Wondering what to do with your tiny house? It sure can be challenging to style the house to be a cozy living space. However, you need to worry not, because there are some tiny house interior design ideas for you to live comfortably—alone, with a partner, or with kids.

Ocean Blue Interior Design

While bright colors are known to make a small space appear bigger, contrasting colors like ocean blue mixed with icy white can add a cozy and homey vibe to your living space.

With this particular tiny house interior design idea, you will feel welcomed upon entering. The island is fitted for two in elongated layout design.

This white and blue themed living room is even more beautiful with indoor greenery and paintings in brightly colored canvas frames propped against the walls. You can try this decoration with pleasure. White and blue themed living room from completely-coastal.
Ocean blue living room combined with white has a fresh feel, this room reflects the color of the beach and outdoor views. You can include vintage furniture to present a different decoration style. Vintage furniture for ocean blue living room from completely-coastal.
Complete the blue ocean living room with a sofa and a coffee table, beach-themed rugs and some ornaments such as boats to emphasize your current home decor. The blooming red flower is a beautiful focal point. Elegant blue ocean living room from completely-coastal.
An easy way to create a blue ocean living room is to combine two different colors, namely blue and white. You can apply blue to furniture and white to the entire living room wall. This simple living room does not leave its minimalist aura. Minimalist blue ocean living room from completely-coastal.
Having a stone fireplace in the Ocean Blue living room makes this decoration look even more attractive and feels warm. Do not forget to use the L shape sofa with blue color, coffee table and white standing cabinet as a characteristic of ocean style. Ocean Blue living room with stone fireplace from completely-coastal.

Cozy Upstairs Area

For a very urban, earthy, and minimalistic approach, choose an interior design that stacks horizontally. This trick will make your tiny house appear to have more space.

Let the ceiling be far from the upstairs area, letting room for standing up freely. Uniquely, the bedroom is hidden downstairs, purposefully designed for resting only.

A vintage tiny house will have a lot of space when built vertically. You can use the upstairs as a storage idea and the downstairs as a bed idea. This house idea will save space even more. Vintage tiny house from tinyliving.
You can use wood as the main ingredient in a simple tiny house. There is no need to repaint wood to show a natural decoration. Wood tiny house from tinyhouseswoon.
A glass divider in a tiny house will work well because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The upper floor which has limited space you can use as a comfortable bed. Glass divider for tiny house from homestratosphere.
Leave the room under the floor as a living room dining room combo. A wooden staircase that will take you to a minimalist bed suitable for one or two people only. You can try this home decor well. Upstairs minimalist bed from homestratosphere.
A white ceiling combined with wood will be a roof that works well for your upstairs. On the top floor, you can simply add a bed and vintage carpet as a small bedroom decorating idea. Upstairs small be bedroom from homestratosphere.

The Open Hiding Place

The very contrasting difference with the previous design is ‘the open hiding place’. This particular design gets your bedroom as close to the ceiling as possible – making it the ultimate hiding place.

With this layout, the floor plan is free to use as an open kitchen and living room.

Free up the floor from the bedroom for more spacious kitchen and living room decorations. You can divert this bedroom in the attic of a small house as the most comfortable area to rest. Free up the floor from bedroom from dhoumm.
You can use the glass ceiling for natural lighting ideas that can perfectly fit into the bedroom. In this loft you can use two children’s beds in bright colors. Glass ceiling from thisoldhouse.
Paint the entire room of your tiny house white for a cleaner and more spacious decor idea. A refurbished upper attic as a bedroom is the right idea and you can try it. White upper attic bedroom from tinyliving.
The bedroom, which is designed as close to a triangular roof as possible, becomes a large and open hiding area. Here you will sleep comfortably and avoid the noise. Triangular roof bedroom from dhoumm.
Inspiration for a small house equipped with an attic will get more floors, a bedroom on the attic level is a comfortable, easy and very on budget rest area. Attic bedroom for rest area from dhoumm.

Master of Storage

A smart trick to make your tiny house appear organized and well-maintained is the art of mastering storage spaces.

Make use of the spaces under the sofa and tiny stairs for hidden storage cabinets. This will promise your tiny house to make room for other important things such as lounging on the floor and playing with kids.

Take advantage of your minimalist ladder as a hidden storage idea, you can use it to store several small appliances so that you can easily find them when needed. Minimalist ladder storage from spicy-happy.
When you have a small house decoration, pay attention when buying furniture. You can buy a daybed equipped with drawers as a built in storage idea. You can put this furniture in the corner of the room. Daybed equipped with drawers from spicy-happy.
Take advantage of the space under the stairs to put a bench as a relaxing area. You can add a basket under the bench for storage to keep the room looking tidy and organized. This smart storage idea doesn’t take up a lot of space. Basket storage under bench from spicy-happy.
The empty space under the stairs that has a large size and height you can use to place your refrigerator properly. You can try this refrigerator layout in your tiny home decor. Refrigerator layout from spicy-happy.
The wire basket makes a strong container for your favorite book storage ideas. Place it under the bench so as not to eat up the floor area which can interfere with your activities in this room. Container wire basket from spicy-happy.

Elegance in Limit

Unlike other tiny house interior design ideas, ‘elegance in limit’ maximizes your tiny space with the help of glamorous color schemes and lighting.

Black and white will never go out of style when it comes to elegance. Mix it with light wooden stairs with LED lighting for a complete style.

The wooden stairs in this tiny house give a natural and light impression. You can repaint with white on the holder stairs to match the color tone in this room. Repaint wooden stairs from tinylivinglife.
Choose teak wood as the main material for the stairs in your small house. Besides being more cost-effective, this wooden ladder also makes the room feel more natural and warm. Greens add fresh charm. Teak wood stairs from tinylivinglife.
Modern wooden stairs equipped with storage drawers are a smart idea that you can try. The combination of wood and white colors makes your small house look more minimalist and elegant. Modern wooden stairs from tinylivinglife.
Provide LED lighting on each step to facilitate your activities at night. In addition, this wooden stair decoration idea is also a focal point that attracts attention. LED lighting wooden stairs from tinyliving.
You can choose LED lighting with white color on staircase for a more amazing look. This light reflection helps your room look brighter and more radiant. LED lighting with white color on staircase from tinyliving.

There you have it, these tiny house interior design ideas for a cozy living space. Now that you have some options, it’s time to start brainstorming and get creative.

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