After a long day, you need time to take a break and relax your muscles. The bathroom is the personal space you can have while relaxing your body. For this sacred place, you can enhance your bathroom design with these inspirations.

1. A Calming Atmosphere

For the calming atmosphere, you can use a blue vanity and mosaic tile floor. This color will bring a comfortable nuance to your bathroom. To look fresher, you can add indoor plants to your bathroom. Put indoor plants on the vanity and see how it can freshen up the room.

To liven up the feel of a white bathroom, you can add other colors such as dark blue, vanity and colorful curtains. Blue and white make an elegant color combination. Colorful bathroom decor from hgtv.
Navy blue on the vanity will be more modern when given a splash of gold on the faucet. Don’t forget to add a ceramic vase filled with flowers to refresh the bathroom space to be fresher. Navy blue vanity with gold splash color from hgtv.
Step into the beach scene in the bathroom with the dark blue color scheme of your wooden vanity. The double rectangle mirror becomes items that make the bathroom space wider. Dark blue vanity with beach style from hgtv.
Soft vanity in a deep blue color comes to life in this little white bathroom. The small indoor plant adds a fresh and contemporary impression to an already comfortable space. Soft deep blue vanity from decoist.
The light blue floating vanity makes the bathroom decor more stylish. Wicker baskets provide additional storage for your towels, you can put them under the vanity space that is still empty. Light blue floating vanity from decoist.

2. Simple and Clean Traditional Bathroom

With the soft blue-green, you can bring joy in the bathroom. It is also a clean and neutral color, but you will not get tired of it. The style is classic and timeless.

Cover the entire wall of your bathroom with small tiles that give a traditional shiny impression. The turquoise color gives the bathroom a more lively atmosphere. Turquoise tile from hative.
Bring a traditional style to your bathroom decor with wooden frames that line the windows, mirrors and pictures. In addition, the patterned bathtub with a color that resembles a wall is also a fun focal point. Traditional wooden frames from decoist.
An easy way to reinforce the traditional style is to use old furniture such as reclaimed wooden chairs and classic bathtubs. Soft blue-green tile and red chairs make a contrasting color combination. Reclaimed wooden chairs with soft blue-green tile from decoist.
Turquoise tiles that resemble fish scales will contrast when combined with wooden cabinets, both of which have a strong color spectrum. The wood material makes bathroom decorations warmer. Combined turquoise tile with wooden cabinet from decoist.
The bathroom walls that have green and blue tile tones make it always look fresh and passionate. You can neutralize these walls with white sinks and mirrorless . Green and blue tile from decoist.

3. Eccentric Bathroom Design

If you were an eccentric person, then this bathroom design will suit you well. You can put a vintage table, gold wall hanging ornament, framed-pop art picture, and blue tiles covered the wall.

The mosaic tiles lining the shower room walls build a complete graphic in your eccentric bathroom decor. You can choose a tall bathtub for maximum relaxation. Mosaic tile from modernoctopus.
Give a touch of gold to your black ceramic walls for a luxurious look that doesn’t go overboard. A single sink with a touch of marble complements the eccentric bathroom decor, you can try this design at a fairly expensive cost. Black ceramic with gold splash color from homemakeover.
Present a feminine theme in the bathroom with a large floral mosaic tile on your wall. The glass sink gives the illusion that there is no furniture, frame less mirrors become items that make the bathroom look spacious. Large floral mosaic tile from homemakeover.
The touch of gold on the tiles gives an artistic and vintage impression in your bathroom. Combine it with one side of a red brick wall for an instant industrial feel. All gold tile from homemakeover.

4. Warm Wooden Touches

For the warm bathroom decor, inserting the wooden touch is a good idea. You can use a wood-framed mirror and wood supported vanity to add a warm color tone to your white bathroom design.

The floating wooden vanity will appear more modern when paired with the glossy light brown ceramic backsplash. The striking towel color is the bold color in this bathroom. Floating wooden vanity from digsdigs.
You can varnish a small wooden vanity to make it look more charming. The bright lighting makes you feel relaxed when using this vanity. Varnish wooden vanity from digsdigs.
A rustic bathroom using teak wood in a floating vanity and mirror frame functions as a complementary decoration. Add greenery and flowers for a vibrant color. Rustic bathroom decor from digsdigs.
Use all furniture with wood so that the bathroom decor becomes more natural and environmentally friendly. In addition, the wood material will also be more resistant to the humidity of the bathroom, which is always wet. All wooden material for rustic bathroom from digsdigs.

5. Eye-Catching Color Combo

By adding a bold colored cabinet in your white-colored bathroom, this color will be the center of attention in the room as the bold color will be getting stronger when it is the only eye-catching color in the room.

You can complete the green wooden cabinet with greenery with luxurious ceramic pots. This color is a bold color that is exciting, don’t forget to paint the mirror frame with the same color. Green wooden cabinet from hgtv.
The yellow cabinet will look more alive when placed in a white bathroom, mirror less are items that help the room become wider. This idea is easy enough to try. Yellow cabinet from housebeautiful.
White, peach and gold are the perfect color combination when combined in one room. This color is a suitable decoration idea to be applied to your bathroom. Combination of white, peach and gold color from housebeautiful.
Choose green for a bold color idea in your minimalist bathroom, this color gives a fresh and environmentally friendly design. Marble countertops are easier to maintain. Green bold color from bhg.

6. Small yet Mighty

If your bathroom is small, you can try to use the hexagon floor in soft blue tone and all the bathroom appliances are in white. It will give a bright, clean, and spacious look. The floor tiles will give color to your bathroom.

Choose hexagon tiles in different colors from this white bathroom decor. The combination of white and dark blue gives a clean and unique impression to this minimalist bathroom. Dark blue hexagon tiles from digsdigs.
The decor of this washroom looks well planned. Light blue hexagon tiles can be applied in this white bathroom to maximize any simple room. Light blue hexagon tiles from digsdigs.

The bathroom is an important personal place for some people. Having a good bathroom design can help you to enjoy more of your relaxation time.

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