Why sticking with a normal office desk if you can get the sophisticated one? Modern designers have come up with desks that are both stylish and functional. Some design innovations also create better user experiences, adding plus points to your workspace. Here are some stylish designer desks you should consider.

1. Duplex Workspace Desk

Designed by Sophie Kirkpatrick, the Duplex Workspace Desk looks like a regular compact laptop desk with a curved design and mini drawers. Its main feature is a hood that you can raise when you need to focus. The simple but elegant veneered ash material makes it perfect for any office designs.

Create a workspace with different nuances for maximum comfort. Choose the right furniture, for example a duplex workspace desk equipped with bold color wooden chairs. This table is very multifunctional because it is equipped with drawers that are used as storage for small items. close the hood when you want to focus fully on the task you are doing. Multifunctional duplex workspace desk with storage from yankodesign.

2. The Kanapetko Desk

Krassi Dimitrov designed a perfect desk to fit all workspace sizes. At first glance, it looks like a simple black desk with cube-like design. You can extend its sides two times to fit a printer, sound system, scanner, additional screens, and anything you need for work.

When you need a lot of space at your desk, then Kanapetko desk is a smart furniture idea that you can emulate. Black matte is the signature color of this table, pull it to the side of the table to increase storage space. This table is also equipped with wheels to make it easier for you when moving this furniture. Black matte Kanapetko desk from wiproo.

3. The Crocodile Leather Desk

The Crocodile Leather Desk is a perfect office desk if you like luxury and don’t mind using genuine leather products. The desk has a black leather surface supported by Polish steel frames. The legs have X-shaped forms that give both vintage and modern looks. A simple drawer on the right is perfect to complete a minimalist workspace.

Luxurious office decoration with the best choice of furniture that you can try, the crocodile leather desk gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive. The table surface that is made of glass material makes it easy for you to clean and maintain it regularly. The black chair perfectly complements this work table. Black crocodile leather desk from

4. The Reindeer Desk

Alex Kozynetz combined function and simple elegance in his Reindeer Desk. The structure is simple, akin to a desk with simple open-style drawer. The highlight is its curved, seamless, and asymmetrical form, which resembles a running white reindeer.

A white table that resembles a deer silhouette offers a beautiful modern alternative to your desk. This table gives an interesting artistic impression, white is your favorite color which will make your desk look more minimalist and easy to combine with other furniture around it. White reindeer desk from trendhunter.

5. The WD Desk

Designed by Elena Rurua, the WD Desk has a sleek, modern square shape with an extended inner platform on one side for simple storage space. The design emphasizes the need for simplicity and clean look in an office. The WD Desk is available in white and black. The black one is especially beautiful with white swirling patterns on its side.

Engrave your WD desk in black to complement the look of this table. You can use this empty space that sticks out inward to store your favorite newspaper or magazine. The WD desk comes in a modern style that’s not over the top. Engrave WD desk from designrulz
The advantage of this desk is the storage of magazines under the table which allows you to have access to multiple storage at the same time. This under-the-counter magazine storage saves table space more effectively and efficiently. The white WD desk made of wood provides a natural, modern feel. Modern WD desk from designrulz.

A stylish office desk will add flair into your workspace. Give your office an upgrade by choosing one of these designer desks.

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