Planning a home office can be challenging, layout and furnishing drive the success or failure of your dream workspace. Here are some ideas to consider when you’re feeling uninspired to arrange the office furniture layout for your home office makeover.

1. Clutter Control

Rumor has it that messy people are geniuses. However, you can easily get stressed out just by seeing a messy desk, not to mention if you’re being lazy and has lower productivity. Consider keeping the storage cabinet close enough to your desk for no more excuse for clutter as you save more time to easier find what you need at arm’s reach.

You can try decorating a home office in a modern style to create a stylish room. Using a table that blends with open cabinets and shelves gives a very neat home office decor look. This way you will save space and your room will look tidy. Don’t forget to add a comfortable chair. Using a black and white color scheme makes your room spacious and clean. Add wall lamps and table lamps to focus your work. Black and white color scheme from nextluxury.

Having a modern-style home office will certainly look stylish and worth trying. Combining your workbench with storage will avoid clutter and will save you more time making it easier to find what you need within reach of your hands. Using oak wood gives a warm feel to your home office. Don’t forget to complement your home office lighting with the addition of large windows at the corner of your room and under-shelf lighting to provide the perfect illumination. This is suitable for you to try to tidy up your messy home office. Modern home office from nextluxury.

Combining a work desk with storage shelves will help your home office decor be less cluttered. Plus, your items will stick together more securely and make it easier to find them. Add bright lighting under your open shelves to focus your work and make the office brighter. Adding colorful chairs is added to give your home office a pop of color. The white nuance combined with the dark wood open shelves with the wooden floor gives a warm impression and makes for an eye-catching look. Dark open shelves and colorful chair from home-designing.

You can use large horizontal wood cabinet storage to make your home office feel tidier. In addition, open shelves and drawers provide more organized storage space. This way you can provide a comfortable home workspace and still look neat. Adding large windows to the ceiling gives natural light in on its own. Don’t forget to add a wooden office table and comfortable chairs to make an elegant and stylish home office. Wooden office table from home-designing.

2. Desk Against a Wall

For you who struggle with limited space, though all you have is a dead corner, simply take advantage of vertical space in your room. Put your desk against the wall, install a wall shelving unit, add your favorite comfortable office chair, then you’re all set.

Placing the home office at the bottom of the stairs gives it an interesting and trying look. Using wall-mounted desks and vertical open shelves has a charming touch and makes your home office minimalist. With a wood workbench and hardwood floors that inspire a rustic style too. Don’t forget to add a white office chair for the perfect contrast. Home office under the stairs from goodhousekeeping.

If you can’t dedicate an entire room to your office, make space right in your kitchen. Create a contemporary, cozy workspace with light blue penny tiles and sleek custom shelves. Adding a wooden wall table and unique black chairs to make a comfortable impression in your office. Some greenery gives your home office fresh air. Contemporary home office from goodhousekeeping.

Having a minimalist home office, you can use a floating table and floating shelves right above the work table. Complete the look with soft chairs and patterned carpets to add style to your home office. This white color scheme gives a room that is clean and will look more spacious, so you have a comfortable home office. Minimalist home office from goodhousekeeping.

3. Create a Place to Meet

You may have clients or customers visit, so you will need space to create a small meeting area. Plan for some additional seating in your office furniture layout can be as simple as one or two comfortable chairs which can easily be pulled up to your desk.

You can use a work desk arrangement with additional seating in front of your client. A seating set with a small table equipped with flowers in a vase is very useful for receiving your guests. Incorporating a cream color scheme and wooden floors in a room can give a warm impression to the room. Several black and white framed paintings are great for making the focal point of your room. Seating set with a small table from architecturaldigest.

The choice of seating in front of your table will work really well. Apart from making your guests comfortable to sit in, visiting also provides great seating accommodation. These wooden pallet walls and shelves give a different look and create a warm space for you to try. Don’t forget to add an abstract painting on one of the walls to give your home office a modern look. Two chair and wooden walls from architecturaldigest

The touch of neutral nuances in this home office provides an attractive room appearance for you to try. This will also create a spacious and tidy home office. Adding two chairs in front of the table can serve to receive your guests and create a small meeting area. Glossy wood countertops, faux fur rugs, and add some framed paintings to make your home office appeal. Midcentury loft home office from architecturaldigest.

Working at home can get dull and tedious sometimes. A drab workspace can sap your energy and inspiration. Save these office furniture layout ideas and complete them with motivational decoration; paint the wall in your favorite color and surround yourself with items that bring you joy.

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