Your home furnishings are indeed varied in their sizes and weights. When rearranging them, whether in the same space or to other areas in the same house or even move to a new place, moving furniture, especially the heavy pieces, surprisingly ask you to use not only your muscles but also your head. Check out some of the following smart and hassle-free tips to do so.

1. Empty-Out the Furniture

Fully loaded furniture are heavier to move. Therefore, take your time to remove all items stashed inside a dresser or desk. The result is not only lighter pieces, but also no possibility of accidental falling out and breaking things.

Move all your clothes to make it easier to move the wardrobe to the intended place. This idea reduces the weight capacity of the wardrobe so that it is lighter. Empty the cupboard from bestlifeonline.
Get rid of items that are on the nightstand for your safety and comfort when moving this furniture. Take out all items in the storage drawer as illustrated. Empty the nightstand from bestlifeonline.
Even multipurpose kitchen cabinets that are used must be cleaned of existing items. It aims to provide relief when moving goods. Remove items from kitchen cabinets from thenavagepatch.
Wooden drawers that have a lot of storage should be emptied as shown above. For your comfort when moving this furniture and so as not to fall when experiencing a shock shift. Clear the drawer area from thepurpleinkcafe.
Vertical cabinets will be easier to move if they are empty. In addition, this cabinet can also be dismantled so that it can be transported easily. Clear the vertical cabinet from bestlifeonline.

2. Wrap the Furniture

In order to avoid any scratches or even damages to the moving furniture, other furniture pieces or doors, covering the furniture with moving blanket, plastic, or stretch film can be a brilliant idea. Meanwhile, a door jamb protector protects the doorway.

When you are going to remove the sofa, then cover all outer surfaces with thick plastic so that it is not easily dirty or torn by sharp objects. This idea is easy enough for you to try. Cover all outer surfaces with thick plastic from realtor.
To prevent dishes from breaking easily, then lining them with a towel or blanket is a smart idea. You can put it in a bag or cupboard after layering it. Cover the dishes with a towel or blanket from familyhandyman.
You can wrap all your living room furniture in plastic as shown. Apart from keeping the furniture safe from unwanted things, it can also facilitate the moving process. Wrap furniture with plastic from familyhandyman.
Wrapping the sofa in plastic is intended so that the furniture to be moved is safe from scratches or damage due to collisions with other items. Wrapping all furniture with plastic from moving.
Double wrapping. You can wrap it with a thick plasti that is wrapped repeatedly. As shown in the picture, this is to provide double protection for your goods. Double wrapping plastic from mikemurphyremovals.

3. Slide to Move the Furniture

Instead of lifting, dragging, or carrying, sliding is successfully proven for moving furniture. You may purchase furniture “magic” sliders available in varied sizes and shapes. Some insanely creative hacks can be hard plastic sliders (plastic container lids or Frisbees) for carpeted flooring. Meanwhile, soft, cushioned sliders (towels, moving blankets, bedspreads, rags or remnants) are for hard flooring.

In order not to damage the surface of your carpet, then using pieces of shoe rubber as an idea to move the coffee table is the best. Just push the furniture carefully to the destination you expect. Slide pieces shoe rubber from qteros.
You can place large pipes under large items to be moved. Then, tie it like a rope in the picture to pull it out. This of course can make it easier for you to move even very large items. Slide large pipes from lehmanlane.
Patchwork that you can use to move furniture by sliding it on the floor. With this patchwork, the furniture will be attracted and move according to your wishes. Slide patchwork ideas from thriftyfun.
Place a small plate at each bottom end of your table foundation. This idea aims to make it easier for you to move items by sliding them from the surface of the carpet without damaging them. Slide small plate from thriftyfun.
Take advantage of old bottles for smart ideas to move things without exerting a lot of energy, cut and place the bottles on each leg of the chair for a creative and easy to do moving idea. Slide furniture with recycle bottles from familyhandyman.

4. Land the Furniture

Determine the space or area where to put the furniture, especially when you’re moving to a new house you may draw a floor plan. Thus, you will be more certain in moving all the furnishings. It is also helpful when there are people who help you to relocate them.

Stick the tape on your mirror to prevent it from breaking while traveling or when it is about to be moved. This X tape withstands the shock of glass that is feared it will fall. X blue tape from lazytries.
Apply the rope to the mattress to lift and move it to the area you want. To move this mattress requires two people to lift a large enough mattress. Rope mattress from lazytries.
Remove all storage drawers from the cabinet and then cover them with plastic to prevent items from falling, you can replace these drawers when you reach the desired destination. Remove all drawer from cabinet from lazytries.
To prevent scratches or damage to your refrigerator, you can cover the top with a thick wool cloth. With this you will easily move to a new area or your new home. Wool fabric for cover refrigerator from lazytries.
Determine which side of the wall will be hung on which part of the wall, then don’t forget to put foam on the bottom surface of the frame to avoid chaos or breakage. Foam on the bottom frame from lazytries.

Those are some easy yet smart tips and tricks of moving furniture, if you are not ready or sure enough, you may ask help from others or even from the expert services.

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