Some people do not care about their bedroom design. Those might think that a bed with a cupboard to store clothes without any decoration is enough. But, definitely, it won’t last for a long time. A well-organized and well-decorated bedroom can give you special vibe not only just a comfortless. It also can reveal some inspirations. Not only clean and neat, but some decorations are needed to be there to make you and your family members become more comfortable in each their bedroom.

The design really needs to be adjusted for some rules such as beauty, comfortability, and safety. Especially if you have a baby or toddler, so you need to make the bedroom become a safe zone for them to sleep on. You can paint the wall with special character, add cushions and add some of their toys as an ornament. Don’t forget to install a special night lamp.

Green Accent Wall from digsdigs
Red Brick Accent Wall from digsdigs
Smooth Wood Floors from digsdigs
Scandinavian Bedroom from digsdigs
Floating Rack Storage from digsdigs
Floral Mural from digsdigs
Leather Animal Carpet from digsdigs
Purple Splash Bedding from digsdigs
Colorful Boho Pillows from digsdigs
Slanted Glass Ceiling Decoration from digsdigs
Master Girl Bedroom from digsdigs
Built In Wooden Bookshelf from goodhousekeeping
Coastal Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
Big Classic Mirror from goodhousekeeping
Neutral Color Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
Yellow Floral Headboard from goodhousekeeping
Contemporary Bedroom Decor from goodhousekeeping
Eclectic Floral Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
Wall Artwork Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
Bohemian Carpet for Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
Classic Canopy Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
White Shiplap Walls from goodhousekeeping
Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas from goodhousekeeping
Bold Color Bedding from goodhousekeeping
Black Wooden Canopy from goodhousekeeping
White and Blue Master Bedroom from goodhousekeeping
Small Double Bed from goodhousekeeping
Floral Mural Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping
Rustic Headboard Bedroom from goodhousekeeping

Meanwhile, for teenager, the design could be more special and prettier. Since teenager is the age where everything seems fresh and colorful or you can let them design their bedroom based on their expectation. Because, commonly teenagers are more playful, experimental and also more creative to be able to make their bedroom more attractive. You as their parents can notice their character based on their bedroom decoration.

As far as I know, making a bedroom as special as it could never require me to have lux or expensive furniture. I rather choose to do DIY or reconditioning some furniture. It less expensive and also more productive. Being creative is also not always should be an expert first. But, it comes if you have the eagerness to make a proper decoration for your comfortable bedroom.

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