A simple and minimalist style is one of the most significant styles in this modern era. The style is always associated with cleanliness, neatness, and simplicity. It influences so many aspects around it and is loved by many.

Just like its name, simple design does not need to be complicated. If you are interested in a simple and minimalist interior, you should try these simple living room decorating tips to perfect your minimalist interior.

1. Quality Not Quantity

It means that you should consider the functionality more than the decoration quantity in your living room. You do not need too many decorations that will not give any significant benefits and make the living room stuffy. Any useless things need to be sorted out. Not only spacious, but the room will also look cleaner, neater, and more relaxing.

Choose a wooden coffee table equipped with storage that you can use to place your magazines and books. This wooden table will be more environmentally friendly. Wooden coffee table with storage from home-designing
The white living room decor which is equipped with dark furniture provides a modern and minimalist focal point. Large windows help lighting into the room perfectly. Dark furniture and large window from home-designing
Built-in wine rack on the wall provides space-saving storage. Make this shelf vertically to accommodate more bottles. You can use pastel furniture to add color to your living room decor. Wall mounted wine rack from home-designing
You can use silver wall decorations that are equipped with storage to avoid procuring cabinets that will make the room narrower. Use this shelf to place your TV and storage for your tools. Wall storage for TV stand from home-designing
Choose and buy multifunctional furniture such as wooden benches equipped with storage drawers. You can also use the wall for storage, use the stairs to reach the items you store. Wooden benches with drawer from home-designing
Let the decor of your living room stay clean and tidy with the use of furniture that is not excessive. You can buy a chair that is equipped with a built in side table. Use this small table to place aquatic plants for decoration. Built in side table on the chair from home-designing
You don’t need to use too much furniture in your living room to get free space. White sofa and plywood table are enough to be the best furniture that you can try. White sofa and plywood table from home-designing

2. More Aperture, Less Partition

A minimalist design minimalizes any partitions and focuses on a more open room, such as windows. Partitions will only make your living room feel stuffy and less neat. Whereas, an aperture gives natural lighting, neat arrangement, and more spaces. Moreover, it also offers a more modern and nicer look to your entire house.

Remove room dividers in your living room to maximize lighting in all angles. Open your windows and blinds for natural light and replace the circulating fresh air. Remove room dividers from housebeautiful
Instead of using walls with large windows. Paint the window frames with white color to bring out the feel of the living room. No need to use a partition for a spacious living room view. Large windows from housebeautiful
Large windows help sunlight into the room. This light helps your minimalist living room look wider and brighter. You can save electrical energy during the day. Large windows help sunlight from housebeautiful
Cover your glass windows with thin curtains that allow sunlight to enter your living room. The living room dining room combo does not need to use a partition to make it an open space. Glass windows with thin curtains from housebeautiful
Using square windows on shiplap walls is an easy way to offer a modern look. There is no need to use curtains to maximize natural light into the room. Square windows on shiplap walls from housebeautiful
The symmetry of the vertical window panels makes the living room bright because it brings natural light into the room freely. You don’t need to share this decoration with a partition so it doesn’t block your space. Symmetry window panels from housebeautiful

3. Calm Tones

This is one of the living room decorating tips that should not go wrong. Calm tones mean no striking color to any of your decorations and furniture. Any striking colors will ruin the simple and minimalist look to the room. Use only neutral or pastel colors, such as black, white, gray, and any soft color. It gives a nice and clean impression to the living room.

The white color gives it a natural feel so that the galvanized pot plant is a beautiful decorative item. Forest wallpapers bring the living room to a tropical style. White living room with tropical style from housebeautiful
Big mirror with carved white frame gives your living room a classic feel. You can try chairs with two different colors to show a minimalist living room. Classic white living room from housebeautiful
In addition to providing a more elegant room, white paint is also a favorite color to make it easier for you to insert furniture of any color. It doesn’t feel interesting, you can try it. Elegant calm tone from housebeautiful
To give a luxurious style to your white living room decor, installing a hanging ball lamp is an idea that you can imitate. Cover your furniture with white cloth too. White living room with hanging ball lamp from housebeautiful
Decorate your white walls with some pictures to beautify your living room. The calm tones in this room consist of white, gray and brown colors. These colors give it quite a modern design. White, gray and brown color living room from housebeautiful
Bring a retro feel to the living room by using two different color tones, black and white being the best colors for displaying a modern living room decor. Retro living room decor from housebeautiful

4. Right Materials

Choose decoration materials wisely. A minimalist interior mostly use authentic décors, such as wood or processed clay, without too much mixture. Simple materials also have easy maintenance, making you easier to take care of them. Besides, the authenticity of the material affects the look of your living room into a nicer one.

Hardwood coffee table gives its own interesting impression which makes your white living room more colorful. High windows give the illusion of a spacious room. Dark hardwood table from digsdigs
You can apply gold wood to the floor and cabinet of your living room. A gray sofa and white walls can blend perfectly in this living room. Gold wood floor and cabinet living room from digsdigs
Wood is one of the materials of choice for your living room interior ideas because it doesn’t have special care, making it easier for you to do regular maintenance. Wooden interior living room from digsdigs
Blend wood on your walls and floors for a perfect natural interior. Light brown wood gives a bright and spacious impression. Light brown wood floor and wall from digsdigs
Instead of using a brick wall with wood, you can also use this plywood wall to hang the TV. Isn’t the living room decoration looking more natural. Plywood wall from digsdigs
Wooden interior is the right choice for eco-friendly living room decoration. You can try wood on the chairs, tables and floating shelves. This idea is easy enough to try. Wooden furniture from digsdigs

When it comes to a dream house, you can not go wrong. Follow those living room decorating tips above to perfect your simple interior.

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