Beautiful gardens are one of the perks when having your own house that has a front or backyard. It increases the appeal of your property for having lush, green, and neat-looking grass. However, garden maintenance requires skill and expertise. If you wish to maintain your perfectly manicured gardens or courtyard, consider hiring a strata gardening expert. It is a service that specializes in the maintenance and cleaning of gardens.

What Are the Services Included in Strata Gardening? 

Taking care of a garden is not as easy as it looks. It not only requires skill but patience and knowledge on how to care for it. Hence, some homeowners prefer to hire someone who has the experience to care for their garden. These are some of the services that a gardener can provide for your garden:

Mowing Lawns 

The most basic service under gardening maintenance is lawn mowing. You can have the garden clipped to ensure that the area looks trimmed, beautiful, and clean. 

Besides keeping the lawn beautiful, the mowing keeps the grass healthy and eliminates its pests. You can have the garden mowed once a week or once in two weeks, depending on how fast the grass grows. 

Pruning Trees and Bushes 

Gardens should look beautiful and well-maintained. Hence, trees and bushes need pruning from gardeners. You cannot do this on your own unless you have the skills to prune them. If you do it without a professional’s help, you might end up cutting too much or making the bushes and trees look unattractive. 

You do not only need a healthy garden, but you also want a beautiful one. Homeowners will be so happy if the trees and shrubs are well-cut and maintained. They can go to the garden for a relaxing time as they feast their eyes on the fabulous garden in the area. 


Apart from mowing the lawn, weeding is also an essential service from gardening companies. Weeding will help keep the garden beds free from overgrown plants. Thus, it would also add to the garden’s beautification if you do not want to have the lawn mown yet. Weeding also includes the task of removing pests and insects that could destroy your beautiful plants in the garden. 


Hedging or making a hedge or hedgerow concerns creating a barrier. It works as a marker of a boundary of an area. If you want to mark where the garden is and its borders, hedging is the gardening service you need. It is also a form of topiary or the art of clipping these shrubs to add to the garden’s beauty. 

Why Do You Need Strata Gardening? 

By-laws in strata ownership requires maintenance of the appearance of the properties and other areas in the lots. When you employ strata gardening services, ensure that they are experts on strata properties. You must be compliant with the regulations and requirements. Besides being compliant with the law, you also keep everyone happy with a beautiful and well-maintained garden. 

Whether you maintain a small or big garden, you can look for experts who specialize in strata properties. They can give you suggestions on what needs to get done and how often the garden needs to be maintained. It is best to ask them so that you do not pay for a service your garden does not need. Hiring gardeners who know strata ownership by heart is something you should look into. 

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