Encourage yourself to spend a little more time outdoor by designing your veranda.  A rustic approach suits the outdoor scheme. It is where you can feel the warm sun and the sceneries. You can make the most of your space by adding rustic veranda home decor for a more inviting atmosphere. Be sure to check out these home decor ideas for inspiration.

1. Adding plants

Green plants peeping the window can tease anyone to go outside. From small flowerpots to hanging planters. You can design them either by stacking, create a special area in the corner.

Cactus Windowsill from mykarmastream
DIY Cans Plant Windowsill from mykarmastream
Rustic Box Plant Windowsill from mykarmastream
Vertical Hanging Pots from mykarmastream

2. Old wood

Reclaimed wood can make great decor, especially when you are doing a rustic theme. An old frame, small coffee table or a plant room divider. Apply them to get that rustic veranda home decor for a more inviting scene, that you are looking for.

Old Teak Wood Bench from homebnc
Reclaimed Wood Sign from homebnc

3. Indoor-Outdoor Rug

You can take something cozy from the inside and bring them outside. A durable rug makes a perfect relaxing decor when sitting out with family and friends. When you are done, the rug can always go back in.

Big Stripped Rug from goodhousekeeping
Natural Woven Rug from goodhousekeeping
Small Striped Rug from goodhousekeeping
Bold Color Rug from goodhousekeeping
Chevron Blue Rug from goodhousekeeping
Vintage Outdoor Rug from onekindesign
White Vintage Rug from onekindesign
Round Handmade Jute Rug from onekindesign
Woven Jute Rug from onekindesign
Bohemian Outdoor Rug from onekindesign

4. Colorful Pillow

If you can find some thick fabric that endures the outdoor weather, then it is a great item to have in your balcony. It makes a nice pillowcase material. They can last quite sometime in the sun. Moreover, it is a great object to have around when you are reading or enjoying your cup of tea.

Tropical Vibe Pillow from digsdigs

5. Wreath

A wreath is a popular item during Christmas. It can take a spot on your door with some off-season material. Twigs, dried flowers, green plants are some things that you can create yourself and light up the area.

Green Leaves Wreath from homebnc
Vines Wreath from homebnc

Apply any of these rustic veranda home decors for a more inviting atmosphere. From something small to something bold, there is at least one item suitable in your veranda. Choose your home decor carefully, accordance with the layout area so you can freely move around.

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