Sometimes when you spent time at your garden, you’d feel like something was missing. Unfortunately, you may not be exactly sure what was. Yet, you long for a more soothing ambience from your outdoor garden. Here are some of the best outdoor garden ideas you may consider incorporating in your design.

1. Calm Your Senses with Flowing Water

Consolidating water element into your outdoor garden could be a pivotal key to improve your space. You have the options of having a static water hole like a simple pond, or dynamic water flow like a fountain or a stream. However, flowing water does give you a lot more to experience with your senses—the sound, the current, the habitat, you name it!

You can try the waterfall wall fence in your garden decoration. This waterfall idea is one of the ideas that can soothe the senses of guests or yourself when listening to the sound of the splashes. Waterfall wall fence from digsdigs
A fish pond equipped with a small waterfall makes it look more elegant. Add a concrete footing for a closer view of the fish. Fish pond with waterfall from digsdigs
The old building wall which is used as a waterfall brings a unique vintage impression. This waterfall becomes the focal point in your perfect garden decoration. Old building waterfall from digsdigs
Perfectly arranged pressed wood stands you can make for a simple DIY waterfall area. Take advantage of the top of the waterfall to place a flower pot for a pretty finishing touch. DIY waterfall from digsdigs
You can move the fountain container anywhere you want. But you should put it in your garden as a decoration that makes the guests amazed and more relaxed. Portable container fountain from bobvila
Tiered pots can be used as an elegant garden fountain area and are very on budget. In addition, this fountain idea adds character to your small garden decoration to be more beautiful. Tiered pots for fountain from bobvila
When you are tired of work, run to your park. Here you will listen to the DIY small fountain splash made of bamboo. This fountain makes you more relaxed. DIY bamboo fountain from bobvila

2. Balance Your Energy with Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

One of the outdoor garden ideas you may contemplate is putting up arrangements of rocks, stones or pebbles, or the combination of any. Use them to make up a pathway, pond boundaries, staircases, garden benches, and so on.

The arrangement of rocks, stones and gravel will become a path in your garden that is so amazing. Your garden will be more creative with this path idea, the greenery around it becomes a natural decoration. Rocks, stones and gravel path from 1001gardens
The combination of river stone with dry grass will be a natural path that does not cost a lot. You can find this material in your own garden. River stone with dry grass from 1001gardens
Not only paths, chairs and stone tables you can easily make. Add colorful pillows over stone chairs to smooth out any rough surfaces. Stone chairs and table from salmanzafar
The combination of square stones and gravel on the path is one of the hallmarks of your outdoor garden. Use them in light colors to give the illusion of space to your garden. Combination of square stones and gravel path from theartinlife
Gravel with stone edges is a path that stole the attention, because it has an environmentally friendly impression that is so natural without any polish. The surrounding greenery and flowers become a distinctive decoration in your garden. Gravel with stone edges for path from theartinlife
To make a garden path, you can use black stone as the main material. Stone and natural elements will blend more easily and perfectly. Try it out in your backyard garden. Black stone path from theartinlife
The path consisting of stones and gravel offers a view of various forms. You can make it straight towards outdoor furniture for small patio decorating ideas. Stones and gravel path from gardenista

3. Refresh Your Sights with A Variety of Garden Plants

What is an outdoor garden without its greeneries? You can be creative and set up a few groups of plants at different spots. Green bushes here, rows of flowering vines or even grapevines there, properly maintained and artistically shaped lawn in between, tall shades of trees at the corners, vertical gardens near the walls, and so on.

The vine is also one of the recommended plants for your landscape garden ideas. Shabby wood furniture gives a simple and natural rustic impression. Vine trees from housebeautiful
Large, shady trees are items that must be in the garden, because this tree will provide shade during the day. Complete with the dining table set as an outdoor breakfast that has a different feel. Shady trees from housebeautiful
To decorate your garden walls, you can try fresh vertical vines. Don’t forget to add wooden chairs as a relaxing sitting area. Vertical vines for wall decoration from housebeautiful
Grouping plants for your garden decorating ideas will make it look more organized. Plant lavender flowers along your garden path and trees behind them to make them look more shady. Plant lavender flowers from housebeautiful
Planting roses in one area will make the garden look more beautiful and pretty. Then you can plant green grass in various areas as a softer and more natural foothold. Planting roses flower from housebeautiful
Planting greenery all over the garden makes it feel more shady and shady. Don’t forget to use stone paths to make walking more comfortable. Greenery plant from housebeautiful
The vines on the roof will protect the dining room from the hot sun and become more shady. Use outdoor furniture made of wood to make it feel warmer. Vines on the roof from housebeautiful

4. Unwind Your Body & Mind with Comfortable Relaxation Areas

Last but not least, among the outdoor garden ideas you will need to consider is creating strategic corners and spots to relax, either with your family and friends, or your own private space for some “me” time. Think about a well-designed patio for family time or outdoor dining, a private gazebo to paint your artworks or play your instruments, a simple swing by the pond, a garden bench to read a book on, etc.

Placing wooden furniture such as chairs and tables on the patio will be a comfortable place to relax. You can enjoy reading books comfortably and quietly. White patio from
Installing a dining table set on your patio area will be a fun gathering place for your family. Cover the dining table with colorful tablecloths to add color to this patio. Outdoor patio for dining room from
Adding white chairs in your garden will make the garden the most comfortable place after home. Here you can enjoy the outside view more openly. White chairs from architectureartdesigns
The iron gazebo on the garden terrace makes for the most comfortable area and provides the perfect finishing touch. This gazebo idea is very affordable and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Iron gazebo from
Take advantage of the empty garden for a refurbished satellite gazebo decor idea. Paint in a bright color as a focal point in your garden. Refurbished satellite gazebo from
The wooden gazebo in gold gives off a traditional vibe, you can complement it with a white cloth to protect it from the sun during the day. Wooden gazebo from
The terrace in the garden area which is equipped with a bench and a coffee table will be the most comfortable place to spend time with family while enjoying the beautiful garden. Outdoor family room from architectureartdesigns

In short, there are many other outdoor garden ideas you may explore. Nonetheless, the points mentioned above are certainly noteworthy.

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