Starting from your living room, there are a mahogany wood coffee table or sofa legs, maple wood TV stand, or black walnut bookcase. Go to the bedroom, you will find a pinewood bed frame, cedarwood closet, or ash wood bedside table. Continue to the kitchen and dining room, wooden furniture is in cherry wood dining sets, beechwood bar table and stools, oak wood kitchen cabinets, etc.  

You are probably wondering what materials actually construct most of your home’s wooden furniture. In the following section, you can find the answers regarding some types of wood materials widely used to make those furnishings.

1. Hardwood

Dubbed as the most baronial and indestructible type of material, hardwood indeed has a higher level of hardness compared to other woods. Due to their increasingly rare condition, solid hardwood furniture is also getting costly.

The list can be long, but to name several representative Western hardwoods are White Oak, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, Hickory, Green Ash, Pecan, Elm, etc.

You can try hardwood materials in your kitchen furniture, for example a kitchen island with a hardwood countertop. You can use this table to prepare food and drinks that are ready to eat. Hardwood kitchen island from from shelterness.
To bring a rustic feel to your kitchen, the use of wooden furniture is an idea that you can try. Hardwood countertops combined with white cabinets make it look more unique and different. Hardwood countertops from shelterness.
Refinishing the hardwood on your desk will give it a smoother surface so it’s more comfortable to use. In addition, the desk will also look more shiny, rubber plants become decorative items that refresh the room. Refinishing hardwood desk from shelterness.
Free up your small bathroom floor with a floating hardwood vanity. This furniture gives a natural impression that makes bathroom decorations warmer and more natural. Floating hardwood vanity from shelterness.
Hardwood coffee table with iron clasp legs give a strong and strong furniture idea. This type of wood is not easily porous for a long time. Hardwood coffee table from shelterness.
Using empty wall space for storage ideas, choose hardwood as the base material for your hanging shelf. You can put some ornaments to enhance your home decor. Hanging hardwood shelf from shelterness.
Choose a hardwood type for your mantel idea, this material is stronger in any weather. Provide sufficient lighting to avoid mold on your wood mantel. Hardwood mantel from shelterness.
For a new look in your bedroom, a hardwood headboard that is integrated into the nightstand is a smart idea. This furniture saves space to be more effective and efficient. Hardwood headboard from shelterness.

2. Softwood

Not necessarily softer as implies by its name, softwood is said accounts for around 80% of timber production in the world. Some traditional softwood producers are in Scandination and Russia (the Baltic region), North America, and China.

Mostly for construction materials, the wooden furniture made of softwood can be obtained from carcassing timbers and finishing timbers. Their popular Western names are, among others, Red Cedar, Douglas, Pine, Fir, Larch, Spruce, Hemlock, and more.

For a more elegant look, you can paint the legs of the softwood table with a bright color. Blue is the bold color choice in this room, put the indoor plant on it as a fresh decoration. Softwood table with blue legs from lovelygreens.
So that the softwood dining table has a smoother and more shiny surface, then you can varnish it. No need to paint it for a more natural look. Softwood dining table from homedecorbuzz.
You can put a wardrobe that made of white pine wood in the bedroom decor in neutral shades. To save space, you can put it in the corner of the room. White pine wood wardrobe from homedecorbuzz.
Outdoor furniture ideas with red cedar wood provide their own color that attracts attention. You don’t need to paint it because this wood material already has a beautiful default color. Outdoor furniture with red cedar wood material from todayshomeowner.
Match the wood on the bed frame with the wardrobe in one room for a stunning decor harmony. Spruce wood material is the best choice that you can try. Spruce wood furniture bedroom from homedecorbuzz.
For indoor furniture ideas, you can choose softwood as the main material. Douglas wood wardrobe that is repainted in brown gives a modern and contemporary look. Douglas wood wardrobe from homedecorbuzz.
You can repaint the bedroom furniture pine wood for a more minimalist look. The white color gives the impression of being spacious and clean. Enter the indoor plant as a color enhancer in the room. Repaint pine wood furniture from disacode.
Softwood furniture in light brown adds a perfect finishing touch to your bedroom decor. Pine wood material for bed frame, nightstand, cabinet and vanity brings natural nuances into the room. Pine wood bed frame and cabinet from ukrhomes.

3. Man-Made Wood

Basically made from the by-products of hardwood and softwood timbers, these artificial woods are more affordable in results and costs. There are four common engineered kinds of wood used for home furnishings, namely Plywood, MDF, Chipboard, and Blockwood.

To save on expenses when buying furniture, plywood is an option that you can try. Combine plywood with pipes for bookshelves for an industrial style. Industrial bookshelves from familyhandyman.
Wall mounted table with plywood material gives a light style in the room. You can use it to put several types of plants or ornaments to beautify the room. Wall plywood mounted table from familyhandyman.
When you have a small bedroom decor, chipboard nightstands are the right furniture. Because this furniture has a lighter texture. Chipboard nightstands from familyhandyman.
Floating mdf wood desk combined with red chairs gives a bold color in the room. You can beautify the appearance of your desk with a gold statue. Floating mdf wood desk from familyhandyman.
For a softer surface, then a plywood chair covered with striped pillows is a comfortable furniture idea. This rocking chair can be a sturdy outdoor furniture. Plywood rocking chair from familyhandyman.
Give a natural look to your living room decor with a varnished plywood coffee table. Combine with the patterned carpet which has a smooth texture. Varnished plywood coffee table from familyhandyman.
Take advantage of the empty wall space to hang plywood shelves as a space saving storage area. You can shape it with a more unique and different appearance. Plywood shelves from familyhandyman.
Repaint the plywood bed frame with brown to match the color tone in your bedroom decor. Appreciate your wool carpet for a prettier look. Plywood bed frame from familyhandyman.
You can complement the plywood headboard with a built-in storage rack. You can use this shelf to display cactus plants and beautiful ornaments as decoration. Plywood headboard from familyhandyman.

Related to the technique in making wooden furniture, there are also veneered wood and laminated wood; both are additional thin layers particularly applied to man-made woods. So, which wood materials do you prefer the most as your favored wood furniture?

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