These days, people are in desperate need of a peaceful and calming space to get away from the stress of daily life. You can do that by turning your small backyard into a cozy space with these modern and small backyard design layouts.

Keep on reading and find your inspiration.

The Side House Backyard

If you have an empty outdoor space at home, don’t let it go unnoticed and untouched. Instead, use it to its fullest advantage, such as installing a small backyard patio.

Make the area accessible by separating the outdoor with a glass door or just a giant see-through glass. It will ensure your home to be well lit from the natural sunlight.

Take advantage of the empty side behind the house by making a garden with large windows that make it easier for us to enjoy the beauty of the garden. Don’t forget to leave space in the garden for stone pathways. Straight shape side house backyard from homemydesign.
On land that is less extensive, we have to be smart in using the empty side to appear more optimally, for example by making a small side yard with bamboo plants along the edge of the terrace. Small side yard with bamboo plants from homemydesign.
Make your home as comfortable as possible by presenting green plants next to the house, to add freshness to the house use large windows that lead to the garden. Greenery side backyard from homemydesign.
A side backyard will be more beneficial if you place a long pool with greenery on its side that faces directly into the house through large see-through glass. Large glass can give a broad impression to a space. Side backyard with long pool from homemydesign.

Stairs Backyard

For limited outdoor space, it’s a really great idea to add stairs as your small backyard design. It will open the area more by adding an illusion that there is more space. This way, you can also add different styling to each stair level.

As a backyard, don’t forget to plant trees for a breezy shade as you lounge in the afternoon.

Place a flower pot on each step to enhance your appearance. You can choose more than one type of flower to make it look more blooming. Staircase with pot decor from crismatec.
You can choose wood as the main material for making a stair backyard, a material that blends easily with nature. Besides that, wood is also more natural. Wooden stair backyard from sunset.
You can complete a built in stair on a wooden deck with outdoor container plants and a set of sitting areas. With this idea, the backyard will look more elegant and charming. Built in stairs on wooden deck from sunset.
Beautify the appearance of the double stairs backyard with several clay flower pots of different sizes. This ladder makes it easier for you to go up or down the wooden deck. Double stairs decor from crismatec.

Bus Stop Backyard

Do you and the whole family love doing barbecue nights? If so, a bus stop backyard design will suit you well. Basically, you can add a canopy to shield from the rain.

Adding to that, try building warm energy to the area by placing wall-mounted lighting.

Creating an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is easy and instant, you just need to install a wooden canopy as protection from extreme weather. Complete with a comfortable sitting area. Outdoor kitchen decor from nextluxury.
Make the best of your backyard to be more effective and efficient, you can install barbecue equipment here, the wooden canopy becomes a warm room at night. Wooden canopy from nextluxury.
Installing a canopy in the backyard is the best idea to get a comfortable barbecue area. The combination of wood and stone is the perfect match to build a canopy. Installing canopy backyard from nextluxury.
The backyard will be a kitchen as well as a dining room that is comfortable and cool, here you can enjoy the outside view freely. This outdoor decoration idea is simply enchanting. Outdoor kitchen with dining room from nextluxury.

Football Backyard

If you love the openness and need a spacious small backyard design, you can opt for a football backyard. Your backyard is free of any distractions, leaving room for only healthy green grass all around the backyard. However, you are free to add some planting on the side as well.

Turn your backyard into a football field idea of your own. With this field idea, you can enjoy playing with friends more freely, not forgetting to grow green grass as soft footwear. Football backyard with green grass from elitelawnswirral.
To prevent the ball from leaving the football backyard, you can install wooden pallet fences that surround this field. Goal nets are a cheap and easy to find complement in stores. Football backyard with wood pallet fences from owntheyard.
The goal is one of the complementary items for the backyard football field, you can repaint it on the pole to have the same color as the net. This wicket will look cleaner and newer. Repaint goal from thesoccerstore.

The Container Backyard

Your small backyard can be a great storage space for unused stuff at home. To do this, put a container proportional to the size of your backyard and move it to the corner. This way, your small backyard remains neat and clean.

Hide your trash can in a white filled box, this box helps to prevent the smell of trash from spreading. This idea is quite easy and cheap to try. Hidden trash can from homebnc.
Reuse wooden pallets as a backyard storage idea. You can build it in a large size so that it can be used as more storage. Reuse wooden pallet container from homebnc.
You can use the standing wood container on the wall to display some of your favorite flowers. In addition, this container can also be used as a safe storage for garden tools. Standing wood container from homebnc.
You can put a trash can and a bicycle in this wooden container to protect it from the sun. You can use the top to plant fresh green grass. Wooden container storage from homebnc.
Keep all the clean tools in a white container to create a tidier and more organized backyard. You can close it when you’re done saving. Container clean tools from homebnc.

As you can see, there are many small backyard designs you can try. What’s better is that you can customize each design according to your personal needs and taste. Looking for a spacious backyard? You have the football backyard. Looking for more storage? Try the container backyard.

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