The living room is undoubtedly the most unique in the house. It is where one relaxes after a long day, entertain guests, and lounge with family. It is the heart of the home; it is a space that brings people together. 

Comfort should be one of the primary features of the living room besides style. Usually, while designing or planning any space, a lot of attention is paid towards style and appearance. One often compromises comfort, as many perceive most things that are comfy to be less stylish. But having a U shaped sofa brings both these elements together.

They are stylish yet functional and bring about an elegant appeal to the living area.

It is a perfect combination of style, uniqueness, and comfort. Since sofas make up a big part of the commonly found furniture, house owners and interior designers must choose the best one suitable for their needs, aesthetics, colour scheme of the house, and the fit.

First impressions are everything! Whether at home, workplace, or anywhere, the first thing that anyone would notice is the furniture, especially sofas since they take up space. Torn, stained, and unkempt sofas, or sofas that do not fit make the room look crowded and neglected. Well-maintained sofas, on the other hand, give the room a great look.

Choice of furniture or how a person chooses to design their room speaks volumes about their taste, preferences, sense of style, and personality. In other words, it reflects who one is as a person. There are many options to choose from nowadays, ranging from classic, antique, and vintage, to contemporary, modern, and oriental. The possibilities are as endless as the list. Each type of sofa can reflect the person’s style and personality while acting as a style statement.

There are twenty-one types of sofas or couches categorized based on their size, shape of the back and arm. While a U shaped sofa is a popular choice these days, ottomans, futons, tuxedo sofas, barrel back and camelback sofas, and cane sofas are making a comeback in recent years because of their easy maintenance. Meanwhile, rollback and round back sofas are quite rare due to their bulkiness. They are difficult to style and can give the room a very aged or an old look.

Because these pieces of furniture are the centre of attraction, they need to be well maintained. If the sofa has upholstery, it should be regularly vacuumed and dusted; since sofas are more prone to spills and stains, one should clean them as soon as possible before the stains seep into deeper layers. In such instances, a good fabric cleaner and a protector are essential. Rotating the cushions also helps in maintaining the level of wear and tear. Investing in spill covers, or cushion covers ensures less damage done to the actual cushion. One can save a lot of money and avoid going to a professional dry cleaner; unless the cushions desperately need to be de-peeled and steamed. It reduces the chance of any mould growing inside. Simple letting them soak up some sunlight works as well! With leather sofas, the maintenance gets a bit tricker. They should be dusted and wiped, but tears are harder to fix.

Irrespective of what kind of sofa a person buys, they should make sure that it reflects their style and personality and fits the space. A well-maintained sofa can last for years and years after all.

Author Bio – Maddison Brown is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing quality articles on various niches, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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