Traveling on an RV (Recreational Vehicle) is fun and luxurious–not many can afford it. However, since RV is a smaller version of your home, storage has always been a problem. Indeed, you don’t want to see many things scattered around because it will make the space inside the RV feel more cramped. Therefore, from simple organizers to DIY space-savers, here are some smart RV storage solutions for you. They are pretty cheap, too!

1. Magnetic Spice Rack

It is a brilliant invention that will ease up your life on an RV. Several round-shaped steel spice canisters along with a steel board/stripe containing magnet for them to attach are now available for online sale, but you can always try to make a set yourself. You can hang the rack on a wall of your RV kitchen or the fridge. Not only is it a smart RV storage solution, but it also makes your kitchen look edgy.

Attach the magnetic strip to the side of the cupboard and you can use it to store your spice supplies. This can save space and make your RV kitchen look organized. Magnetic strip side of the cupboard from gardenbetty
The RV storage design uses a magnetic strip that is attached to the door of the storage box. Install a metal bottle and you’ll have more space-saving storage in your RV. Magnetic strip on the cabinet door from doityourselfrv
Another creative RV idea with a spice bottle holder behind the cabinet door. Besides being tidier, it can also create a minimalist impression. Spice bottle holder behind the cabinet door from weekendrvadventures
Attach a magnetic strip to your kitchen backsplash to hold your metal spice container. This can save space and make your RV kitchen look organized. Magnetic strip in the kitchen backsplash from squarespace
Take advantage of the empty wooden wall on your RV by placing the magnetic spice rack to store spices for your kitchen needs. That way your RV will be maximal. Wall mounted magnetic spice from thediygirl

2. Toilet Paper Storage

Not all RVs are equipped with built-in storage underneath them, so, you have to find a smart solution to store the stuff you need but don’t need to be displayed, such as toilet paper. The idea is to get rid of the other papers from their holder–we are talking about old newspapers or magazines, clean the holder up, and now you can put all your toilet paper supply in it.

Tiered wire baskets you can use for tissue storage and even other RV equipment. Hanging wire storage does not take up much space. Tiered wire baskets from thesavvycouple
Take advantage of the corner of the empty room to hang a triangle basket storage . You can put paper towels and even indoor plants as a complement to your RV’s bathroom decor. Triangle basket storage from thesavvycouple
You can easily make DIY paper storage from slice wood and big hooks as tissue hooks. This idea does not cost you a lot when making it, you can try it into RV decoration. DIY slice wood paper storage from diyshowoff
Create several storage racks to be able to put more of your tissue supplies. Hanging tiered wooden rack makes for an eco-friendly DIY RV storage idea. Hanging tiered wooden rack from mountainmodernlife
Take advantage of your old magazine container for tissue storage ideas in the RV bathroom. Use wood and portable materials to make it easier to move at will. Old magazine container for tissue storage from rvshare
Hang a square shelf right above your toilet, make several sections to put the tissue supplies in your RV. This DIY storage idea is easy enough to make. DIY square tissue shelf from homelib

3. RV Closet Organizer

The cheap organizer will allow you to store your clothes neatly without having to get them mixed up with the other family members’ clothes anymore. It also comes with a couple of hangers, so, it is easy to hang in your RV closet. Even if you travel solo, this organizer can be handy to keep all your clothes and underwear organized and tidy.

By stacking multiple organizers in a stack you can easily separate the different types of clothing in your RV closet. Besides that, you can also combine it with the hanger on the RV closet. Stack boxes organizers from rvinspiration
Hanging storage in your RV closet is very helpful for keeping your clothes on the go and also saves enough space. Hanging storage from rvlivingusa
Make the most of the space in your RV by using simple and useful equipment, for example by using the organizer in your RV closet. Arrange the organizers in a stacked manner and also the basket at the door. Wire basket on the wardrobe door from rvlivingusa
Make your trip easier when using an RV by using a little space for the maximum. Use stacked drawer organizers on the RV closet and multiple hangers for easy storage. Stacked drawer storage from rvobsession
To be more optimal in storage, you can use the organizer in your RV closet and also a basket attached to the door of the RV closet to make it easier for you to sort out your items. Basket attached to the closet door from rvlivingusa
Complete your wardrobe with hangers for easy organization. You can add a plastic basket to categorize the clothes according to what you like. Hanger clothes from rvinspiration

4. The Power of Velcro

If you often lose your TV remote control, stick a strip of velcro on it and its pair on the side of your sofa. Voila! That way, no more watching the reruns of your favorite TV shows. It is indeed a smart RV storage idea.

Use the strip of Velcro along your table or sofa to make it easier to find the TV remote when you need it. With this you’ll never go searching for it again. Strip of Velcro along your table or sofa from buzzfeed
Use white strip of Velcro to keep your remotes in place. Apply it to the side of your sofa so that you no longer watch reruns of your favorite TV shows. White strip of Velcro from bobvila
You will easily store the remote in the RV by using the iron strip of Velcro attached to the side of your couch. This method will make the room attractive. Iron strip of Velcro from marthastewart

5. Hide-Away Rubbish Bin

It is not a good idea to place a smelly rubbish bin around your RV kitchen since you are in a small, closed-space vehicle. So, tuck away the rubbish bin with a neat set up behind a kitchen cabinet door. Then, your kitchen will be tidy and odorless.

Line your waste basket with plastic and then hang it with a built in hook on the cabinet door. This idea prevents the smell of trash from spreading inside the RV. Waste basket cover plastic from rvshare
Use two pull out bins in the cabinet decoration to differentiate organic and non-organic waste. This idea is intended so that waste does not rot easily. Two pull out bins from contemporist
A drawer cabinet that is used to put hidden trash cans is a recommended idea for decorating your RV. This place will work best when indoors is closed. Hidden bins on the drawer cabinet from contemporist
Match the color of the bin with storage cabinets to give your RV an elegant look. Pull out these bins into a proper disposal area when in the RV. Match color bins with cabinet from contemporist
Take advantage of the empty space under the sink to put hidden trash cans that are meant to prevent the smell of trash from spreading into the RV’s room. This idea is very creative and easy to do. Bins under sink from contemporist
To provide fresh air in the RV room, one of the things you have to do is put the trash can in the wooden kitchen cabinet. These hidden bins make the RV’s decor even tidier. Trash can in the wooden kitchen cabinet from contemporist

With the smart RV storage solutions, we offer; hopefully, you will have a more spacious RV for the next holiday.

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