Do you want to create a better environment to live in? The answer is simple—go get the greenery and start crafting a beautiful indoor garden inside your apartment. Not only it helps you improve the quality of indoor air, but it’ll also become pretty ornamental elements appealing to the eye.         

Without further ado, these several options of apartment garden idea you’ll love to build a fresh green garden area.

1. A Beautiful Hanging Garden for a Dramatic Effect

With its beautiful look, a hanging garden is always a perfect option to impress your guests. To do so, prepare hooks and chains to hang the plants from the ceiling. As for the planters, there are plenty of pot options you can choose—such as ceramic, terracotta, fabric, or plastic. Otherwise, opt for upside-down planters for a more unique look.     

For the record, a hanging garden is a smart solution to keep your greenery from pets and children. Besides, it won’t consume a lot of room space as well.

With white nuances, it will look more alive if you add a green element to your apartment. Using hanging plants can be a good alternative, a pot filled with greenery when hung by a unique rope can give an interesting impression. White living room with hanging plants from
Incorporating natural elements into the room will certainly create its own freshness. You can also place a hanging garden on the work table, use several pots of different colors to make it look more colorful. Colorful hanging container garden from
If you like something unique in decorating an apartment living room, you can use a hanging plant to complement it. Besides giving a natural impression, it can also be a unique thing that can attract the attention of guests. Hanging plant in the ceiling living room from
The indoor plants hanging on the ceiling of your apartment will make it even more beautiful and charming. Galvanized pot with gold color provides luxury and becomes a sturdy container and does not rust easily. Hanging indoor plant from
If you want to include plants in your apartment but don’t want to take up a lot of space, a hanging garden can be the perfect solution. Hanging it on a white ceiling can give the room freshness. White ceiling with hanging plant from
To beautify the room and always give it freshness, you can use several hanging garden clay pots arranged side by side. That way you will give your apartment your own artistic value. Arrangement hanging clay pot from
Hanging plants, if applied in an apartment, will certainly give a green impression to the room. Especially if you want decorations that are different from the others, you can hang them on a tiered wooden ceiling for a satisfying result. Hanging plant on the wooden ceiling from
Put a green nuance in the bathroom of your apartment by using a few hanging garden pots over the bathtub. Betel ivory is one of the vines that does not need a lot of light to thrive. Hanging betel ivory above bathtub from
Take advantage of the living room ceiling to hang the hanging pot, you can use a strong rope so it doesn’t fall easily to the floor surface. This hanging plant idea really saves space effectively. Hanging plant at the corner from

2. A Vertical Garden Using a Stylish Wall Planter 

Another best apartment garden idea is to make the most of wall space using wall planters. Similar to a hanging garden, a vertical garden also doesn’t require you to sacrifice any floor space. To stick the plants to the wall, you can use magnetic pots, wall-mounted plant holders, succulent wall frames, or trellises.


You can use iron wire equipped with a hook to hang your indoor plant to save floor space. The white room nuance will be more lively when complemented with some greenery. Iron wire for indoor plant from apartmenttherapy.
Take advantage of the empty wall space for a vertical indoor garden decoration idea. Provide sufficient lighting to thrive by placing it near a large glass window. Vertical indoor garden from apartmenttherapy.
You can hang white plastic pots arranged vertically on one side of the empty wall. You can use a pipe to hang the plants so they don’t fall easily causing chaos. Vertical plastic pots for indoor plant from apartmenttherapy.
Place the magnet on the living room sofa to hang several green plant pots of different types and sizes. This plant idea frees up floor space so it doesn’t interfere with your space in the room. Hang green plant with magnet from apartmenttherapy.
Recycling plastic containers into hanging pots is a creative and smart idea. This hanging plant idea does not cost a lot of money, you can simply apply your favorite plant in this recycled pot. Isn’t that interesting. Recycling plastic containers for pot plant from apartmenttherapy.
In order for the apartment space to be more effective and efficient, you can use wall space for your indoor plant decoration ideas. Pair a floating rack and some wooden pots attached to the wall, this decoration idea is enough to attract the attention of those who see it. Wall indoor plant from contemporist.
Wooden planks used for hanging plants are so cheap and easy to make. A tin pot filled with indoor plants features a simple yet attractive wall decoration. Wooden planks for hanging plants from contemporist.
To beautify your wall decor, installing a wooden shelf as an area to place indoor plants is an idea that can be tried. This plant gives a feel and fresh air. Floating indoor plant from contemporist.

3. Build a Nice-Looking Glass Garden with a Terrarium

If you’re looking for a different way to showcase your plants, then use a terrarium. Unlike the regular pots or containers, this glass planter will display not only the top part of the plant, but also its soil, roots, and drainage layer. What’s great is, you can use it to grow aquatic plants and create a water garden, too.   

In this glass terrarium you can see the whole plant in a transparent manner, neatly stacking the plants on the sand for the perfect final decoration. You can try it to perfect your apartment space. Glass terrarium from architecturendesign.
White pebbles complemented by cactus make the perfect match for a mini terrarium decor. This cactus terrarium requires less water so it is low maintenance. Terrarium cactus from architecturendesign.
For an inexpensive and cost-saving terrarium idea, then you can try a light bulb terrarium. You just need to fill it with greenery, sand and crocodile ornaments to complement this terrarium idea. Light bulb terrarium from architecturendesign.
An attractive bell cloche terrarium with succulent plants complete with blue estuary and white pebbles is a great idea to decorate your apartment space. Put it on the table so it looks perfect. Bell cloche terrarium from architecturendesign.
Green moss equipped with a miniature stone staircase makes the glass terrarium look more natural. Place this terrarium where you want, for example on a window sill as a pretty windowsill. Green moss terrarium from architecturendesign.
Decorating the apartment space with a glass garden terrarium will look different and perfect. Green plants, mushrooms, white flowers and sand are the main ingredients that are easy for you to find. Glass garden terrarium from architecturendesign.
In this round terrarium you can combine several different types of plants for a more stunning look, add some other ornaments such as stairs, stones and miniature people for a sweet finishing touch. Round terrarium plant from architecturendesign.
Add a glass terrarium garden to the apartment space to complete the décor. This sea-themed terrarium is equipped with corals, pearls and starfish to make it look more perfect. Sea-themed terrarium from architecturendesign.

Those are the best apartment garden idea to make a fresh green area inside your apartment. Most importantly, pick the right plants that can grow well indoors. Plus, don’t forget to take care of your plants regularly and understand their needs.

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