Having a beautiful and inviting home décor is, of course, every house owner’s dream. From a warm living room to a lively kitchen, each part of your place needs something to spruce up. One important spot that needs your deep attention is the foyer.

Even if you have a small anteroom, make the most of it because it’s the first thing people look at when they enter the room. For you who have a small foyer with stairs, here some fascinating ideas to impress you.

1. Elegant with Gold Accent

Make a strong statement for your little nook by painting it dark—whether it is maroon, dark brown, or dark gray. Then, add a little glam by placing a round or oval hanging mirror featuring gold frames. In addition to the expensive-looking mirror, you can place a bench that also comes in gold shades.

This gold chandelier looks stunning. Moreover, two twin tables with beautiful table lamps also complement the beauty of this foyer decoration.
Gold accents on the glass in the foyer add to the luxury of decoration simply and ideally. Not too prominent but quite luxurious. With antique tables that accompany glass ornaments complete the beauty of the decoration.
This gold chandelier looks stunning. Moreover, two twin tables with beautiful table lamps also complement the beauty of this foyer decoration.
The blue checkered ladder runner accents the white staircase which is complemented by oak treads that match the oak handrail, with gold accents on the chandelier that makes this look stunning.

2. Photo or Art Works

Displaying a collection of pictures and paintings in the entryway is versatile. You can always count on this small foyer with stairs decor idea to entertain your guests. While friends or relatives step inside, they’ll get a chance to look a little closer to your family from the hanging portraits or some works of arts you or your kids created. Also, don’t forget the stairs while hanging them.

Display a collection of photos on the entrance wall through the stairs. This gives a decorative impression that makes your walls not flat.
Modern-style rugs with striking color touches provide sharp color decoration in this space. Especially in wall art that has quadrilateral paintings
Some of the wall decorations that adorn this porch are very charming. Placed right on top of an antique orange chair and a table with an orange box as well.
Get rid of the darkness with bright paint on the walls and warm details with photo frames and lighting fixtures.
Large vases or accent pieces can find a home in the corner of an L-shaped staircase for an easy decorating idea.
Use recycled shutters for creative wall hangings above your stairs, such as wooden shutters that give this rustic touch.

3. Useful Storage

Having shelves, storage, or shoe racks will not only make your entryway look aesthetic but also practical. You and your guests can put your shoes, coat, hat, and umbrella neatly. Select storages or shelves according to your desired theme like modern, contemporary, or minimalist.

Place an antique chair next to a small antique cabinet. To make it easier for you to take off your shoes and store them in the closet. The overall decoration of this porch is very charming, the chandelier is also very antique.
Storing the wood in the corner between the door and the stairs is very useful as a storage area for all your belongings. Moreover, as a place for your shoes, sandals, jacket or coat.

4. Living Plants

Create a refreshing small foyer with stairs by placing some fresh indoor living plants. Besides adding a positive vibe to your nook, the living plants can also purify the air inside the house. You can consider growing mints, lily, snake plants, aloe, rubber tree, and bamboo palm.  To perfect the natural look, place a wooden or rattan bench among them. Alongside the stairs, hang tiny pots and colorful flowers.

As a natural decoration for the decoration of this elegant white porch. Green plants are the right thing, place them on both sides of the corner near the door.
Side-corner area behind the door is something you rarely use as an important place. Therefore, it’s good to put some green plants as decoration and also refresh this room.
The cottage foyer features white and blue chairs with wooden beams and fig leaves tucked under a curved staircase lined with tied sisal runners.

There are tons of creative ideas to decorate a small foyer with stairs. You can go big with major revamp or do it down low. Hopefully, the ideas above help you create an incredible and inviting entryway.

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