchen design more to nature. Aquatic plants from goodhousekeeping
The greenery container placed on wooden tray adds elegance to the modern farmhouse kitchen. In addition, this small plant is also enough to give a fresh color to a white kitchen decor. Greenery on wooden tray from goodhousekeeping
The white theme combined with the small greenery gives a clean and bright rustic kitchen feel. Place greenery on the countertop near the window. Small greenery near window from goodhousekeeping

5. Use Pendant Lights or Chandelier as the Lighting Fixture

An interesting lighting fixture is an excellent addition to the clean setting of white cooking space. Narrow your choice to pendant lights or chandelier. Pendant lights give the room a warm ambience, while chandelier creates a perfect contemporary look.

Gold and black pendant lights will balance the look of your farmhouse kitchen to be a little more modern. The lighting makes the kitchen feel warmer with a natural touch. Gold and black pendant lights from bobvila
Give the pendant a color splash with mint green. This color can match with calm schemes, such as an all-white kitchen decor. Mint green pendant lighting from bobvila
The detailed chandelier above the sink gives a simple vintage charm. Its filter-like shape is a unique design idea. Vintage lighting from bobvila
Lots of hidden lighting in this rectangular chandelier, but it still provides a bright light. Hang it from a high, sloping ceiling. Rectangular chandelier from bobvila
This industrial steel lighting adds a warm feel to your kitchen decor. This lamp layer is very sturdy, not easy to rust and lasts a long time. Industrial lighting from bobvila
A globe pendant light blends well into the overall look of a white kitchen. Use enough furniture to increase the openness of the room. Globe pendant light from bobvila

Follow those ideas when you are planning to decorate a white kitchen. That way, you can add more exciting features that enhance the beauty and elegance of this popular kitchen design.

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