Make your garden and patio jewelry of the house. With pretty flowers, fresh greeneries, and appealing additional items, you’ll have an outdoor space everyone fancies. For the pretty extra pieces, find out these dazzling ornaments for your unique garden and patio décor.

1. Solar Light Garden Stake – Flower Globes

These gorgeous items are like giants marbles standing in your lawn. Made of round glass with the colorful floral pattern underneath it, the garden beauties are able to create a magical light for up to six hours after full eight hours absorbing the sun’s ray.

Light is indispensable in your garden decoration at night, you can use a large round light pot. Plant on the surface of this lamp with various types of decorative flowers that you like. This lamp pot will provide a yellow light that can make your garden decoration feel brighter and warmer, try this lamp pot idea in your garden decoration right now. Garden lighting with lamp pots from homebnc.

Do you need light for your garden decoration? Then the ball china lanterns equipped with carvings become lighting that can brighten up the surrounding garden brightly. In addition, the lights also provide extra warmth that makes you comfortable relaxing in the garden at night, these lights are also portable because they are easy to move to any area you want. Ball china lanterns with carvings from homebnc.

2. School of Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chime

Your garden and patio get even more relaxing with the pleasant gentle sound coming from wind chime. Purchase this school of silver spoon fish wind tinkling to add the uniqueness. Made from antique silver spoons, this is a perfect new member for your unique garden and patio décor.

Reuse a rusty or damaged spoon in your kitchen as an on-budget wind chime that can enhance your garden décor. You can turn this spoon bell into a fish that is easy to make. You just have to hang it with a rope hanging from a tree in your garden. Reuse the spoon into the fish shape wind chimes from bobvila.

Bring soft sounds to your garden decor with silver spoon fish wind chimes. Pay attention to the layout of the spoons for quality wind chimes. This wind chime will look more modern when the main ingredient, namely the spoon, is cleaned before being shaped and turned into wind chimes. Modern style silver spoon fish wind chimes from upcyclethat.

3. Swimming Koi Sculptures

By placing these swimming Koi sculptures, you will create a dreamy illusion of swimming fishes on top of your plants. Even if your water your ferns, you don’t have to worry about these pretty items because they are very durable. These artificial Koi is made from ceramic and comes in several vibrant color options.

Instead of placing a koi fish statue on top of your green plants, this time you can place it in a pond filled with water to give the illusion that this fish statue is swimming like a real one. Choose a blue color to make it look more clear and contrast, do regular maintenance to remove the moss that is on the outside of the fish statue. You can try this statue to beautify your garden decoration to be more unique and different from last year. Koi fish statue that is inserted into the pond from deviantart.

Make your green plants look more unique and different with some blue koi statues that are placed right on top of the plants. You can choose it with the main ingredient of ceramic so that it is not easily damaged and broken when exposed to sunlight or water. Attach this koi statue with a strong and sturdy iron. Place the koi statue neatly to give the illusion as if the fish statue is swimming. Blue ceramic koi statues from thegreenhead.

4. Glass Suncatcher

Glass suncatcher is a hot trend when it comes to outdoor decorations. The stained glass features bohemian mandala style with striking colorful shades. Each color from the suncatcher will shine in different intensity according to the amount of the sunlight passes through them.

Choose a glass material with colorful colors as the main ingredient of the DIY suncatcher. This Suncatcher is used to enliven your garden decoration to become more passionate. You can shape it with a round decoration that fits anywhere. This glass suncatcher looks more shiny when exposed to sunlight. Colorful DIY glass suncatcher from wonderfuldiy.

To align the suncatcher decoration with your garden, you should be able to make a tree glass suncatcher that is really in accordance with the placement. You can use an iron ring repainted with gold as a container that forms the perfect suncatcher. This repainting is done so that the suncatcher looks cleaner and new. Tree glass suncatcher from wonderfuldiy.

5. Wooden birdhouses

Invite little guests to your garden by placing this pretty wooden birdhouse, painted in charming different color choices. The adorable design impersonates real farmhouse design. Who knows the lovebirds will start a new family there?

Re-paint the wooden birdhouse in a bold color such as combining green with red. You can put it in an area that is often visited by people so that it adds color to your garden decoration. You can make it from teak wood so that it doesn’t easily porous when exposed to water, besides that wood also makes your garden decoration more vintage and rustic style. Re-paint the wooden birdhouse from thesprucecrafts.

For a lighter birdhouse decoration, you can choose plywood as the walls and roof of the house. Repaint the walls with a more neutral white when combined with whatever roof color you want. You can try it in backyard garden decorations to make it look more perfect. Plywood birdhouse from thesprucecrafts.

Beautiful and unique garden and patio décor always feature stunning and amazing ornaments in it. With the addition of the above items, your outdoor space will draw everyone’s attention.

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