What’s better than creating a garden container for your small space? It requires less effort but results in a beautiful triumph once the plants are blooming. You may as well notice that not all plants are suitable to grow in a small container, thus choosing the kind of plant wisely is essential. These are some lovely perennials to dress up your front porch and freshen up your house.

1. Coral Bells

I think everyone agrees that this plant can fit any garden container and displays amazing foliage, especially in early summer. Coral Bells have different variety with medium pink to burgundy or green leaves with frivolous flower.

.Perfect your ceramic pot with coral bell plants that have different colors, this plant idea beautifies the outdoors and becomes a focal point that refreshes the view of your eyes. Colorful coral bells in ceramic pot from hgtv.
Change the look of your humble pot with green coral bells, leaving this pot in its original color for a vintage feel. Pot that made of stone material will be stronger in all weather. Green coral bells in stone pot from familyhandyman.
Pair burgundy coral bell with a few other greenery in one container for a fresh and stunning look. You can choose a clay pot with a large size to accommodate some of these plants properly. Burgundy coral bell in clay pot from lejardinetdesigns.

2. Begonia

This beautiful perennial features different flower petals, marked by a variety of leaf shapes and blooming colors from bright orange, pink, and white. The key to planting begonia is to not making the garden container too wet.

Begonia is one type of beautiful flower to be planted outdoors with the gold plant container you have. Add ornament around it to complement outdoor furniture. Begonia in gold container from gardendesign.
Make creativity the way you want. For example, you can plant begonia with green leaves and pink flowers in the same ceramic pot that has a shiny green color. The garden appearance of this room will be even fresher. Begonia with green leaves and pink flowers from gardendesign.
Combine begonia with other types of plants in a clay pot to make it look more colorful. For example combining with green vines. This type of flower will look very charming when you see it. Combine begonia with vines in clay pot from greengardenista.

3. Ornamental Chili

The showstopper plant loves the heat and filled with some cheerful, colorful, bright fruit to add in your little garden. The small fruits come in different colors like red, yellow, orange, green, and some even have a purplish hue. The compact size and low maintenance is perfect for any house.

Ornamental chilies with two different colors are multifunctional plants, because they are edible and have a spicy taste. You can apply this ornamental chili into a white plastic garden container. Two different color ornamental chilies in white container from gardenerspath.
You can try growing ornamental chilies in clay flat pots for a more beautiful and elegant look. This plant has a low maintenance and price so you can buy it easily. Ornamental chilies in clay flat pots from gardenerspath.
Put several small clay pots in one room for a more colorful garden decoration, you can plant two types of chili ornaments with different colors. Yellow and red make a perfect color combination. Colorful ornament chili in small clay pot from gardenerspath.

4. Dianthus

The bright-colored blossom is highly tolerant to cool temperature. The petals bloom in groups with green foliage that does not need much care. Especially for the jolt dianthus, they make a perfect spring and summer plant that loves outdoor weather.

To add to the appeal of your garden decoration, you can try planting red and white dianthus in rectangle garden containers. Perform regular maintenance for the fertility of this plant. Dianthus in rectangle container from costafarms.
Dianthus flower is elegant because of its glamorous color. This flower is suitable for outdoor houseplants in spring, recycle pans to make pots are a creative idea. Recycle pans to make dianthus pots from costafarms.
Give a splash of lines to the clay pot as a simple carving, you can use it to plant purple and white dianthus. This garden container is according to your choice and preference. Purple and white dianthus from costafarms.

5. Viola

If you want to grow the plant and decorate your patio beautifully, look no other than the viola. This perennial is classified as annual, but many are frost-tolerant and can get through winter easily. The festive colors is a favorite to all and its free-flowering character makes garden container easy.

You can decorate your patio with colorful viola flowers in the garden in large, tall limestone pots. Place it right in front of the door to welcome guests who come to your house. Viola flowers look festive and beautiful. Colorful viola flowers in limestone container from southernliving.
Apart from yellow, there are also viola flowers that have a purple color. To add a vintage and natural impression to your garden, stone pots with beautiful carvings are a solution that you can try. Viola flower in vintage container garden from southernliving.
Place clay pots on each step of the house with yellow viola flowers to greet guests or family with joy. You just need to water and provide fertilizer regularly to make it more fertile. Yellow viola in clay pots from southernliving.

6. Color Grass

Add a little bit of wildly tough to your small garden with Color Grass plant. The foliage is spiky, thin, and can grow up to 1 ft. tall. Its pointy leaves look beautiful for a small container, and as many other landscape bushes, Color Grass is easy to care for.

Well-cared for wild grass is suitable for outdoor decoration plants, its wild nature but this plant still looks beautiful and attractive when placed side by side with a lounge chair in the garden. Wild grass in big container garden from hgtv.
Besides being easy to care for, colored grass is also an ornamental plant that is easy to find anywhere. This grass plant is suitable if planted in a tall container because its growth and development will tuft down. Colored grass in tall container garden from hgtv.
There is nothing wrong if you plant wild plants such as green grass. Small, pointed leaves will look beautiful if planted in a garden container that looks luxurious and shiny. Grass is resistant to all weather. Green grass in shiny container garden from hgtv.

7. Angelonia

With many varieties like archangel purple or angel face wedgewood, angelonia is a perfect plant to fill your decoration all season. Its blooms come in many different hues like deep purple, pink, mauves, white, or purplish-blue.

If you are looking for flowers that can be planted all season, choose angelonia flowers. Apart from being easy to care for, this flower also has a glamorous hue, namely dark purple and pink, the big round pot is the perfect container. Dark purple and pink angelonia flower from pbmgarden.
For a different and more unique look, you can hang angelonia in your garden, this flower has a striking color so that it becomes a beautiful focal point. Hanging angelonia flower from extension.

To get the right plant for your garden container, choose one that fits your house decoration and easy maintenance so it can bloom in any weather.

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