Vintage becomes a favorite design for most people. Even though it is an old thing but, it still has artsy value and some of them are worth selling value. This vintage style can be applied in all parts of your house, especially for your bathroom decoration. Vintage decoration or ornaments will make your bathroom more impressive and will have a special and comfortable vibe. Here are 27 ideas of vintage design that can be applied in your bathroom.

Let’s start with lighting. Lighting is a major decoration that can change your bathroom’s vibe significantly. But, you need to make sure about the proper lighting for your bathroom. Of course, you should provide vintage lighting, like a vintage chandelier. Besides lighting, you can bring a vintage frame then you can put it as a frame of the mirror. You can have a frame that has to carve on it. Moreover, you can add a simple sink that has a vintage design.

Bring the clawfoot bathtub into a vintage bathroom decor and complete it with a white wooden vanity that can bring out a chic farmhouse atmosphere. The white tone makes it easy for you to put furniture in whatever color you like. Clawfoot bathtub and vintage vanity from digsdigs.
By utilizing the gold shower design, the vintage bathroom decor will look more luxurious. You can add a seat above the bathtub to place aromatherapy candles that make your body more relaxed and relaxed. Gold shower design from digsdigs.
The combination of vintage and antique styles can be one in one bathroom space well and perfectly. Shabby wood frame mirrors, vintage chandeliers and gold vanity can complete the job with a trend and be more stylish. Shabby wood frame mirrors and gold vanity from digsdigs.
Use attractive, textured and stylish furniture. The weathered appearance of this floating sink provides a warm and dramatic atmosphere. Don’t forget to add other vintage items such as hanging lamps and mirrors to emphasize this style. Weathered floating sink from digsdigs.
You can combine the gold carving mirror frame with the cage ornament which is placed in the corner of the vanity. Vintage style always looks attractive and will never fail in decorating your bathroom. Gold carving mirror frame from digsdigs.
Match the color of your bathtub with a rug to match a vintage bathroom decor beautifully. Look at the chandelier which has a classic impression and looks simple. Light brown bathtub and carpet from digsdigs.
When you have white decorations in the bathroom, you need to apply a splash of red to provide a focal point and become a bold color in this room. The floral curtain and red chairs are striking items. Floral curtain and red chairs from digsdigs.
Add a vintage vibe to a neutral bathroom by using an old sink and gold faucet. The wire basket under the sink also makes for smart storage that looks simple. Old sink and gold faucet from digsdigs.
For a neat and orderly bathroom, you can try a standing tiered wire rack that is placed in the corner of the room. You can put clean towels and toiletries here. Wire standing rack from digsdigs.
You can complete a white bathtub with a luxurious appearance with a floral frame mirror and wall appearance. Match the color of the sink with the bathtub to match the color of the room well. Floral frame mirror and wall from digsdigs.
The appearance of a mirror gold frame with a little carving gives a vintage impression in your bathroom, put a few roses around it as decorative items that can help freshen the room. Try this idea in your bathroom. Mirror gold frame with little carving from digsdigs.
Take advantage of your shabby wooden door for vintage bathroom decoration ideas, you can use it to hang small mirrors and candle lighting. The white fabric on the cabinet curtains emphasizes your vintage style. Reused shabby door decoration from digsdigs.
You don’t need to repaint the furniture you have to present a vintage impression that looks simple. Standing stainless steel bathtub will be present more sturdy and not easy to rust. Standing stainless steel bathtub from digsdigs.
Old-fashioned showers and gold hanging baskets give it an antique and luxurious vintage look. You can use this shelf to store toiletries so that they are more effective and efficient when they are used. Old-fashioned showers from digsdigs.
Give a different look to your bathroom by adding a white canopy to your vintage bathtub decoration. Chandeliers and wooden storage ladders are suitable furniture to be applied in a vintage bathroom. White canopy and distressed wood ladders from digsdigs.
The copper standing bathtub gives a classic and vintage feel at the same time. The wooden floor helps to provide warmth in your bathroom decor perfectly. Copper standing bathtub from digsdigs.
A retro bathroom can bring a vintage impression by using a classic clawfoot tub and candle holder. This idea is quite easy and cheap to try. Classic clawfoot tub from digsdigs.
A white bathtub, distressed wood stools, and an old iron table add a simple vintage style to your bathroom. Leave this furniture in its original color for a more vintage look. The statue in the corner of the room complements this bathroom decor. Distressed wood stools and old iron table from digsdigs.
When you are inspired by vintage style, then you can try a shabby wooden vanity with floral decorations on it for the best bathroom decoration you have. Don’t forget to use a bowl sink that matches this decoration. Shabby wooden vanity from digsdigs.
Simple white tiles and walls allow a refurbished standing cabinet to take up the side of a vintage bathroom. Refurbished cabinets are intended for a newer, glossy look. Refurbished wooden cabinet from digsdigs.
Apart from providing extra storage, the standing cabinet with shabby wood also provides an eye-catching vintage style. Cabinet open space makes it easy to store and retrieve. Standing vintage cabinet from shelterness.
Almost all of the furniture in this bathroom has a vintage style. From a clawfoot bath with silver feet to a white wood small cabinet that sits beside the tub. You can use vintage style to add character to the room. Clawfoot bath with silver feet from shelterness.
Vintage bathroom ideas in white shades have a lovely simplicity. You can add indoor greenery to add character that can refresh the room. You can try it right now. White shades with indoor greenery from shelterness.
You can use a white bathtub and vintage cabinets as a vanity and space for storage. Plus, the chipped paint adds a nice rustic touch. Rustic and vintage furniture touch from shelterness.
When you have free wall space then use it to hang storage wooden shelves. You can hang it right above the toilet for a more effective tissue storage area. Hang wooden shelves from shelterness.
To save costs on bathroom decorations, you can use used items such as wooden ladders that are used to hang wire baskets. Wall to ceiling wooden material adds a strong vintage impression. Wooden ladders and wall from shelterness.
An easy way to bring a vintage impression into the bathroom is by using a shabby white carved mirror frame. Don’t forget to always use wood to add natural warmth. Shabby white carved mirror frame from shelterness.

Commonly, vintage-style color is soft, beige, and flowery style or well known as shabby chic style. Some of them are colored in deep colors like deep green, brown, red, and also gold color. But also the black color is fit to present a vintage look to your bathroom. For completing vintage style to your bathroom, you can have some woody furniture. And then for the wall, you can choose shabby wallpaper. It is nice and eye-catching wall decor. For tile, you can have a plain or patterned floor which is black and white colors.

Moreover, there are some advantages to choosing vintage furniture for your bathroom. Besides giving an impressive look, this vintage is also budget friendly. It is less expensive compared with older age furniture or classic and modern furniture. Plus, this vintage furniture is earth-friendly because mostly uses earth material like wood because earthy material can finished-off gassing. You find this vintage furniture in the vintage shop.

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