Encompassing minimal clutter, sleek furnishing, and laid-back ambiance, the Scandinavian-style interior is one of the most relaxing designs to have in your bedroom. Not only in the chilly part of the northern world, but the Scandinavian bedroom is also favored by many due to its airy, clean, and minimalistic aesthetics, making it even harder to leave your bed.

Wondering where to start? Here are some interior ideas for realizing your dream Scandinavian bedroom.

1. Minimalistic White Bedroom with Fireplace

Since the northern part of the world has a different range of cold, it’s not considered as unusual to have a fireplace in one’s bedroom. Whether you’re installing a real fireplace or just a faux one, the warmth will surely heat your body on the coldest days.

Additionally, a fireplace is also considered a must-have when you want to create a Scandinavian bedroom that resembles the real one.

The tall windows that flank the modern bed offer brightness to the white duvet. This decor matches the white walls where the fireplace is embedded with elegant white and black wood designs. Above the fireplace is a work of art in light pastel colors that contrasts with the wooden elements in a Scandinavian bedroom. Black and white fireplace from homestratosphere.
The monochromatic bed of this Scandinavian-style bedroom has a fireplace to keep cold weather out of the room. This fireplace has a length to the ceiling. Your Scandinavian bedroom can be furnished with beautiful hardwood floors. Monochromatic Scandinavian with length fireplace from thespruce.
An open space Scandinavian style bedroom can be complemented by a bedroom with tonewood floors as well as white walls and a corner fireplace. It makes you feel warm and cozy with this decoration. Corner fireplace from homedit.
This long, cylindrical armored fireplace in the corner of this room will help to warm your bedroom to the maximum. Spoon it up with this bedroom wall paint. Cozy Scandinavian bedroom with soft, comfortable thick fabrics. Cylindrical fireplace from homedit.
This square fireplace facing the Scandinavian bed will make you sleep more soundly and comfortable because it can warm you all day long when the weather starts to feel cold. Square fireplace from homedit.

2. Scandinavian Bedroom with Rustic Accent

Reclaimed wood and sharp lines of natural life are two of the most common accents in a Scandinavian bedroom. Whether it’s a wooden bench, wood planks walls or floor, these rustic touches will add depth and characters into your bedroom.

The headboard and nightstand that is made of wooden material look very rustic, adding to the beautiful impression of this Scandinavian-style bedroom. Not only that, the decoration art that is attached to the bed just complements the decoration of this room. Wooden headboard and nightstand from onekindesign.
The reclaimed wood flooring of the bed provides a shot of rustic decor in a Scandinavian bedroom. With just a touch of simple wood, this bedroom decor feels warmer and more natural. Reclaimed wood floor from onekindesign.
A Scandinavian-style bedroom with simple hardwood floors and ceilings can complement neutral white walls. Don’t forget to use a white cloth on the bed to add warmth and beauty. Hardwood floors and ceiling from onekindesign.
The reclaimed wood wall with a deer headdress in this bedroom provides a textured backdrop for a rustic bed. Complete with gray shades on your blankets and pillows. Wooden bed frames complement this decoration. Reclaimed wood wall with deer headdress from onekindesign.
A Scandinavian bedroom with reclaimed wood benches and walls can blend in a simple rustic style. The room is lit by natural light that comes in from a window that has a built-in shelf underneath. Reclaimed wood benches and walls from onekindesign.

3. Scandinavian Bedroom with Cottage Style

Homey and comfortable, opt for this cottage-style Scandinavian bedroom if you’re looking for a warmer and friendlier look for your space. The cottage-like interior gives off distinct character while keeping it minimalistic and airy.

The white brick walls in this bedroom add to the antique and charming impression. In a lovely cottage theme, this Scandinavian bedroom can decorate it with a sloping ceiling for a different look. White brick walls from onekindesign.
To add to the impression of a cottage in a Scandinavian bedroom, you can use exposed brick walls combined with reclaimed wood floors. Best of all, industrial lighting looks absolutely stunning in this bedroom. Exposed brick walls combined with reclaimed wood floors from onekindesign.
The log cabin ceiling perfectly complements the Scandinavian bedroom decor. The white nuances add to the spacious, clean and bright impression, you can imitate this decoration idea right now. Log cabin ceiling from onekindesign.
An all-white theme for a Scandinavian cottage bedroom. For those who like elegant and bright nuances, this is perfect for you. Hang the bed for an instant difference in decor. All-white theme Scandinavian cottage bedroom from onekindesign.
The entire white brick wall in the Scandinavian bed decor gives the best results for cottage decor. The wood material in the furniture and floors also gives the best feeling in this room. White brick wall and wooden furniture from onekindesign.

4. Scandinavian Bedroom with Pop of Colors

While the Scandinavians are usually associated with a simple and clean look, it’s great to add a pop of color here and there as a focal point. Bright and cheerful colors such as yellow or green are a great addition to radiate freshness and youth.

This sofa and blanket with a green pop can be an interesting theme to apply in a white Scandinavian bedroom with shades. Wall decoration adds a beautiful, elegant color. Green sofa and blanket from decoist.
Orange bedding will be a pop color in this Scandinavian bedroom. When a white shiplap wall works in this room, the industrial hanging lamp becomes a beautiful complement. Orange bedding from decoist.
The dark yellow blanket in the Scandinavian bedroom looks so attractive. This decor pop color makes sense to compliment a plain color dominance well. Dark yellow blanket from decoist.
The chevron pattern on the colorful pillows and blankets appears as a decorative item that complements the room. If you have a Scandinavian bedroom in monotone colors, then you should try a color pop like this one. Chevron and colorful blanket from decoist.
Stunning abstract wall art decor clings to the white Scandinavian bedroom wall. It makes you feel like an apartment with a rustic touch. Blue blanket is a striking color. Blue blanket from decoist.

5. Airy and Open Scandinavian Bedroom

If you’re into an open bedroom design, Scandinavian bedroom leaves a lot of space between the bed and other furniture to achieve an airy look. Also, this bedroom is clutter-free, just perfect for you who likes their space to be as neat as possible.

Natural lighting will easily fit into the room with the use of a bedside window. You don’t need to put a lot of furniture in to get free space. Window beside the bed from architectureartdesigns.
Create a Scandinavian bedroom door leading to a balcony with glass doors that are large and wide. You can open the door during the day to enter light and minimize humidity. Large and wide glass door from architectureartdesigns.
The sunlight that comes into the Scandinavian bedroom looks great on the overall decor. You can form a square window combined with the ceiling to form a unique design. Unique square window from architectureartdesigns.
To save electricity during the day, it is a good idea to use two tall glass windows. You can turn off the lights during the day because this room already gets the reflection of the sun so it’s bright. Two tall glass windows from architectureartdesigns.
Instead of using walls with glass windows and doors to make it easier for sunlight to enter the room, besides that, these glass windows also provide fresh air circulation in the Scandinavian bedroom. Glass windows and doors from architectureartdesigns.

Simple, sleek, and minimalistic. Scandinavian bedroom design is what keeps everyone going in decorating and redecorating their personal space. Whether it’s a traditional wooden accent or a modern, airy look, Scandinavian bedroom will always have something in store for you.

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