Ethnic is famous for its diverse art and culture. Taking ethnic decoration items is a smart way to create holiday ambiance in your home. It offers a wide variety of home decor, particularly for the bedroom area. Displaying small items can be a nice addition too. Here are some of the ideas to try at home.

1. Wooden furniture.

Materials from bamboo, rattan, coconut tree are common wooden materials. They give variety and a little piece of nature into your bedroom. Experience a nice feeling like you are sleeping outdoor.

Arrange the appearance of ethnic bedrooms as attractive as possible, you can try them by applying some pallet wood furniture such as headboards, nightstands and benches. This furniture has a cost-effective selling point. Pallet wood furniture from italianbark.
Wooden logs that are used as bed frames will appear more natural, add a thin shabby curtain to enhance the appearance of an eco-friendly ethnic bedroom. These decorating ideas are very cheap. Wooden logs bed frame from italianbark.
This bedroom features a rattan woven headboard that looks natural and antique. Colorful pillowcases are a great idea to make your bathroom look livelier and more passionate. Rattan woven headboard from italianbark.
To give a cheaper ethnic impression, you can enter items made of rattan, for example, lamp containers and storage baskets. Wooden stools with their original colors are also furniture that will strengthen your current bedroom decor. Rattan lamp containers and baskets from italianbark.
Combine ethnic and Moroccan styles easily and instantly, you can start from using wooden furniture and Moroccan silver chandeliers. The indoor plant is a medium that can refresh the room naturally. Combine ethnic with Moroccan styles from italianbark.

2. Textile.

Use the ethnic textile to bring soothing ambience in the bedroom. Many stores sell batik pillowcase, beddings and even rug. Add one or two of these items to highlight a traditional ethnic vibe.

Combine ethnic pillowcases with polished wooden furniture to make it look newer and shiny. The faux fur rug brings a more minimalist and clean ethnic bedroom. Ethnic pillowcases from italianbark.
Batik motifs on chairs, headboards and carpets reinforce the ethnic style in your bedroom. The wooden painting that hangs into a work of art that complements this bedroom becomes even more eye-catching. Batik motifs on chairs, headboards and carpet from italianbark.
Great bedding with ethnic motifs and bold colors makes the bedroom feel well decorated. You can add ethnic paintings as items that can give a chic impression. Ethnic bedding from italianbark.
The minimalist concept with ethnic bedding and pillowcase will show a more prominent design when adding yellow pillows. You can also add some ethnic frames as interesting decorations that make the room decor even better. Ethnic bedding and pillowcase from italianbark.

3. Ethnic paintings.

A painting on canvas, wood or a piece of fabric makes great focal attention. It is a very artistic ethnic decoration that you can add to bring a relaxing atmosphere. Hang a large painting or arrange several small frames. Then, you can spend days and nights admiring it.

You can start an ethnic nuanced frame combined with a black tapestry to mark an ethnic style bedroom. Apart from that these frames will inject color into an earthy space. Ethnic frame with tapestry from
Ethnic paintings on canvas arranged vertically are a special wall decor idea. The channel patterned wall will further accentuate this painting perfectly. Vertical arrange ethnic paintings from
Gantungkan lukisan frame kayu pada dinding batu bata merah untuk menampilkan kesan etnik sekaligus industrial.

4. Beautiful pottery.

Pottery is a simple ethnic item that you can add to a room. Pots and vases have a unique shape, color or pattern. It beautifies a bedroom to hold flowers or as a decoration in one of the bedroom corner.

Ceramic pots that are used as exhibits that can beautify the bedroom are the right idea. The ceramic material will give a modern feel and have a sturdy and shiny texture. Ceramic pots from thesleepjudge.
Woven rattan pots with black motifs make for a refreshing decorative item when filled with greenery or vines. You can put it on a rattan bench. to reinforce ethnic styles. Woven rattan pots from thesleepjudge.
Choose and enter several different types of pots to perfectly decorate the bedroom. Small striped black and white pots are one of the charming types. Small striped black and white pots from thesleepjudge.

5. Curtains.

Curtain has a neutral color. How would you add a curtain in the bedroom? You can spread large and wide curtain as a bed canopy. It can also be seen as a wall decoration with various patterns.

Strap your curtain canopy during the day to let in the light to make it brighter. A white headboard with beautiful carvings becomes a focal point that you can imitate, this ethnic bedroom idea is different and more unique. Strap curtain canopy from homemydesign.
You can use curtains that have a thin texture to make it easier to see the outside of the bed easily without opening it. In addition, this curtain is also easy to dry when washed. Sheer curtains from homemydesign.
This bedroom concept features an all-white decor scheme with fresh orchid blossoms. Add a soft texture by using matching colored curtains for a cleaner, more spacious and charming look. Matching colored curtain with scheme room from homemydesign.
The tassel curtain used for canopy decoration gives a simple impression, you can perfect the ethnic style with natural-looking wood nuances. Don’t forget to include classic ethnic motifs. Tassel curtain canopy from thesleepjudge.

These ethnic decoration ideas can enhance your bedroom with a atmosphere. The theme can promote wellness and relaxation.

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