If you don’t have enough space to separate your standalone shower and a tub, thence a shower and bathtub combo can be a rightfully practical option. If you the idea seems dull or even boring, you may do some experiments with the following tips and tricks to have your dream bathroom, in functional and decorative ways.

1. Tuck it in an alcove

A shower-tub combo built around a corner gives you extra privacy smartly and cleanly. A glass screen prevents the splashes to the rooms as well as add more sense of separate shower space.

When you have a small bathroom, the shower-tub combo is a decoration idea that you can try. Don’t forget to add a glass screen to distinguish the wet zone and the dry zone. Small bathroom with shower-tub combo from decoratorist.
The glass screen on the shower-tub gives the illusion of not using a screen, choose thick glass so it doesn’t break easily. Marble walls add a modern and minimalist impression. Shower-tub with glass screen from decoratorist.
This modern version of a shower-tub is clean and contemporary, the black and white brings out a monochromatic feel. Instead of dividing the room with a transparent glass screen which of course further enhances the edgy feel. Contemporary shower-tub from decoratorist.
This shower screen with glossy and transparent glass offers a peephole if needed, but also provides a nice feeling of enclosure and privacy. The brown tiles add a warm and sweet color to your shower-tub decor. Shower-tub with brown tiles from decoratorist.
Tuck the triangle shower-tub in the corner of the bathroom, wake up with an extra sense of privacy with a glass screen equipped with a black frame. It will also better mimic dry and wet zones with different rooms. Triangle shower-tub from decoratorist.

2. Boxed in

Another brilliant way to seclude your shower and bathtub combo: building a full glass wall to enclose the shower and the tub. Here, the shower can be installed over the tub, or else, you may have it as a standalone, still inside the box.

A special glass box for a shower with a white bathroom feel gives a clean, spacious and bright impression. Not only that, the glass case with sliding doors makes it easy to get in and out. Glass box for shower room from homedit.
An easy way to distinguish between wet floors and dry floors is to install a glass screen. Put the bathtub right next to the shower room with minimalist and modern decoration ideas. Install glass screen from homedit.
The appearance of marble tiles makes the bathroom decoration more minimalist. You can separate the bathtub and shower room with a glass screen to the ceiling. This glass screen does not make the bathroom stuffy. Glass screen to ceiling from homedit.
The transparent glass that is used to limit the bathroom can be combined by using the side walls, so here you only need half the glass to make this place. Transparent glass with side walls from homedit.

3. Open up

If you cannot afford additional space for boxed-in, you may open your shower-tub combo space to make it as a part of your washroom.

This open concept bathroom adds space to a modern design. Eliminate shower boxes and instead use walls with large glass windows that can help lighting into the room. Eliminate shower boxes from sunrisespecialty.
Use a corner bathroom with a shower-tub without a glass screen or box. This idea is suitable for saving small bathroom space. Try this decoration right now. Corner shower-tub from sunrisespecialty.
The standing bathtub combined with the gold shower adds to the luxury of the bathroom, the black and white mosaic tiles emphasize the contemporary bathroom decor. Leave the floor with a dark color. Standing bathtub combined with gold shower from sunrisespecialty.
The open space of the bathroom helps you to move more freely. You don’t need to use a glass screen as a barrier for the wet zone and the dry zone for different ambiance and decorations. Open space shower-tub from sunrisespecialty.
There is no need to use too much furniture in the bathroom so as not to make the room stuffy. The oval bathtub shower combo makes elegant bathroom decor more effective and efficient. Oval bathtub shower combo from sunrisespecialty.

4. A brand new outer casing

A new outer casing for your bathtub is like buying a new outfit for yourself. This is going to create a different look and atmosphere to the room.

Do renovation of the bathtub to create an attractive new look into your bathroom, you can build a bathtub with wooden sides for a new outer sheath idea that brings a modern farmhouse style. Wooden outer casing from apartmenttherapy.
An easy way to beautify your white bathtub is to add tiles on the sides that have a beautiful texture. Match the outer casing bathtub with the walls to make it more integrated. Tile outer casing from apartmenttherapy.
For a more modern and contemporary appearance, coating a white bathtub with a marble outer is a decoration idea that you can try. Add small plants as windowsills in your bathroom. Marble outer casing from apartmenttherapy.
For the bathtub outer casing idea, concrete is an idea that makes the bathtub stronger and minimizes it to renovate it. Leave this new casing in its original color to present an industrial style. Concrete outer casing from apartmenttherapy.

5. Ceiling-mounted shower head

The overhead shower still can be complemented with hand-held attachment. If you want something different, change the round shower head to a square or rectangle one.

Apart from saving bathroom space, the stainless steel shower head that is attached to the ceiling also provides the newest and latest decoration. Stainless material is very durable and does not rust easily. Stainless steel shower head from decoist.
Take advantage of your bathroom ceiling to install a layered shower head. This shower gives the illusion of a mini waterfall so it adds a luxurious modern impression. Layered shower head from decoist.
Choose a round shower head to mount on the bathroom ceiling, this shower idea frees up the bathroom walls to be freer. Choose small tiles for a wider view. Round shower head from decoist.
To enhance the appearance of the shower head, you can add LEDs as if the water that comes out has light. This idea can give a luxurious impression that is not excessive. LED shower head from decoist.

6. Shower curtain statement

For a less “bathroomy” look, you may choose a shower curtain as the star of the room due to their design, motif or color. This shower curtain panel will disguise your shower and bathtub combo in a nice-looking way.

The colorful and lively pattern on the shower curtain gives the bathroom a more energetic atmosphere. You can neutralize these curtains with white bathroom nuances, this idea is easy enough to try and imitate. Colorful shower curtain from homedit.
To create a focal point in the bathroom, the big striped curtain with two different colors is the right decoration idea. Yellow accent cut into a bright pattern. Big striped shower curtain from homedit.
The beige color of the ruffle shower curtain adds a neutral color accent. The ruffle pattern gives a different and more elegant look, you can choose cotton to make it easier to wash it when it gets dirty. Ruffle shower curtain from homedit.
The patterned shower curtain has its own charm for white bathroom decor. Add wooden furniture with yellow as a pop color in this room. Patterned shower curtain from homedit.

7. Fresh, cheerful tile backsplash

Instead of common neutral shades of subway tiles, rather go for your favorite bright color palettes to eradicate the dreary side of your shower-tub combo.

Tiles with interesting patterns and colors can make your bathroom decor more colorful. Choose a dark blue color with a tile glam graphic, then the bathroom decoration will be more luxurious and elegant. Tile glam graphic from bobvila.
Give your bathroom tile a bright color to give it an energetic impression, orange is one of the right and beautiful color choices. You can try this orange tile on the outer bathtub and wall casing. Orange tile from sebringdesignbuild.
The combination of yellow and white makes bathroom 3D tiles more colorful. The cube-patterned walls are the main attraction, don’t forget to add wooden vanity to complement the bathroom decoration. Yellow cube tile from sebringdesignbuild.
To create an electric decoration in the bathroom, installing ceramic tiles with colorful colors is an easy way you can do. Blue, red, green and yellow are an interesting color combination. Colorful ceramic tiles from sebringdesignbuild.

Those are some applicable ideas to spruce up your functional shower and bathtub combo in certain expressive styles.

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