With tons of Parisian bathroom out there, you probably have a hard time selecting which one suits your interest the most. The thing about a bathroom is that you should be comfortable enough when using it, and the Parisian style indeed answers this issue very well. If you need inspiration for this style, we urge you to continue reading our article here.

A Contemporary Bathroom

Consider choosing a sleek contemporary bathroom by blending painted walls or tiles with unique motifs with crystal chandeliers. For equipment, we recommend adding a freestanding sink and clawfoot bathtub.

The deep bathtub sits in the middle in front of a large alcove window. An antique Murano pendant gracefully hovered above it.
Contemporary art in turquoise and yellow in this bathroom is colorful and playful, while a hand-shaped bench adds whimsy.
A contemporary bathroom that uses a clawfoot bathtub and a crystal chandelier will make this bathroom look grand.
One of the best ideas for decorating a contemporary Paris bathroom is to use a clawfoot bathtub and a crystal chandelier.

A Vintage-Inspired Bathroom

Mixing Parisian with vintage is a win-win solution. Get yourself a neutral vintage-inspired Parisian bathroom wrapped with canopies, and complete the look with a faux fireplace, vintage chair, and bathtub for ultimate relaxation.

The shimmering silver nuance enhances the room’s old world elegance. An antique mirror propped behind a glossy cast iron tub reflects an antique pharmacy cabinet.
To create a vintage atmosphere in your Paris bathroom, use a vintage table and flower decoration placed on the bathroom window.
The Parisian bathroom which has a canopy above the bathtub is a good idea. With this copper-colored canopy you will have a strong vintage impression.

A Monochromatic Bathroom

Embrace the classic composition of a black and white color scheme in a stylish monochromatic bathroom. These two colors work best with light-colored wood furniture pieces, a statement mirror, and some gilded touches.

A Paris vibe is inevitable and a Byzantine inspired bathroom really makes a statement. Sophisticated luxury has been achieved with a gold chandelier hanging in a monochromatic space.
Here we have a rustic touch with a traditional black and white bathroom creating a relaxing and serene escape.
If you want to use a wooden chair in a monochromatic bathroom, you can choose a chair with a light-colored wood like in the picture above.
If you want a trendy bathroom, you can use a monochromatic bathroom like in the picture above. In addition to adding a more attractive impression you can add light colored wooden furniture.

A Statement Bathroom

Speaking of statement mirrors, you can also put it into another mixture for a statement bathroom. Choose one in a gilded frame, and then combine it with vintage pieces of furniture, a bathtub, and a crystal chandelier.

To get a Parisian bathroom decoration that looks luxurious, you can use a mirror with a gold colored frame and clawfoot bathtub.
To create a bathroom with matching decorations, you can use a mirror with a gold frame and vintage chairs of the same color.

A Modern Bathroom

Lastly, we must not miss the existence of a chic modern bathroom! Besides using an oval tub, this bathroom should take advantage of a hex tile floor, black and white walls.

For the perfect modern bathroom, use white walls, hex tiles and oval baths.
Modern bathroom decoration that uses an oval bath and hex floor will create an elegant look in a modern bathroom.

We have presented you with five beautiful Parisian bathrooms. Now we’re interested to know which one you’ll choose to incorporate for your bathroom!

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