The average inground pool ideas cost around $20,000 to $115,000 depending on the size and materials you use; there are concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl material to start with. Not to mention the yearly maintenance for it to function properly. Fortunately, there are some interesting ideas to help you build an in-ground pool on a budget. Check it out!

1. Build Smaller

The larger you go, the costlier it gets. If you don’t plan to run for a swimming Olympic, the average pool size to choose is between 10’ x 16’. This way, you can save more on the labor and materials needed to translate pool ideas in your head.

Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi from decoratorist
Modern Small Swimming Pool from decoratorist
Small Curved Swimming Pool from decoratorist
Limestone Tile Pool from decoratorist

2. Eliminate Features

For a cheap in-ground pool, you don’t have to install unnecessary features like the pool deck or water fountain, etc. Stick to the basics is the key; yes, maybe you’re going to need a pool cover but that’s that. Don’t go overboard with anything that you don’t actually need.

Square Swimming Pool from decoratorist
Garden Side Pool from decoratorist
Plunge Swimming Pool from decoratorist
Small Spool from decoratorist

3. Compare Prices

Before you start to build an inground pool, the plan is to get more quotations from many different contractors. Compare prices and choose the one with the most competitive rate. Not many pool builders can effectively create what you want.

LED In Ground Swimming Pool from countryliving
Natural Space Swimming Pool from countryliving
Contemporary Swimming Pool from countryliving
Country Style Swimming Pool from countryliving
Elegant Pool with Gazebo from countryliving
Small Backyard Pool from countryliving

4. DIY In-Ground Pool

Roll up your sleeves and tackle the job with DIY inground pool kits. It has everything you need to assemble your own swimming space. Sometimes, you’ll still need help doing all the work but it’s still cheaper than hiring professional pool installers.

Reclaimed Wood DIY Pool from 1001gardens
Round Pallet DIY Pool from 1001gardens
DIY Wooden pallet Pool from 1001gardens
Rectangle Container Pool from 1001gardens
Beer Crates DIY Pool from 1001gardens
DIY Wooden Circle Pool from 1001gardens

5. Avoid Peak Season

Sometimes, it’s better to leave the market when it’s already full. Building the in-ground pool during the offseason can help you get better deals. That being said, you need to have extra patience to enjoy the splash behind everyone but it’ll save you a significant budget.

White Stone Ornament from housebeautiful
Small Rectangle Pool from housebeautiful
Rustic Swimming Pool from housebeautiful
Wooden Deck Pool from housebeautiful
Modern White Swimming Pool from housebeautiful
Natural Backyard Pool from housebeautiful

6. Choose Vinyl

Compared to fiberglass and concrete, an in-ground pool made from vinyl is the cheapest alternative that costs around $30,000 to $35,000 installed that comes in the predesigned shape and features thermoplastic or steel panels.

Small Ceramic Vinyl Pool from riverpoolsandspas
Stone Vinyl Swimming Pool from riverpoolsandspas
Ceramic Vinyl Pool from riverpoolsandspas
Gray Stone Vinyl Pool from riverpoolsandspas
Limestone Vinyl Pool from riverpoolsandspas
Small Mosaic Vinyl Pool from riverpoolsandspas
Mosaic Vinyl Underwater from riverpoolsandspas

7. Correct Shape

To get a cheaper price, choose your in-ground shape wisely. You don’t want to spend extra for additional customization. Build one with the least interesting shapes like rectangular or oval that are definitely less pricey than the geometric or L-shaped.

Roman Swimming Pool from homedesignlover
L Shape Swimming Pool from homedesignlover
LED Oval Swimming Pool from homedesignlover
Oval Stone Pool from homedesignlover
Geometric Swimming Pool from homedesignlover
Figure 8 Pools from homedesignlover
Rectangle Swimming Pool from homedesignlover
Round Swimming Pool for Kids from homedesignlover
Oval Swimming Pool from homedesignlover

While having an in-ground pool in your backyard is simply astonishing, building one may be extremely extravagant for your budget. Plan ahead and save more bucks with some pool ideas above.

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