Coming home after a busy day to be secured into a comfy home is heaven. Since the living room is the heart of your home, take a look at these modern living room decor ideas for a cozy feel. Let’s select the perfect touch to make your living room a more welcoming place.

1. Warm Tone Color

It’s typical to think about the color earliest when designing a pleasant space. A combination of easygoing fabrics and comfortable furniture in the neutral, warm color scheme such as earth tones in your living room exudes cozy.

Applying brown color to the leather sofa, round coffee table and wooden cabinet in the living room will give you a warm and cozy feeling. Complete the display with a big fireplace to add to the perfection of this living room decoration. Brown color furniture from onekindesign.
It’s not just a matter of brown furniture, you can also give a splash of brown color to your carpets and wood coats. Combine it with a white sofa and a tufted coffee table to match the color tone in this room. Brown splash in carpet from onekindesign.
With a light brown atmosphere in the living room of your house, you can also apply some other furniture of the same color, the fireplace brick looks natural. Add chandeliers with dim lighting to create a dramatic atmosphere at night. Light brown color scheme from onekindesign.
White, brown, and soil colors on the sofa are a combination of colors that have warm tones. The reclaimed wooden table decorated with a flower vase on top gives it a farmhouse style that matches the warm and fresh living room theme. Combination color of white, brown, and soil colors from onekindesign.
Cover your chairs with bohemian-style fabrics, wicker rattan chairs, trunk coffee tables, and teak wood frame windows to make furniture that matches warm living room decorations. Natural furniture with boho fabric from onekindesign.
Besides giving a warm impression, the carpet with earth tones also presents a vintage impression that will enhance your living room decor. High patterned curtains give the illusion of a wider room. Earth tones carpet from onekindesign.

2. Wood Paneling Idea

No doubt that wood paneling always leads when it comes to elegance and comfy. The natural warmth of the wood can be collocated with any eye-catching furniture, such as textured area rugs, an ottoman, a modern coffee table, or a sofa with soft throws.

Choose several wood panels of different sizes to use as the main material for your living room walls. Layered neatly on top of each other to give a different atmosphere, built in lighting is a perfect match for your wooden walls. Wood panel walls from homedesignlover.
To give a modern and neater style to the living room decor, smoothed wood panels on one side of the wall are a design idea that you can try. The black matte fireplace adds a warm touch to the room. Smoothed wood panels wall from homedesignlover.
The use of wood as the main material in the living room creates a serene decoration theme. You can try a ceiling design, floor, and wall decoration that can work well in your warm living room. Wood material from homedesignlover.
The living room wall with two different materials is a decoration idea that presents a contemporary style. Combine wood paneling and white bricks on the living room walls to maintain a warm living room décor. Wood paneling and white bricks wall from homedesignlover.
The wood paneling on the walls and floor looks very neat and warm. You can smooth the surface of the wood panel to make it more comfortable to use. The reflection of the light makes the wood material stand out more. Wood paneling on the walls and floor from homedesignlover.
Choose two wood materials that have two different colors such as brown wood walls and black wood floors. You can complete this color combination with light reflections that will present a dramatic appearance of the decoration. Wood floor and wall from homedesignlover.

3. Abstract Painting to Steal the Spot

An astonishing abstract painting is one of the fancy modern living room decor ideas for the cozy feel you can copy. The fine art steals the spotlight in the room. So, do you agree that art is the best and fastest way to make your space come alive and a challenge to your taste?

To liven up the living room decor, you can install abstract paintings with colors that match the tone of the room so that they blend perfectly. Hang right on your white sofa. Abstract paintings with match tone color room from designlike.
To make the living room more creative and provide an energetic atmosphere, you can install rustic abstract paintings in large sizes. This painting can change the atmosphere of a room instantly. Rustic abstract paintings from designlike.
The abstract painting hanging on the living room wall presents a great and creative work of art. To get this painting, you don’t have to pay a fortune. Hanging abstract painting from decoist.
Express the living room decoration according to your taste. For example, installing a rectangle of abstract paintings in bright colors to perfectly light up the interior of the room. Rectangle abstract paintings from decoist.
You can decorate a modern living room with a beautiful colorful abstract painting. Choose several colors that match the interior tone for a unified and cohesive feel. Colorful abstract painting from decoist.
Take advantage of abstract painting in neutral colors for a piece of art that doesn’t cost a fortune to buy it. Choose an abstract painting on a large canvas at a relatively cheap price. Abstract painting with neutral colors from decoist.

4. Outstanding Pops of Accent Colors

Don’t stick with dark colors. Go bold with bright colors or go for a little more subtly, you can add an outstanding pop of color to create a more intimate feel to your living space. Yellow is the most likely as it is close to natural light.

Use a palette of yellows, greens and grays to add a casual look to leather and formal fabrics like wool. The neutral colors on the carpet make the living room more elegant and relaxed. Colorful palette color from hgtv.
The decoration of yellow flowers on a glass table is a focal point that can refresh the room. Create a color that can perfectly captivate the whole room, pink chairs and green sofas are the right answer. Pink chairs and green sofa from hgtv.
Bright colors applied in one room make the living room decor more modern. You can try white living room nuances with blue, yellow and brown furniture. This idea is quite interesting. Bright colorful furniture from hgtv.
The yellow tufted chair will feel more stylish, this striking color is not chaotic when combined with other neutral furniture. Even this chair has become a pop color. Yellowtufted chair from hgtv.
Try some bright colors in living room decor for an eclectic décor. For example, a blue velvet sofa, pink chairs and a yellow round table. This color combination gives a look with modern color accents. Colorful interior living room from hgtv.
Play with your modern decor with a few colorful fabrics. Yellow tall curtains, tufted suede chairs and patterned carpet are the focal points that beautify the room perfectly. You can try it right now. Yellow tall curtains, tufted suede chairs and patterned carpet from hgtv.

5. Built-in Bookcase

Take advantage of the blank wall by adding a built-in bookcase and organize your treasured books. Not only maximizing storage but also it makes your room more comfy to enjoy your precious possessions.

Install a built-in bookcase that is made of wooden material in the small living room that you can combine with several other ornaments to make it look more stylish. You can paint it dark to match the tone of the room. Dark wooden built-in rack from hgtv.
Take advantage of the empty wall space for a vertical built in bookshelf. Not only about storing books, you can also beautify it with some of the ornaments you have. Vertical built in bookshelf from hgtv.
You can paint the inside of the built in bookshelf in a different color, for example orange in a white living room decor. This color will be more lively and striking, you can try it into a modern decoration. Orange built in bookshelf from hgtv.
The living room by adding a built-in bookshelf in white will give the illusion of an interesting spacious space. Use adequate lighting to help your activities in this room at night. White built-in bookshelf from thespruce.
You can create a stylish appearance in the living room by applying a built-in bookcase to take advantage of the empty wall space, this design is an idea that you can try. The antique chairs in this room make for a sweet ending point. Wall mounted bookcase from thespruce.
By implementing a built-in bookcase in the living room you can combine it with neutral colored furniture. Paint the surface of the bookshelf in a bold color for an elegant, formal focal point. Bold color bookshelf from thespruce.

If you are enjoying a few lists of modern living room decor idea for cozy feel set out above, be sure they are on your next modeling plan.

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