If you are a man who is tired enough living in a drab yet limited apartment, we are here to help. All you need is to take action and keep this sentence “living in a modest apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t get a warm, sexy, and masculine space” in mind. Apply a specific decorating style called industrial design. It has those all design characters you need. These splendid industrial apartment ideas might help you.

1. Exposed Brick Walls and White Window Treatment

Let the walls and windows tell how manly you are! Just have the wall expose its brick natural structure and color, possibly from ceiling to floor. If you have windows, treat them with white paint and curtain. No more arguing, these two combinations of natural brick walls texture and well-treated windows will eventually exude a new trend design to your apartment. 

Besides, the rough display of the wall in red to orange hues goes perfectly with white windows curtain.

Red Bricks Wall from digsdigs
Red Brick Fireplace from digsdigs
Curved Red Brick Wall from digsdigs

2. Metal Chandelier

What would be best representing an industrial design than metal elements? Thus, having the hanging of a black metal glass chandelier offers you extraordinary industrial apartment ideas. 

To showcase a more dramatic look, make your ductwork and pipes visible.

DIY Mason Jar Lamp from homestratosphere
Bottle Industrial Chandelier from homestratosphere
Industrial Sputnik Light from homestratosphere
Industrial Bulb Ceiling Light from homestratosphere
Hanging Wooden Planks Chandeliers from homestratosphere
Pipe Pendant Lamp from homestratosphere
Industrial Ceiling Light from homestratosphere

3. Stainless Steel Stools and Concrete Kitchen Island

The other elements for industrial style are stainless steel and concrete elements. Inserting these two elements in your kitchen apartment will offer you an industrial charm of a cooking and dining place. 

You only need to throw some stainless-steel stools next to your concrete kitchen island. However, adding a little warmth for feet with rug under the stools is also a great idea as long as it’s natural plain in color—you know adding various pop of colors won’t work for industrial style. 

Square Shape Stool from digsdigs
Wheels Kitchen Island with Modern Stool from architectureartdesigns
Stainless Steel Leg Stool from architectureartdesigns
Big and Large Concrete Kitchen Island from architectureartdesigns
Stainless Steel Round Stool from architectureartdesigns
Vintage Kitchen Island from architectureartdesigns
Black Matte Stainless Steel Stool from architectureartdesigns
Blue Kitchen Island with Stool Underneath from architectureartdesigns

How is it? Do you find that those ideas above offer you something new and out of the box? Though, we offer you special look—nearly “weird”—that what other design style lovers might think, those really are the signature feature of industrial apartment ideas.

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