The bathroom is where we let go of our stress and have a perfect me time. Therefore, we tend to put all our personal care products here. This, however, can create a massive mess if left unattended. Make sure you have some storage strategies to untangle the mess and always keep your bathroom in tip-top shape. Check out these storage ideas to help you rearrange your bathroom.

1. Install Shelves

Whether you have a small or big bathroom, installing shelves cannot go wrong. There are many shelves choices available these days. If you have some space, you can slide in tall etagere and categorize your stuff in each level. The top-level can be for bathroom cleaning products to make them safe from children then arrange the other levels with your preference.

If space is limited, then you can nail some hanging shelves for storage. Keep the hanging shelves within hand reach distance to make them accessible. Don’t forget to organize each hanging shelves according to product categories.

You can add a hook on the white floating wooden shelf for more storage. In addition, galvanized containers can also be used to organize toiletries according to their needs. Floating wooden shelf with hook from homebnc.
Teak shelves equipped with towel racks are a storage idea that doesn’t take up much space. This storage rack also frees up your floor space so it doesn’t interfere with activities while in the bathroom. Teak shelves equipped with towel racks from homebnc.
Hang the vertical tiered shelf with a strong rope so that it doesn’t fall easily. You can use each shelf with different needs to make it more organized, for example a special lower shelf for toilet paper storage. Vertical tiered shelf organized from homebnc.
Hanging racks that are made of stainless steel material will be stronger and not easily porous. Add a white bucket for a storage addition idea that can make your toiletries more organized. You can hang it in the sink area. Hanging stainless steel rack from homebnc.
A lot of storage in the bathroom will make the room more tidy and organized. You can try these cute and functional white minimalist money hooks and racks. You can use it to store small items so you can easily find them. Floating hook and rack storage from homebnc.

2. Beauty in Jars

Do not let your facial cotton and cotton bud in their plastic wrap. Arrange them into separate glass jars. These glass jars can add as a beauty point as well as a storage solution. You can also choose colorful glass jars or motif glass jars to accentuate your bathroom.

You can repaint the outside of the mason jar to make it look more colorful in your white bathroom. Use it as a storage area for cotton, cotton buds and toothbrushes to make it more organized. Repaint mason jar storage from homebnc.
The combination of wooden planks and glass mason jars is a hanging storage idea in the bathroom that you should try. This storage idea presents a beautiful and simple farmhouse impression, you can hang it on a white ceramic wall. Combination of wooden planks and glass mason jars storage from homebnc.
Bring the atmosphere of the bathroom decor in a rustic style that is not excessive, for example, with a mason jar and a lid hanging on reclaimed shabby wood. Don’t forget to add a hook iron for additional storage ideas. Rustic mason jar organization from homebnc.
Install and hang a glass mason jar on wooden planks vertically, this storage idea will make your bathroom decor even more charming and different from the others. No need to repaint to give it a vintage impression. Glass mason jar on wooden planks from homebnc.
Avoid buying cotton and cotton buds that are stored with plastic, this will make the bathroom decor look messy. Use a small mason jar to divert storage away from the plastic. Small mason jar to divert storage away from the plastic from homebnc.

3. Maximize Space

Space is not to waste. Use the empty space below the sink to build a useful compartment. If you have children, you can make a cabinet below the sink with an invisible handle. Since there are several different compartments that you can have, take a look at the references below to find the best one based on your needs.

Make use of the empty space under the sink for hidden storage ideas. You can use a wicker basket as a smart addition to storage. Hidden storage under sink from goodhousekeeping.
Use a transparent container to keep some of your toiletries organized. You can stack them when you run out of space under the sink. Transparent container under sink from goodhousekeeping.
This floating vanity has an empty space underneath, a smart idea that you can try is to put a clean towel in this place. This idea does not take up a lot of space and money. Towel storage under sink from organized-home.
For the image storage idea above, you only need a hook and basket to hang on your cabinet door. You can use it to store a hair dryer. Hook and basket for hair dryer storage from organized-home.
You can use the space under the sink as a storage idea for tissues, cleaning fluids and toiletry stock. This storage idea makes the bathroom cleaner and tidier. Under sink storage ideas from tmoorehome.

4. Containers

Do not let your comb, hand mirror or curling iron lying around unattended. Choose a cylindrical container to arrange them on your vanity. If you like a rustic style, you can choose a bucket container to help to store your beauty tools.

Start by using a storage area for your utensil container. You can use containers that are attached to the wall and arranged in a stack to reduce the use of a lot of space. Utensil container from homebnc.
Save your beauty tools with an iron container that you hang on the cabinet door so you can easily sort them out. That way you can make your storage more efficient. Iron container hang on cabinet doors from homebnc.
Tiered bucket containers make it easy for you to sort items as needed. Hang it on one side of the room which will make it look neat. Tiered bucket containers from homebnc.
Use stainless steel containers for a more effective and efficient bathroom storage idea. You can categorize them according to their needs, for example, a comb, hairdryer and mirror. Stainless steel containers from homebnc.
Make this modern style tray a container for all your toiletries and utensils. The ceramic container used to store the comb gives a modern and contemporary feel. You can try it right now. Modern ceramic container from theperennialstyle.

5. Hanged Organizer

Your bathroom door and the wall can be optimized for storage. You can install a pocket organizer on your door to put on your beauty tools or pegboard to help you freely hang your things. To use up space on the shower wall, a shower caddy will help managing your personal body care. 

Choose pocket fabrics in colors to add a vibrant impression to your white bathroom decor. In this pocket you can store several small items so that they are easier to find when needed. Colorful pocket storage from homebnc.
Maximize your curtain space for the idea of hanging plastic pockets to store some of your toiletries so that they look tidier and more organized. This idea is easy and cheap for you to try. Hanging plastic pockets from homebnc.
Make use of the shower curtain to place a plastic pocket to store your toiletries. That way your activities while bathing will be easier. Shower curtain with plastic pocket from homebnc.
To save space and costs, you can use transparent plastic pockets to make it easier for you to find the items you need. This idea is easy enough to try. Transparent plastic pockets from housebeautiful.
If you want your bathroom to look neat and comfortable, you can try using a hanged organizer. Besides being able to store your equipment, it can also make it comfortable to use. Hanged organizer from housebeautiful.

When you have a super long tiring day, nothing is better than a tidy and clean bathroom to shower. So, make sure to maximize your bathroom storage for a convenient bathing experience. 

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