While people usually relish in the comfort of bedrooms or family rooms, for some others, the dining room is the jewel of the house. A dining room is where a family have meals every day, where people laugh over a share of wine, and where birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated.

Sleek, elegant, and minimalistic, the Scandinavian dining room is one of the best options for dining room designs. It combines the modernity of modern life and the warm, homey feeling of the Nordic families. Still unsure? Here are some great ideas to start.

1. Modern Grayscale Scandinavian Dining Room

A rare occasion in a Scandinavian interior, this grayscale Scandinavian dining room gives off a unique, modern twist to the overall look. To brighten up space, there’s also a curvaceous wooden chair and petite greeneries displayed. The open kitchen concept also avoids making the room looks cramped.

Give a splash of gray color to one of the furniture around the Scandinavian grayscale dining room to achieve the decoration you want. The black chairs and white dining table bring out a cool masculine style. Splash of gray color from home-designing.
Not only on the walls, the light gray chandelier also meets the criteria for a contemporary Scandinavian dining room decoration. You can use a plump wooden chair with a pillow surface to make it more soft when used. Light gray chandelier from home-designing.
The Scandinavian dining room adjacent to the open kitchen will give the impression of being more spacious. Use gray walls and wooden furniture to give it a warm modern touch. Gray walls and wooden furniture from home-designing.
The gray room divider provides a color scale that can make the dining room more contemporary. Plump wooden chairs become natural furniture, place the small plant on the white dining table to complete it. Divider room with gray splash from home-designing.
The Scandinavian dining room with one side wall and gray floating cabinet will make your dining room look more modern. The combination of glossy black tables and stainless steel chairs will make your dining room look cleaner. Gray one side wall and floating cabinet from home-designing.

2. A Slab of Color

Who says that Scandinavian is all about muted colors and monochrome? Combining neutral and bold colors, this Scandinavian dining room creates a beautiful transition from white, brown, to bright yellow. Cheerful and bold, this dining room is a sight to look at.

Combining neutral and bold colors in a Scandinavian dining room is a creative idea. Use colorful hanging lamps and a brown wooden table in your white Scandinavian dining room to make it look more attractive. Colorful hanging lamps from home-designing.
Adding a bold accent color to the dining chairs in your Scandinavian dining room will make your décor look fabulous. The built-in rack can display ornaments and several photos to give it its own charm. Colorful dining chairs from home-designing.
The pastel colors on the dining chairs make the Scandinavian dining room softer. A small plant that is placed on a wooden dining table becomes a decorative item that refreshes the room to the maximum. Colorful pastel chairs from home-designing.
Small hanging lamps with colors will look attractive for the overall appearance of other furniture. The light reflection on the backsplash becomes a minimalist focal point. Pop color small hanging lamps from home-designing.
Pop color slate chairs change this dining room to be more stylish for Scandinavian dining room decoration ideas. Place the indoor plant as a windowsill to get enough sunlight for the fertility of your plants. Pop color slate chairs from home-designing.

3. Monochromatic Scandinavian Dining Room

Black and white, the always and forever winner. This simple and sleek Scandinavian dining room is a comfortable place to dine and chat around.

Refined wooden chair legs with black and white furniture give it a Scandinavian and monochromatic style. The mix of styles will be a favorite this year. Scandinavian and monochromatic combo from digsdigs.
Splash black on your high chair for a monochromatic feel. Keep the white on the cabinets and kitchen island for a sleek decor look. White nuance with black splash from homestratosphere.
The bright, white dining room has soft colors that complement the monochromatic style. Black iron chairs with white dining tables can be completed with the Chevron carpet for contemporary accents. Minimalist and monochromatic dining room from home-designing.
To give a different color to your monochromatic dining room decor, you can use a striped pattern on your carpet. Neutralize the black dining chairs with the nuances of a white room, green plants are a pop color in this room. Black and white striped carpet from home-designing.
When you decide to paint the walls white, then choose some furniture such as chairs and lights in black to create a Scandinavian monochromatic dining room. Do not forget to use wood elements on the dining table. White wall with black chairs from home-designing.

4. Rustic-ly Scandinavian

There’s nothing like a combination of a minimalist Scandinavian and a natural rustic. A classic touch of leather stands out in contrast to a white background. Meanwhile, the rustic dining chair and table give more character and depth to the interior.

The brown leather chairs combined with the reclaimed wood dining table emphasize the rustic style of the Scandinavian dining room. Industrial hanging lamps provide bright and warm lighting in this room. Brown leather chairs and reclaimed wood dining table from home-designing.
To add color to the white Scandinavian dining room, you can use a wooden pallet dining table with an iron leg. This table is one of the furniture that gives a rustic style in Scandinavian decor. Isn’t this idea easy enough to try. Wooden pallet dining table from homestratosphere.
Dining table set combined with leather animal rugs as a coating for your wood floor adds to the character of the room. In addition, this carpet also presents a rustic feel, painting the frames into a sweet finish. Leather animal rugs from digsdigs.
To provide a contrasting texture in the white Scandinavian dining room, shabby wooden chairs become furniture that you can have to bring out a rustic style, so wooden planks emphasize the style you want. Shabby wooden chairs from digsdigs.
Adding a rustic touch to a Scandinavian dining room will give it its own charm so that it looks different from the others. Just add a pallet wood dining table and some other vintage furniture such as lamps and dining chairs. Vintage furniture from digsdigs.

5. Neutral Toned Scandinavian Dining Room

Going back to the classic, who wouldn’t want to install this neutral-toned Scandinavian dining room in their own house? White walls combined with wooden chairs and perfected with contrasting grey walls. Simply perfect.

The use of wooden benches and tables in this dining room creates an environmentally friendly impression. Paint the walls and curtains white for a contrasting, neutral look. Wooden benches and tables from home-designing.
You can try the nuances of a white dining room with wooden furniture to maximize the neutral Scandinavian style. This wooden table is perfect for large areas and is paired with five wooden chairs reclining slats. White dining room with wood furniture from mydomaine.
Place a palm tree in the corner of the Scandinavian dining room as a decorative and ornate item that brings this design more natural. White walls will be more contrasted when equipped with bold color cushions. Neutral Scandinavian with indoor plant from homestratosphere
Wooden slate chairs will be more comfortable to use because you can lean your back, the white nuances will be more alive when combined with wooden furniture such as tables, chairs and floors. White nuances with wooden furniture from homestratosphere
You can repaint wooden dining chairs in neutral colors like white. White is always a favorite and will never fail in Scandinavian decor. Repaint wooden dining chairs from homestratosphere

These Scandinavian dining room ideas are a great start if you want to recreate one on your own. Simple and elegant, these designs are compatible with every kind of house.

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