If you do yearn to craft an indoor or outdoor verdant area but run out of space, don’t push the panic button just yet! Here, we’ll show you 20 ideas to maximize your limited space and build a beautiful small garden that everyone would love to see. Let’s figure them out!  


1. Create a Space-Saver Mini Greenhouse

The first best small garden idea you should try is to create a mini greenhouse. This conservatory-like garden helps you protect greenery from cold, heat, or pest attack, allowing you to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs throughout the year.

In fact, you can maximize recycled materials like picture or window frames, CD cases, or pipes to construct a mini greenhouse. As for the planters, you might simply use a bottle, fish tank, bucket, or mason jar.

You can use the used windows as a DIY mini-greenhouse, here you just have to repaint them in green. You can use floating pots to put some plant pots to make them more organized and neat. DIY window greenhouse from which.
Adding a that made of wooden pallet greenhouse to your garden is the perfect idea. Greenhouses will protect your plants from the hot sun during the day, besides that pests cannot enter the greenhouse. Wooden pallet greenhouse from which.
Surround the mini greenhouse with some pretty ornaments like ceramic pots. The mini greenhouse decoration will look more perfect, you can try it in your garden decoration. Mini greenhouse with ornament from theselfsufficientliving.
You can repaint used window frames to make them look newer to make mini-greenhouses that look cute and funny. Put your favorite flower here to make it safer. Repaint mini greenhouse from theselfsufficientliving.
Clay pots placed in a DIY rustic mini-greenhouse are safer from animals or pests because they have a closed room. Don’t forget to do regular watering and fertilizer to keep it fertile. DIY rustic mini greenhouse from theselfsufficientliving.
Place the white mini-greenhouse on a wooden patio table for different looking decoration. You can use a DIY pot that adds a rustic impression. White mini greenhouse from theselfsufficientliving.

2. Start Your Living Green Wall Project

For those who want to build a vertical garden that won’t reduce floor space, consider making a living green wall. As a matter of fact, this pretty garden concept can be seen in different public areas like a hotel, spa, hospital, shopping center, or even restaurant, offering customers a refreshing place to visit.

You can also, of course, try crafting that trendy garden in your home, be it in an indoor or outdoor space. What’s great is, you can play with various plant colors and textures, then display them in a nice-looking and catchy shape.

Take advantage of your empty wall space to build a vertical garden that makes your small space come alive. Provide adequate lighting through the glass ceiling. You can try it right now. Vertical garden wall from dexorate.
Enhance your garden walls with built in white LEDs to keep them shining at night. Take regular maintenance to create a lush and fresh garden wall. LED garden walls from dexorate.
Use several different types of plants to create a more colorful garden wall decor. In this outdoor dining room, you will feel maximum comfort because of the fresh air and atmosphere. Different types garden wall from dexorate.
The wooden standing cabinet will help the living green wall to be more neatly organized. Complete with some of the ornaments you have to enhance the appearance in a more beautiful room. Wooden standing cabinet for living green wall from dexorate.
You can move the box living green wall anywhere you want. You can hang it right above the leather sofa for a refreshing sight in this room. Box living green wall from dexorate.
Apply living green to one side of your wall as a refreshing sight when guests or family come. Besides that, this green living idea also saves your floor area. Living green to one side wall from dexorate.
When you have a small living room, you can use the wall as a mini garden idea. The indoor plant centerpiece emphasizes a natural theme that can change the atmosphere of the room to be more natural. Mini wall garden from dexorate.

3. Make a Stunning Ladder Garden

Another excellent small garden idea is to utilize a ladder as a plant stand or storage to showcase pretty plants. Otherwise, you can turn it into a gorgeous trellis by simply leaning it against the wall or tree. Even though this garden concept might fit best for the rustic style, you may also repaint the ladder to make it blend seamlessly with other garden styles.

Placing the plants on each of the distressed wood steps and then placing them in the corner of the room will save more space in your garden and still look beautiful. Add vintage ornaments to complete the look. Distressed wood ladder garden from architectureartdesigns.
To give a farmhouse touch to your garden, using a used wooden ladder is the right idea. Just place it in the middle of the garden to propagate this charming lavender flower. Farmhouse wooden ladder from architectureartdesigns.
Leaning the ladder on the tree then hanging galvanized plant pots on the stairs will enhance your garden decoration so that it looks more unique. Wooden ladder with hanging galvanized pot from architectureartdesigns.
Using reclaimed wood ladders for your garden ideas will give the perfect farmhouse touch. Just lean the wooden ladder against the wall and place your plants on each rung to make it look beautiful. Reclaimed wood ladder garden from architectureartdesigns.
Vertical garden is a great choice to decorate your back garden. Use a wooden ladder with a faded paint then lean it against the wall and display your plants on each step to make it look more distinct. Faded paint wooden ladder garden from architectureartdesigns.
Placing a used water can planter on a shabby wooden ladder will give it an antique and rustic touch. You can plant different types of flowers to make them look more colorful. Water can planter with rustic ladder from architectureartdesigns.
Garden stairs will give a special attraction to your garden. Put a garden ladder equipped with a plastic container as a beautiful DIY pot that doesn’t cost a lot. DIY garden ladder from architectureartdesigns.

So, what do you think about those striking small garden ideas? Aren’t they amazing? All in all, don’t ever let your space issue stop you from building a wonderful garden. Good luck!

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