Styling a home does not always have to be like what you see in magazines. Though it can serve as your inspiration, it does not have to be magazine perfect or even have expensive pieces. It just needs to have the proper homewares that would make your home look lovely. It has to be beautiful that you always look forward to going home there and rest after a long day. Here are the top rules you need to follow when choosing fixtures you put in your home. 

Make Your Home Welcoming and Comforting 

Home is where the heart is. That is why your home has to have a connection with you. It should not give you an empty mood. Even if you have pieces in your home but do not make you want to stay there or live there, change them. 

To make sure you have a welcoming and comforting home, go for pieces that entice your three senses – touch, scent, and sight. 

Do Not Always Style with the Latest Trends 

Trends are not always here to stay. That is why you should never style your home with something trendy. Go for homewares that are stylish, classic, and something you would not get tired of seeing. Go with neutral colours and traditional designs. You can, however, put in décor that is trendy because you can always change these. Your staples, however, should be as timeless as possible. 

Go for Textures, Layers 

Textures and layers are necessary to make your home look beautiful and pleasing. For example, you can have a rug on your floor. You can also place cushions on the sofa. Adding extra pillows to your bed would also make the area look homier. 

As for textures, research about the different kinds of surfaces and what it portrays. Textures and layers, when combined, would create the feeling that you love seeing these spaces in your home. For instance, during summer, you can go for smooth silks all over your home. For winter, cozy velvets are what you should turn to. 

Consider Symmetry and Balance 

You do not have to design every room in your home symmetrically. However, you have to consider the balance of the pieces you want to purchase for your home. You cannot have a huge sofa and a huge coffee table as well. Look at these aspects, so your home does not look cluttered or empty. 

Maximise Your Space 

Maximising your space does not mean covering every inch of your home with pieces. It just means that you mix and match small and larger furniture. Appropriate sizes would help determine the smooth flow of the room. Maximising the space also means you are not overcrowding one area and leaving the other home areas with pieces that are not proportional to the area. 

With these rules, you are sure to get an inviting space. A home that showcases your style is also achievable when you follow these rules. Remember that your home is where you will spend a lot of time in so put an effort in designing it. Also, when you have visitors over, remember that the first impression lasts. You can even give them some pointers or two from this article. 

Author Bio – Maddison Brown is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing quality articles on various niches, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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