Nowadays, there are a lot of modern basement ideas that you can pick and dupe. Forget an unused basement full of dust and old childhood memento. Whether it’s for a playroom or working space, here you are going to learn some of the most useful basement makeovers that you can easily replicate.

Most underground living spaces suffer from the same problems: low ceiling, bad ventilation, and small windows—among many others. If you’re one of these people, this article is a cue to finally give your homey basement a total makeover.

1.     Basement as a Playroom

Disturbed by the noises of your children playing Xbox or Wii? Arrange a basement makeover and transform the old, scary basement into gaming galore for your loved ones. The playroom can be the place where they get creative and play around without disturbing your peaceful sleep.

Basement Soccer Playroom from architectureartdesigns
Basement Playroom with Glass Swing from architectureartdesigns
Basement Table Tennis Playroom from architectureartdesigns
Basement Playground from architectureartdesigns
Colorful Basement Playroom from architectureartdesigns
Basement Playroom TV Stand Combo from architectureartdesigns
Basement Playroom with Pink Desk from architectureartdesigns
Basement Mini Futsal Field from architectureartdesigns
Basement Playroom with Standing Rack from architectureartdesigns
Basement Playroom with Swing from architectureartdesigns

2.     Basement as a Reading Spot

Serene and away from the hocus-pocus of social life, the basement is actually a perfect place for reading. Rather than leaving it unused and dusting, why not transform the place into a cozy nook where you can lounge around and escape to your favorite fictional setting?

Colorful Basement Reading Nook from sebringdesignbuild
Striped Area Reading Nook from sebringdesignbuild
Basement Reading Nook Near Window from sebringdesignbuild
Mid Century Basement Reading Spot from sebringdesignbuild
Daybed for Basement Reading Spot from sebringdesignbuild
Basement Reading Spot for Kids from sebringdesignbuild
Small Basement Reading Spot from sebringdesignbuild
Corner Basement Reading Spot from sebringdesignbuild

3.     Basement as a Working Space

Forget spending your money on overpriced cafe drinks. With this basement makeover, turn your basement into a working place where you can be focused on chasing deadlines. All you need is a working desk, fast Wi-Fi connection, and probably a coffee machine.

4.     Basement as a Mini-Movie Room

You don’t have to be a multimillionaire to have a private cinema of your own. Actually, you only need a basement makeover and a stack of good movies. With a few thrifting efforts and a lot of creativity, make your private movie screening comes true.

5.     Basement as a Bedroom

Last but not least, you can always transform your basement into a personal sanctuary: a bedroom. Prepare to bring your movie collections, books, and games because once you’re in, you’d be too comfortable to get out.

A basement makeover is something that often forgotten, but never regretted once it’s done. Prepare your wildest ideas and creativity, because there’s a big chance that your basement can house it.

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