If you are thinking about the right home decor for yours, farmhouse home decor can be your solution. It is one of the amazing home decor that will conjure up your home into the coziest place. Also, the farmhouse will give your home a timeless yet unique style. Having characteristics as using neutral colors and organic material, this environmentally friendly style becomes a popular style.

Talking about home decor, you cannot forget about your living room. In applying a farmhouse style, the living room is one of the rooms to consider because this is the most commonly visited by guests. Thus, it is the right time to put the best design to make everyone love spending much time in this room. And, the farmhouse will do it well.

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As we discussed before, farmhouse uses organic materials. Besides, it brings nature in by putting greenery in the form of houseplants to balance the mood. Moreover, wood is always the main material in a farmhouse style. In particular, when it is applied for your living room, wood can give touch for the wall, ceiling, or floor. In addition, rattan can be the next farmhouse material. Decorate the living room with some rattan woven baskets as centerpieces or houseplant pots.

On the other hand, a fireplace is an additional element that can represent a farmhouse style. A brick or stone fireplace placed in the living room will make a cozy ambiance in winter. Complete the decor with a woven rug, throw pillows and blankets so that you reach a pleasant family time together in a perfect farmhouse living room. Furthermore, make an airy and bright ambiance through a natural light and neutral color presence. For instance, provide a large window with a white curtain. Then, choose a cream sofa with white cushions. After that, put some potted houseplants on the corner of your living room to get a fresher vibe.

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