Anyone who’s been on the lookout for clever inspiration to freshen up the bathroom, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you several clever bathroom remodeling ideas to improve your bathroom functionality and ambiance. Let’s check them out!

1. Refresh Your Bathroom Look with New Paint Colors

The simplest and most budget-friendly way to freshen up your bathroom is by repainting it. If you want to do this remodeling project by yourself, keep in mind that you should use special bathroom paints that can deal with moisture and mildew, such as satin, gloss, or eggshell paint. Aside from that, don’t forget to clean the surfaces that you’re going to repaint. Plus, cover your bathroom fixtures, furniture, and floor with clothes.

Apart from the glossy color, blue is also combined with white to give an impressive nautical style. You can add a wooden vanity and a rattan wicker basket to present a simple farmhouse style. Glossy nautical color from goodhousekeeping
Match the color of your bathtub with eggshell paint on the wall to give the perfect bathroom design harmony. Put small water plants as windowsill that are so natural and refreshing. Bathtub with eggshell paint from goodhousekeeping
Purple paint applied to the bathroom walls will never fail, this color is one of the glossy colors that can bring the appearance of the room to a modern style. Small wooden table gives a vintage impression. Glossy purple wall from goodhousekeeping
Paint bathroom decor in two different colors, for example, white with light purple, these two colors will blend perfectly when combined. Big windows provide natural light into the room. White with light purple paint from goodhousekeeping
In order not to cause boredom in a white bathroom, you can use colored furniture and DIY wicker frame mirrors. The tiled mosaic on the walls gives a striking satin color. Satin tiled mosaic wall from goodhousekeeping
To present a feminine impression, you can try putting vanity in peach color. The glossy white color on the bathroom walls makes it easy for you to enter furniture in whatever color you like. Glossy white walls from goodhousekeeping
To give a different look to your bathroom, you can use a patterned backsplash with a glossy color combination. Place flowers in the corner of the sink as a complement to the look of your bathroom. Glossy patterned backsplash from thespruce
An easy way to avoid mildew from your bathroom is to use ceramic as the main ingredient. You can choose two different colors, for example white ceramic combined with eggshell ceramic splash for a contemporary style. Eggshell ceramic from thespruce
The bathroom design, combined with eggshell and blue paint, gives a bright nuance. Add white furniture, don’t forget to add an indoor plant as a decoration that refreshes the room naturally. Eggshell and blue paint from thespruce

2. Apply Eco-Friendly Designs

If you’re planning to make major changes to your bathroom, you might want to consider applying the eco-friendly bathroom remodeling idea. First things first, replace your bathroom tiles, cabinet, vanity, and bathtub with recycled products or the ones that contain reclaimed materials.

Other than that, reduce the use of water with the help of automatic faucets, toilets, and low flow showerheads. As for the lighting, maximize the use of your windows to let natural light streaming in. Plus, choose energy-efficient fixtures like LED lights to illuminate your bathroom at night. 

Open the bathroom window curtain in the morning to make it easier for natural light from the sun to enter the room, so you will save electricity. Sunlight also helps nourish your indoor plants. Open window curtain from ofdesign
You can reuse unused wood pieces as a storage area for your toiletries. You will need to scrape a little inside to make it look like a storage bowl. Reuse wood pieces for bowl storage from ofdesign
In order to save more on expenses, you can try making a moss bath mat. This organic bath mat reduces bathroom humidity, adding organic foam for a softer footrest. Moss bath mat from ofdesign
Reuse the mason jar lid to get the soap in the shower efficiently. You can put it in the shower room so that it is easier and more effective to take when you are going to use it. Reuse mason jar lid for stand soap from ofdesign
Instead of using standing jewelry for storing clean towels in your sink area. In addition, standing jewelry can help wet towels become drier. Standing jewelry for storing clean towels from ofdesign
Put DIY storage into your eco-friendly bathroom. You can use this rattan wicker basket to store toiletries or put clean towels. A large basket can be used more for storage. Rattan wicker basket from ofdesign
You can start remodeling your bathroom in an environmentally friendly manner with a shutter window that is far from expensive. In addition, this shutter window offers simplicity without blocking sunlight from entering the room. Shutter window from thisoldhouse
Perfect your eco-friendly bathroom by using barn wood to add character to the rustic walls. These decorating ideas are very affordable. Barn wood wall from thisoldhouse
Incorporate some wooden furniture into your bathroom for an easy and cheap eco-friendly feel. For example, teak benches and standing towel ladder. Wooden benches and towel ladder from thisoldhouse

3. Introduce the Latest Bathroom Innovations

Last but not least, you may add the latest bathroom innovations to create a smart bathroom. A self-cleaning toilet is one of them. It offers a sophisticated self-cleaning system that can clean the toilet bowl, seat, and surface automatically. You may also consider using high-tech bathtubs with aromatherapy functions, which will turn your bathroom into a relaxing space to escape from daily stress.

The modern bathroom décor in black tones gives a dramatic feel that is very impressive. You can complete it with a glossy black matte backsplash and automatic faucet as a room enhancer. Glossy black matte backsplash and automatic faucet from bocadolobo
To provide an interesting light reflection, you can use an LED mirror with white lighting. Do not forget to use an automatic faucet as a sophisticated piece of furniture. LED mirror and automatic faucet from bocadolobo
A marble bath offers a comfort that helps lift your mood. You can soak yourself in this bathtub for a long time. Marble bathtub from bocadolobo
Floating vanity that is made of transparent glass gives the impression of a modern look. Complete with a glass shower door as well as a compliment and complement to sophisticated bathroom decorations. Glass vanity and glass shower from bocadolobo
Square toilet has a unique shape and is different from the others. In order to further maximize your modern bathroom decor, you can complete it with a standing marble vanity combined with a gold faucet. It will look more luxurious. Square toilet and standing marble vanity from bocadolobo
Use white marble as the main ingredient in your modern bathroom decor. Give a splash of stainless steel to the faucet and frame mirrors. Big glass door also adds a spacious impression to the room. White marble material from bocadolobo
Gold furniture always gives a luxurious and sophisticated impression to give a beautiful appearance. Match the stone bathtub color with the indoor carpet to harmonize the room more perfectly. Gold furniture from bocadolobo
You can apply the automatic faucet to your contemporary bathroom right now. Use a floating vanity equipped with storage underneath, for example to put down a clean towel. Automatic faucet from bocadolobo

Those are perfect bathroom remodeling ideas you should try. All in all, repainting is the best option if you want to do a quick remodel, while the other two ideas are the perfect choice for those of you who want to update the whole look of the bathroom. So, which one will you choose?  

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