Are you a fan of the great outdoor? Do you have a spacious backyard?  These two things are the perfect reason to make an outdoor kitchen. Add natural elements such as wood material as furniture base. No matter the size, there are many wooden furniture that you can add to the area. Here are some of them.

1. Table and chairs

A long dining table with matching chairs is a great piece for the outdoor kitchen furniture. It can be made from solid wood, rattan, or bamboo. There are many materials to choose from. The key is clever arrangement to make a cozy and convenient outdoor kitchen.

Bamboo Woven Chairs from countryliving
Black Matte Wooden Chairs from countryliving
Round Solid Wood Table from countryliving
Wooden Stool and Rattan Sofa from countryliving
Bamboo Chairs Woven from countryliving
Wooden Log Chairs from interiorzine
Green Rattan Chair from interiorzine
Minimalist Wood Furniture from interiorzine

2. Pallet Outdoor Kitchen

Insert a farmhouse theme from wood pallets. It is a sturdy material and also a great way to use old pallets. Stack up pallets and make wooden furniture such as table, chair or kitchen island.

Natural Pallet Bar from homebnc
Pallet Countertop from renoguide

3. Open-Air Kitchen Bar

An open-air kitchen means a long island with numerous stools in line. It takes inspiration from the common bar or pub. The atmosphere is very comfortable for socializing and entertaining guests. Make everything from wood as a sturdy material, perfect for outdoor usage.

Arrangement Stone Kitchen Bar from familyhandyman
White Stone Kitchen Bar from familyhandyman
Industrial Style Kitchen Bar from familyhandyman
Brick Kitchen Bar from familyhandyman

4. Wooden Pergolas

Outdoor cooking can use some shades. After all, every outdoor space needs a roof over their head, especially in the summertime. Why not build a wooden pergola over it. You can combine it with fabric, metals or other materials to complete the design.

Contemporary Wooden Pergola from interiorzine
Old Wood Pergola from interiorzine
Teak Wood Ceiling from interiorzine
Gold Wooden Pergola from interiorzine
Light Brown Wooden Pergola from hgtv
Wooden Pergola With LED Lighting from hgtv

So, what are you waiting for? Design your outdoor kitchen right now. When you are thinking about furnishing, take a look at the choices above. There maybe one or two wooden pieces of furniture that you can incorporate in your backyard kitchen.  

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