Are you moving into a new flat? Or is time to redecorate it? Then you must be super excited to get started, especially when it comes to deciding the ideal color. Whatever it is, boring or fall apart is surely the last thing you ever want. To avoid common simple mistakes, here are some rules of proper color for minimalist apartment décor you should know.

White Waiting Room

Okay, who likes to be in a boring waiting room with a white wall surround you? Since nobody does, make sure to ditch the all-white concept as possible as you can. You sure want to show off a little personality of yours and enjoy a splash of drama at your space, right? White décor is great but be sure to marry it with some color sparkling.

You can apply a flamingo wallpaper to add a beautiful and passionate impression. Place classic furniture to bring this room into a vintage style, for example a classic reclaimed wood table. Flamingo wallpaper from apartmenttherapy.
An easy way to bring an industrial feel to your waiting room is the use of red brick walls and vintage chairs, this decoration idea does not take a lot of time and costs. Industrial style waiting room from apartmenttherapy.
Blue symbolizes a fresh and not boring color. Place reclaimed wooden benches in this waiting room to present a simple and natural rustic impression. Blue wall waiting room from apartmenttherapy.
Renovate your entire wall into sparkling tiles, you can choose tiles that have elegant motifs and are not boring. With this waiting room decoration makes waiting guests want to linger in this room. Sparkling tiles from thespruce.
Not only white, you can try peach wall paint for a different and more fun look. You can use this textured wooden cabinet to put some beautiful ornaments to add a lovely additional color. Peach paint wall from mydomaine.

Tones of Colors and Patterns

Being all-white is a big no, however, don’t go overboard with an act of dropping different schemes and patterns. For example, you can opt a matching hue for your bed sheet and furniture. Then, place one shocking color with a unique pattern as the focal point. The key is, never to be excessive.

Pay attention to the blanket and backsplash motifs in this room, they both have the same type of motif and color. This combination of motifs and colors aims to keep the living room looking beautiful and not cluttered. Same motifs blanket and backsplash from home-designing.
Striped carpet has an element of elegant style that can be combined with any furniture around it. Sofa linens in green and walls of two different colors complement the contemporary living room decor. Striped carpet with green sofa from home-designing.
Pair a few different colors that work well together, for example the yellow chairs, black carpet and pink walls. Use one boho motif applied to the pillowcase. Boho motif pillowcase from home-designing.
You can combine a graphic patterned carpet with a dominant white color with a curtain and white wall paint too. Gold table legs and pink floor cushions accentuate the bright colors. Graphic patterned carpet with dominant white room from home-designing.
Match the velvet stool color with wallpaper for a contemporary living room color match. White ceiling neutralizes the colorful furniture you have. Same color velvet stool with wallpaper from home-designing.

Too Much Matching Here and There

Since boring is one thing you try to avoid, try not to have too much mix and match. If your room contains one same color or pattern, let’s say blue floral, and your eyes caught several repetitions on that, and then try to lessen them.

Use only one side of the wall to provide abstract wallpaper, leaving the other wall with a neutral color like white. These wallpaper ideas will make the bedroom decor less boring. One side of the wall from thespruce.
Fish scale patterned wallpaper changes your bedroom to be more attractive. A plain white ceiling defines the tone of this elegant bedroom, adding decorative accessories to the walls for a sweet finishing touch. Fish scale wallpaper from thespruce.
You don’t have to give the entire bedroom wall a feminine floral pattern. You can only use part of the wall so that it doesn’t give the impression of being bored when people see it. These wallpaper ideas are simply enchanting. Feminine floral wallpaper from thespruce.
Leaf-themed wallpapers give a fresh impression to your bedroom decor, give it a natural touch by using plain white bedding. With this the bedroom looks more stylish and modern. Leaf-themed wallpapers from thespruce.
Use two different motifs in one room to make it look more passionate and vibrant, for example the tree motif on the wall and the striped motif on the bedding and pillowcase. Two different motifs from thespruce.

They Don’t Belong Together

Some colors shouldn’t be combined simply because they don’t look good together. Because having a proper color for minimalist apartment décor is your goal, then these two shades won’t do you any help. The combination you should pass such as brown and black, red and green, as well as purple and yellow.

When you are renovating the wall color, pay attention to colors that blend well, for example green and gray. You can paint it facing the layout. Green and gray wall paint from home-designing.
Pink is one of the colors that makes your minimalist living room look more feminine. You can combine dark pink with light pink, for striking furniture you can choose a soft green leather sofa. Combination of dark with light pink from home-designing.
White and pink are the perfect color combination and will make the living room look more elegant. You can apply pink color to the wall mounted rack and one of the sofas. The rest you can use natural white. White and pink scheme color from home-designing.
To get a monochrome style you can try black and white. Then give it a little splash of gold on the hanging decorative lights for a luxurious dining room decoration. Black, white and gold color splash from roohome.
Don’t take risks in combining colors in one room. You can use two neutral colors, namely white and gray. To provide a focal point in this living room, you can throw green cushions. Two neutral colors from roohome.

When selecting a proper color for minimalist apartment décor, don’t miss out on a chance to showcase your favorite one and personality without going overboard. Furthermore, make sure your minimalist flat doesn’t have the four bloopers above.

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