With tons of items defining a French country style out there, you probably have a hard time selecting which one to pick for your home. However, there’s plenty of inspiration when you’re dealing with finding stunning decor items to create a chic French Country room. Our ideas below are some of the widely used ones you can try.

Woven baskets

Besides their stylish look when placed in any room, woven baskets are highly functional to help you organize home essentials like towels, bedsheets, and blankets. They typically come in materials like wicker, rattan, and wire.

Rattan wicker basket is very useful to complete the French bedroom decorations to enhance the look. Put some of your blankets to get a neat impression in the room. Rattan wicker basket to store blanket from myuncommonsliceofsuburbia.
Woven wire baskets in a French-style bathroom will enhance your home decor. This method makes it easier for you to store some of your belongings better. Woven wire baskets from homebnc.
In order not to interfere with your space in the bedroom, you can put the woven basket under the wooden bench. You can use it as a pillow storage idea to keep the bed looking neat and not scattered about. Woven basket storage under wooden bench from homebnc.
This rattan wicker basket placed in this French Country Style living room is used as a place to store cushions so that they don’t put too much on the sofa. In addition, this basket brings a natural impression that is not excessive. Rattan wicker basket to store cushions from homebnc.
Put your wicker basket inside the standing cabinet in the corner of the room so you don’t get dust when used for blanket storage ideas. You can pick it up when needed. Wicker basket in standing cabinet from homebnc.
Not only for storing blankets or pillows, this wicker basket can also be changed its function as a tray that is used to store magazines that are enhanced with a ceramic vase on it. This basket complements any rustic French style living room decor. Wicker tray basket from homebnc.


Any French country wall art or picture that’s dark, old, or colorful also defines the style you want for the room walls. It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece if you’re low on budget!

Decorating the walls by adding some large classic paintings with antique gold frames will take you to deeper French decorations. You can mix it with classic furniture and chandelier to strengthen the vibe. Large classic paintings from iloboyou.
Choose and buy several French-style paintings in different frames and sizes. You can mount on any empty wall at a distance that is not too close. This painting idea shows the living room to be more classic. French-style paintings in different frames and sizes from iloboyou.
Applying French style paintings on canvas and gold frames will make your living room more attractive, besides this painting also creates a dramatic look. A touch of gold in the room can add to the impression of luxury. French style paintings on canvas and gold frames from albertis-window.
To strengthen the living room decor in a French rustic style, you can use a pastoral painting which is completed with a duck statue placed on a vintage wooden table. The white brick fireplace adds a warm impression in the room so that it makes you feel at home for a long time here. Pastoral painting from hgtv.
Match the colors of your French paintings with the wallpaper theme to get match the color tones in this bathroom. Blue and white combine to create a fresh and elegant finish. Include floral prints for a more country style. Match the colors of your French paintings with wall wallpapers from hgtv.

Lush natural flowers

Natural flowers at home like lavender or geraniums are particularly popular in this style. Get these stunning flowers home in clear glass vases, copper pots, or vintage pitchers to add more luxury. You can also boost their textures and colors outside by growing them on window boxes.

The glass vases used as containers for aquatic plants provide a fresh and beautiful view. You can see the roots of this plant clearly, place it on a wooden dining table as a centerpiece. Glass vases from hgtv.
The classic pot that is made of copper material reinforces the French country decor instantly. You can put it in the dining room, vintage ceramic plates that are displayed in the standing cabinet are also stylish decoration ideas. Classic copper pots from hgtv.
You can plant these tall lavender flower in vintage copper pots that look shabby chic. You can put them in your French country home office as items that can refresh the room perfectly. Vintage copper pots with lavender flower from hellolovelystudio.
Bring a fresh and feminine feel to the French country dining room with rose blooms. Choose a pot that suits your current decor, vintage ceramic pot is the best choice that you can apply. Rose blooms on vintage ceramic pot from hellolovelystudio.
When you want to see flower growth in water, then choose and buy a transparent glass pot that has thick material so that it doesn’t break easily. Pink roses with green stems are a beautiful and refreshing focal point in this French country kitchen. Transparent glass pot with pink roses from frenchcountrycottage.
Change the appearance of your bathroom to be more eye-catching, here you can simply add a copper pot that has a gold color. Don’t forget to add flowers in bloom, the white nuances make this bathroom decor look even cleaner and more neutral. Gold copper pot from frenchcountrycottage.

Muted pottery

Not including fine china, the muted pottery gives off sophisticated vision, thanks to their simple and practical design that’s easy on the eyes. You can also choose colorful ones if you love more colors.

Display your muted pottery on top of a traditional cabinet as a beautiful decoration and can give the impression of French style. Complete with ceramic tableware that fills this cabinet. Muted pottery on top of a traditional cabinet from homedit.
Shabby wooden cabinets can give a simple vintage feel. Muted pottery repainted in beige provides a neutral color that blends in with the surrounding furniture. Marble countertop is a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Repaint muted pottery from homedit.
Make sure you put the muted pottery in areas where people visit, for example on entryways. The small metal table used for placing the potted adds to the perfect French country style. Muted pottery above small metal table from homedit.
Applying muted pottery in a white flower vase can create sophisticated results in your French living room. Place it on the coffee table to create the impression of a more attractive space. White flower vase from idealhome.
Having a french country home aesthetic, adding muted pottery items is not a bad idea to try. Applying a pottery vase will add to the attraction while in the room. Pottery vase from goodhousekeeping.

Colorful tablecloths

For more colors at home, consider spreading a beautiful colorful tablecloth over your dining table. The patterns or colors can even pop out more if your home initially applies neutral colors as dominant shades.

Cover your French dining table with colorful shabby tablecloths, the flowers that bloom on it make this dining table look fresher and more beautiful. Also add a floral pattern to your window blinds for a sweet finishing touch. Colorful shabby tablecloths from shelterness.
Adding colorful tablecloths with classic motifs is not a bad idea to try in a rustic French dining room. You can complete it with several candle holders that have a striking blue color. Colorful tablecloths with classic motifs from veranda.
You might think these two different patterns of chair cushions and tablecloths would clash, but they actually work together beautifully to create a welcoming dining space. Two different patterns from veranda.
The floral tablecloth will be more energetic when combined with several other motifs on the chairs, curtains and ceiling. Floral motifs give a vintage impression that can strengthen your French country decor. Floral tablecloth from veranda.
The French country style dining room will be more lively with a combination of several different motifs. Match the tablecloths motif with your chair so that this room looks elegant. A carpet design with a graphic motif complements this simple dining room. Match the tablecloths motif with chair from veranda.

Which one of the items above will you pick to create a French country style at your home?

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