The bathroom becomes an important room in the house that must get maximum attention. The best bathroom design can be achieved by determining the style of bathroom you want based on the size of the bathroom. Then adjust to your needs, whether you want a bathroom with a tub or shower or even a bathtub. The bathroom is clean, beautiful, and has a neat arrangement will cause a sense of relaxing for its users

Farmhouse Style

If you want to add a touch of rustic to welcome warmth when entering the bathroom, the modern design of the farmhouse can be an option. This Farmhouse design usually uses furniture made of wood. The modern color scheme with its dominant white color and traditional touch can be seen from the cabinet and the bathroom curtain. A small glass with a wooden frame and decoration on the sink adds to the beauty of this farmhouse design.

A wood-framed mirror with a dark blue geometric rug accents this farmhouse themed bathroom decor. Flowers placed on top of the vanity make for a beautiful decorative item. Wood frame mirror from homebnc
Paint all walls white, including bathroom furniture ideas. Wood beams rack and wicker baskets are items that give a simple farmhouse impression. All white bathroom with wood beams rack from homebnc
You can complete the wooden shiplap wall in white with a wire basket that hangs over the toilet. You can add greenery as a decoration that welcomes the farmhouse decoration freshly. Wood shiplap wall from homebnc

Classic Style

The classic bathroom design is able to present an elegant and luxurious feel. Marble floors and stone pool bathtubs accentuate the grandeur of the classic bathroom design. Of course, you have to have a bigger budget, but it is in accordance with the comfort and luxury you will get. The classic bathroom design indeed adopts ancient Greek and Roman styles.

Classic bathroom decoration with bathtub and black floating cabinet gives an extraordinary minimalist impression. You can add gold scratches on the bathroom floor which is dominated by white. Classic bathroom with black furniture from luxurybathrooms
You can decorate a classic bathroom with green plants to give it a fresh look. You can use white nuances to make it easier to insert furniture in any color you like. Classic bathroom with greenery from cocodsgn
Red bath tub with silver legs reinforce the luxurious classic impression. Instead of walls with large glass windows to help let in sunlight. Red bath tub with silver legs from roca

Modern Style

A bathroom is a place for caring and cleaning themselves. The bathroom is also a place to unwind from the dense of daily activities. Therefore, you need the right modern bathroom design to support relaxation activities carried out in the bathroom. The dominance of white color can be applied to modern bathroom designs to display the maximum clean impression. In addition to the white color that presents a clean impression, the design of a modern bathroom is also dominated by the use of dark colors that are impressive masculine.

The rectangle mirror that is attached to the ceiling gives a modern and contemporary impression. You can complete it by placing the double sink right under the mirror to facilitate your activities in the bathroom. Minimalist modern bathroom from home-designing
There is no need to use too much furniture in the bathroom decoration so as not to disturb the space for movement. Decorate the bathroom wall in tropical style to bring out a fresh natural feel. Tropical modern bathroom from home-designing
The wall tile behind the bath gives a truly majestic feel. Make a pretty path that becomes a great view, using the same tiles as the walls. You can try it right now. Wall tile bathroom from home-designing

Scandinavian Style

Bright, clean and simple are three important aspects of Scandinavian bathroom design. With the dominance of soft colors like white and pastel colors, Scandinavian-style bathroom designs successfully make the bathroom feel more spacious. You can also place a carpet on the floor to make it look more colorful. Optimal lighting from both ventilation and lighting can make Scandinavian bathroom designs stand out more.

The white nuance combined with wooden furniture is one of the characteristics of a Scandinavian bathroom. You can use floating cabinet under sink to put toiletries so that it doesn’t look messy. White nuance and wood furniture from digsdigs
Floating wooden vanity will save space and is suitable for the design of a small Scandinavian bathroom. Use a transparent shower divider to give the illusion of a spacious bathroom. Small Scandinavian bathroom from digsdigs
Small table that made of iron and wood material becomes furniture that emphasizes the Scandinavian design in this bathroom. Standing shelves and wooden floors are also very suitable to be applied to this room. Wooden furniture from digsdigs

Industrial Style

Elegant bathroom design doesn’t have to always look neat and bright. A bathroom design that seems messy with the dominance of dark colors can actually look elegant and charming. Industrial bathroom design with brick walls in bathtubs and windows can give an artistic impression. For the bathroom floor, use a chocolate parquet. As a light source, you can use several hanging bulbs. With the right lighting, the design of industrial bathrooms can look unique and artistic.

This type of industrial bathroom gives something different in the room. Cement floors, barn wood walls and sump tank provide a simplicity that matches your on-budget spending. Industrial bathroom on budget from home-designing
Industrial style provides many options that provide more benefits to the room, for example small petterned floors, refined cement bathtubs and floating racks for sinks and clean towels. This furniture idea adds luxury that is not excessive. Extra large industrial bathroom from home-designing
These exposed brick walls always provide stunning results for industrial bathroom decor ideas. Complete it with wooden vanity and wall scone lighting to complement what looks ancient. Exposed brick walls bathroom from home-designing

Bohemian Style

If you want a classic bathroom design that also seems cheerful, then the type of bohemian bathroom design can be your choice. You can use white tile and then add a patterned rug. Also add plants near the sink, window, and corner of the bathroom. Mirror with wooden frames and rattan baskets can also add to the impression of classic and elegant bohemian.

Bohemian style is usually not enough to use just one color. The carpet used to cover the bathroom floor is quite energetic. You can complement it with indoor plants to bring out a natural feel. Bohemian carpet from digsdigs
Not enough boho rugs, wall decoration with several works of art also reinforce the beautiful and unique bohemian style. You can complete it with a potted palm plant with wicker. Bohemian bathroom with wall decoration from digsdigs
You can apply a monochromatic style to bohemian bathroom decor, a big round carpet in black and white reinforces bohemian ideas with a modern twist. You can try it right now. Monochromatic bohemian bathroom from digsdigs

Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is the concept of using equipment that looks old-fashioned and antique, feminine and beautiful, but still pleasing to the eye. To support a romantic and feminine impression, you can use soft pastel colors such as pink, blue, or green. Other colors such as white, beige, or even gold can add a very thick vintage impression. For the choice of material itself, wood is still a favorite.

You can create a shabby chic bathroom with several furniture placements and shades of white. Furniture that can be used is shabby wooden chairs and tables. Photo decoration is also the style and finish you are looking for to convey the perfect shabby chic impression. Shabby wood furniture from notedlist
The shabby chic bathroom idea gives a simple rustic touch but can be a DIY bathroom idea because it uses some shabby furniture such as the white divider room and cabinet bathroom. White shabby divider room from notedlist
Everything in this white bathroom gives a shabby chic impression, a floating cabinet, a small table, especially the shiplap wall that creates a full effect of character. Install an indoor plant as a room freshener. Full effect shabby chic bathroom from notedlist

Vintage Style

For you who want to apply a unique and clean bathroom design, the vintage bathroom design is the right choice. Tiles on vintage bathroom designs are generally brown. On the wall, you can put a ladder as a place to put towels. As a complement, add a wooden table as a place to store toiletries.

You can put a standing faucet, bathtub foot and gold glass frame into a vintage bathroom decor. The white floor and ceiling add to the illusion that the bathroom looks wider and cleaner. Gold splash bathroom from bowernyc
Add vintage items to your bathroom decor like a clawfoot tub and white sink, not forgetting to use a neutral room color scheme to make it easier for other interiors to enter the bathroom. Neutral vintage bathroom from bowernyc
The gold-plated clawfoot taps and footbath provide its own luxury. The silk curtains covering the windows add to the perfection of the vintage bathroom decor. Gold scheme bathroom from bowernyc

Those are some most popular bathroom decoration styles that maybe can be your inspiration. Pick one that suitable for your bathroom size and surely to your need and style.

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