Tropical island is a great inspiration to create a rustic living room, bringing a relaxing and laidback atmosphere into your home. Many tropical house elements are ideal for areas with hot climate or humid summer. This design also involves a lot of natural elements, perfect for sustainable houses.

Here are some ways you can bring a tropical island charm into your living room.

1. Install Shutter Panels

Shutter panels are common in traditional tropical houses. They allow the breeze to enter the house even when they are closed. Wooden shutter panels are also lighter and more flexible than stiff glass panels. You can install shutter panels as windows or stick them on the wall as accent decorations.

Apart from being a window, shutter panels can also be used to decorate a living room that is simple but still looks attractive. This window idea is perfect for tropical island living room designs to provide ample lighting for some indoor plants. Shutter panel walls from beachbungalowblinds.
Open your glass windows during the day to enter useful lighting to nourish your indoor plant. You can put it in every corner of the living room to present a tropical style with a rustic vibe. Glass window from feedinspiration.
So that air circulation in the tropical living room can work properly and freely, you can use the shutter panel as a window. Shutter panels made of wood will look more natural and environmentally friendly. Wood shutter window from feedinspiration.
Rustic and tropical styles can be combined easily, for example using several wood materials on the floor and coffee table. Next, place the palm tree in the corner of the room that has a large size. Wide wooden frame windows are needed in this room. Wide wooden frame window from feedinspiration.
Classic coffee tables and tables complement the tropical living room decor. Not only about palm trees, green plants on tables and rubber trees in the corner of the room are important items, pay attention to the shutter windows in every corner of the room. These windows let in sunlight easily. Corner shutter window panel from feedinspiration.

2. Use Natural Materials

Play with more natural materials to create a tropical living room. Wooden beams and posts, woven grass rugs, and bamboo are perfect for a rustic but comfortable house. You can add the natural elements in the decoration by putting tropical flowers in several vases. For variations, insert dry twigs in artistic ways as a “bouquet”.

You can start decorating the living room with wooden walls and furniture. Don’t forget to include green plants as items that can bring out a fresh and beautiful tropical vibe. Wooden walls from
Neutralize dark vintage furniture with bright rattan rugs. Indoor plants youthful living room décor bring out a tropical vibe that’s fresh and flawless. Bright rattan rugs from countryliving.
Fill your rustic living room with greenery to present a tropical vibe that can refresh the room. Cover the reclaimed wood floor with a rattan rug overlapping the patterned carpet. Reclaimed wood floor from countryliving.
Make your living room as natural as possible to complement a tropical island décor that stands out from the crowd. Wood which is used as the main material will create cheap and affordable design ideas. Tropical living room with wood material from countryliving.
The rustic style is characterized by a dark, weathered wood environment. The stone fireplace adds to its natural appeal, balance this living room with green nuances in your indoor plant container. Wood and stone material from countryliving.

3. Play with Natural and Cheery Colors

Tropical-style rustic living rooms are not gloomy or moody. You should combine bright colors that reflect the sunny tropical islands with subtle shades from the natural materials. Light blue, yellow, and turquoise instantly brings your mind to the beach. However, natural materials balance the brightness.

Use bright colors for the perfect tropical vibe. You can try using banana leaf wallpaper which is quite large on a bright yellow wall. A leather leopard patterned table is an elegant focal point. Yellow paint with banana leaf wallpaper from homebnc.
The white tropical living room decor will add color when you add a banana tree with a large pot. Place it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your space. White tropical living room from homebnc.
Not only green plants give color, but framed paintings that are hung on white walls are also a real idea that will excite the feel of your living room. Pillowcase troipcal is a sweet finishing touch. Indoor plants and frame wall decoration color from homebnc.
Throw in colorful cushions for a tropical living room feel that is energetic and gives a new boost. One banana leaf combined with other green plants on a white ceramic vase becomes a natural bold color. Colorful cushions ideas from homebnc.
For a more stunning look, you can place green leaves painted in gold on the tufted coffee table. This glass vase idea provides a unique color that not everyone has this creative idea. Gold leaves from homebnc.
Yellow and white are a vibrant color combination for your living room decor. Large glass windows are able to provide maximum lighting during the day, place the palm tree close to the window to get more sunlight . White living room with yellow splash color from homebnc.

4. Add Sea Elements

Incorporate the sea elements by installing decorations that come from the beach. Seashells appear in entryway curtains, ornaments in glass bowls or bottles, or as individual decorations (especially the big ones). 

Wooden paddles and palm leaves make a statement for a coastal rustic decor that offers simplicity in the living room. You can arrange this palm leaf in a white ceramic vase to accentuate its beauty. Wooden paddles ornament from homebnc.
You can come up with a modern rustic living room beach style theme in an easy way. For example, just choose some blue-style accessories that are close to nature, such as blue patterned sofa cushions and coral ornaments on the coffee table. Blue splash cushions color from homebnc.
The natural color of driftwood enhances the presence of a small candle which serves as a centerpiece. Place it on a wooden table painted in blue as a symbol of the coastal style in the rustic living room decor. Driftwood centerpiece for coastal style from homebnc. a coral ornament on your coffee table to indicate the coastal living room decoration. White beach stones placed in a glass container give it a modern and elegant appearance. Coral ornament above coffee table from homebnc.
Wicker trays offer naturalness as a storage area for glass bottles and other small ornaments that can enhance your coastal living room decor. Place it on the living room table that is often visited. Natural wicker tray from homebnc.

5. Open and Breezy Plan

A tropical home is all about the open plan and breezy interior. Make sure to open the living room as wide as possible. Install large windows and door, and showcase the exterior sceneries with your living room.

To pamper your eyes while in a tropical living room, large windows and doors made of glass are the perfect solution. Besides that, the glass material is also easy to clean and its routine maintenance. Large glass windows and doors from yourhomenews.
One of the benefits of large windows is that they can naturally brighten up the living room. Sunlight can enter through gaps in the windows, so you don’t need lighting during the day. Opened your large window from feedinspiration.
In the morning before noon, you can open the window blinds which aim to change the air to be fresher. Sunlight can also naturally brighten up the room, thus saving costs when paying for electricity. Open the big window from home-designing.
To breathe the breezy air then you can use porch as an outdoor living room idea. Here you will enjoy the outside scenery perfectly and freely. Don’t forget to add a palm tree in the corner of the room for a fresh tropical feel. Outdoor living room from feedinspiration.

A tropical island vibe makes a rustic living room feel more welcoming and comfortable. Insert tropical elements and get ready to welcome the heat in style.

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