As parents, we always try to provide what is best for our children. All the things that can teach and make them happy, we as parents will do some efforts to provide the best facility as complete as we could such as their desirable bedroom decoration. For designing their bedroom, it would be better for you to specify its design based on gender or common design (genderless). But, maybe you got confused about how to provide a proper bedroom for them. Here, we try to give you ideas on how to design and make it to your beloved one.

Girls’ Bedroom

Designing bedrooms to our baby girls, no denied that you will need many decorations or ornaments. Mostly, the pink color becomes the dominant color for wall painting, bed cover, furniture, and others. You also can use bright colors or more colorful than just pink, like yellow, bright blue, bright red, etc. If you think that painting some cute character to the wall is too hard, you can use patterned wall-paper or sticky stickers like flowers or animals. Meanwhile, you also can add some of their favorite dolls, toys, and some cute stuff as decoration.

Open Space Girl Bedroom from decormanagement
Neutral Color Floral Wallpaper from decormanagement
Seashell Shape Bed Frame from decormanagement
LOL Cartoon Bedroom Decor from decormanagement
Brown Canopy Girl Bedroom from decormanagement
Big Floral Wall Decoration from decormanagement
Pink Canopy with String Light from decormanagement
Pink and White Girl Bedroom from decormanagement
Small Girl Bedroom from decormanagement
Large Roses Wallpaper from decormanagement
Pink Canopy and Faux Fur Carpet from decormanagement

Boys’ Bedroom

Designing for a boy’s bedroom would be in contrast to the girl’s bedroom. Boy’s bedroom simpler in decorations and colors used. The colors are more soft or dark colors. Like deep green or deep blue. Wall designs are more like animal characters. You also can put some of their toys as decorations. For making their bedroom more comfortable, you can install lighting to complete its room design.

Bold Color Car Bed from hative
Contemporary Boy Bedroom from countryliving
Mini Boat Wallpaper from countryliving
Rustic Nursery Boy Bedroom from countryliving
Nautical Boy Bedroom from countryliving
Colorful Boy Bedroom from countryliving
Farmhouse Bedroom from countryliving
World Map Wallpaper from countryliving
Twin Bed Ideas from countryliving

Providing a suitable bedroom for our children sometimes it is not that simple. It would be better if you know first about what their favorites animation character so, it would easier for you to prepare all redecorating needed. Of you have twins, you can provide a level bed. It will give their bedroom more space to add other furniture. Don’t forget to put a cabin to store their books or toys, so they will get used to store their belongings.

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