By thinking about size and function, you can make a comfortable living room. Create a more spacious atmosphere through the application of a minimalist concept. Of course, it requires the right design and furnishing. Here are some excellent minimalist furniture ideas that you can apply in your living room.

1. Minimalist Sofa

The seating has an important part in a living room. Make sure to choose the right size according to your room layout. Find a sofa that can make your living room look spacious with a minimalist feature by considering the size, color, and material.

Circular Layout Sofa from housebeautiful
White and Black Linen Sofa from housebeautiful
Brown Leather Sofa from housebeautiful
Tufted Daybed Sofa from housebeautiful
Corner White Sofa from housebeautiful
Dark Gray Linen Sofa from housebeautiful
Straight Shape Sofa from housebeautiful
Small Leather Sofa from housebeautiful
Leather Daybed Sofa from housebeautiful
Two Color Sofa from housebeautiful

2. Storage Stool

Adopt the minimalist concept by adding multi functional furniture. A stool with extra compartments is a great option for living room with minimum space.  It has extra storage that comes in handy.

Wheels Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Colorful Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Rattan Woven Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Denim Fabric Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Vintage Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Small Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Two Tone Color Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Square Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Storage Foot Stool from livinginashoebox
Storage Stool with Carry Strap from livinginashoebox
Wooden Storage Stool from livinginashoebox
Walnut Storage Stool from livinginashoebox

3. Open Shelves

An open shelf as minimalist furniture in the living room can display accessories as well as serve as an organizer. This piece of furniture can enhance a living room look with little effort. A unique shelf can also be a visual focus in the room.

Hanging Box Shelves from digsdigs
Standing Open Cabinet from digsdigs
Divider Open Shelves from digsdigs
Vertical Open Shelves from digsdigs

4. Sectionals

Sectional furniture usually come in three to five sections. It has multiple usages, which is a very basic concept. It can be for sitting, sleeping or napping. You can move the sections around and have a variety of look. It is a good piece of furniture because you can have several sofa arrangements.

Black Linen Sectionals from home-designing
L-Shaped Sectionals from home-designing
Leather Material Sectionals from home-designing
Modern Style Sectionals from home-designing
Corner Sectionals from home-designing
Large White Sectionals from home-designing
Contemporary Sectionals from home-designing
Dark Color Sectionals from home-designing
L-Shaped Gray Sectionals from home-designing
Bold Color Sectionals from home-designing
Pink Velvet Sectionals from home-designing
Minimalist Style Sectionals from home-designing

5. Modular Coffee Table and Chair

Minimalist furniture has strong lines. That is why a modular piece of furniture fits the interior perfectly.  Usually, it comes in a set of table and chair. Therefore, there is no need to worry about finding a matching interior item.

Gray Tufted Sofa from decoist

What do you think about the minimalist furniture items mentioned above? Consider applying it to your living room, especially if you are aiming for a minimalist look.

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