Create your own sanctuary in your house with the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of Greek-themed washroom interior design ideas. Greece is widely renowned for its time-honored history, architectures, arts, as well as exotic islands and beaches. Your cherished bathroom may bring in and exhibit all those Grecian properties.  

1. Color Splashes

The traditional Greek houses’ exteriors are popular with their whitewashed walls and vivid blue-painted wooden windows or doors. Inside, there is a pair of pure-white backsplash and varied blue shades like sky blue, turquoise, pale azure to navy blue, cobalt blue, and ultramarine. As to the bathroom, you may also add the stone neutral color palettes as well.

You can apply blue color to the Greek white bathroom door to add color that still looks elegant. The standing bathtub gives a simple classic impression. Blue door for Greek white bathroom from veranda.
The patterned tile design in white and blue emphasizes the Greek style of the bathroom, you can complete it with a standing sink that is made of marble material. Industrial hanging lamps present an industrial feel. Patterned tile with white and blue color from veranda.
This patterned blue bathroom provides a very calm and elegant atmosphere. You can enter a white bathroom interior to neutralize the blue patterned wall and floor tiles. Blue patterned wall and floor tiles from designtrends.

2. Decorative Columns

Decorative columns reminisce the Greek architectures in its golden age. If you want to get an authentic Greek look to your bathing space, add free-standing columns ornamented in traditional Greek motifs to the bathtub area, for example.

Give a new look to Greek bathroom decor with layered tiles on the oval of your bathtub. Place this bathtub in the middle of the bathroom which can be used as an elegant focal point. Layered tiles oval bathtub from designingidea.
The crystal chandeliers hanging over the traditional bathtub emphasize the simple Greek style. You can complete the wooden panel in this bathtub casing with gold taps and drawer handles. Wooden panel casing bathtub from designingidea.
You can easily get a modern look to complement Greek bathroom decorations, installing a marble casing on the bathtub is a great idea that you can try. The animal patterned bench is a bold patterned captivating of the heart. Marble casing bathtub from designingidea.
The stone subway tiles built to renew the white bath convey a luxurious Greek feel that many people love. Shades of beige give off a warm and dramatic impression. Stone subway tiles bathtub from designingidea.

3. Adorned Ceiling

To pair up with the decorative columns, a traditional Greek interior style also features with ceiling surface ornamented with bold moldings, trims, heavy cornices, wide friezes. and also cast plaster embellishments to resemble the classic decorative patterns.

Using a white layered ceiling with a splash of gold gives a luxurious and classic impression to a Greek bathroom decor. Don’t forget to add crystal chandeliers for perfect lighting. White layered ceiling with splash of gold from designingidea.
Choosing to use a multilevel ceiling for your bathroom decoration will present a beautiful appearance in your Greek bathroom. Using crystal chandelier will give your bathroom a glam, inspiring look. Multilevel ceiling from designingidea.
Greek bathroom decor with beige nuances looks simple and elegant so you can try it now. You can use multilevel ceilings and carved pillars to give a glam Greek look. Multilevel ceilings and carved pillars from designingidea.

4. Flooring

Natural stones in neutral tones, especially marble and limestone, are the genuine Greek flooring design, delivering a warm look of natural harmony to your private bathing space.

Limestone floors and walls give it a complete Greek style. Floating wooden vanity saves bathroom space effectively and efficiently. You can try this idea right now. Limestone floors and walls from interiordesignindex.
The elegant master bathroom with marble floors, walls and ceiling brings this décor more of a classic Greek style. This includes a wide mirror that creates a larger visual space to the area. Marble floors, walls and ceiling from homestratosphere.
Bring Greek bathroom decor more to nature with stone floors that have a neutral color. Send the feel of the room with the floor color so that it looks more optimal and blends well. Neutral color stone floor from homestratosphere.

5. Window

Wooden windows in double-hung design, equipped with six panes in each half are the most typical Greek traditional interior design. As a bathroom window treatment, a multi-purpose shutter in earthy hues or varied blue shades is welcomed.

To strengthen the Greek design in the bathroom, you can try adding a window with a double hung design. Give a contrasting color tone to this bathroom by using two different paints on the walls and window frames. Brown double hung window from simonton.
Splash earth tone colors on your windows double hung for a more natural and warm impression. Use double-hung wooden windows to enhance your traditional Greek décor. Earth tone double-hung wooden windows from simonton.
Installing double hung window to decorate a traditional Greek bathroom you can repaint with bold colors like dark blue. The double hung windows will make it easier to ventilate your bathroom to make it fresher. Dark blue double hung window from nordarchitecture.

6. Furnishing

Wooden tripod tables and stools are examples of this Grecian furniture. Another furnishing can be a wooden white-beige vanity come with a hand washbasin travertines designed in retro style.

Using Greek furniture is one of the perfection of your traditional Greek bathroom decoration. You only need to use a vintage tripod chair to put the soap which is placed right next to the bathtub. Vintage tripod chair from onekingslane.
Choosing a tripod bench to place things in your traditional Greek bathroom is a great idea. You can choose natural materials such as large wooden branches. Wooden branches tripod bench from decorpad.
A rustic tripod stool juxtaposed with wicker baskets lends a strong feel to Greek bathroom decor. Besides that, these two items also add a natural and warm feel. Rustic tripod stool from decorpad.

7. Bathroom Accessories

Instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs are more common, designed in stripes adorned with flowers, trellis, and other classical motifs. Functional and decorative accessories are glazed clayware and tinted glassware, as well as other bath sets of shower curtains, bath towels, bath rugs and mats or other bath lines printed with Greece’s famous places.

A round vintage rug that has a matching color with Greek bathroom decor is an additional item that gives an elegant impression. You can add a fireplace and aromatherapy candles to relax your body. Round vintage rug from designingidea.
Add a few accessories to the Greek bathroom to enhance and enhance the look, for example the faux fur mat and white vintage curtains. You can open this curtain when the bathroom will be used. Faux fur mat and white vintage curtains from designingidea.
Bold beige curtains drawn to the sides will open up a Greek inspired master bathroom décor that is warm and easy to maintain. A large painting complements and complements your plain wall. Bold beige curtains from homestratosphere.

Feel the Mediterranean Sea breeze in your Greek bathroom interior decor ideas.

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