Without proper organization, it’ll be stressful and hard to work in a messy workspace. You may spend a lot of time trying to find some documents or equipment, rather than focusing on your job. But don’t push the panic button just yet. In this article, we’ll uncover home office organization ideas to help you reorganize the home office and make sure that all your work stuff is in order. Let’s dive in!

Use Storage Cubbies

One of the best home office organization ideas is to use storage cubbies. Regardless of your workplace design, this kind of storage is useful for any kind of room. Storage cubbies also offer countless styles and materials — from open cubbies, closed cubbies, to modular cubbies, all of which provide valuable spaces to keep everything organized. 

You can use a desk that is equipped with built in cubbies to store your favorite books. With the storage cubbies, the atmosphere and condition of the home office will be tidier and better. Place the desk close to the window to get enough natural lighting, the wood on the desk as well as the built in cubbies will also be durable, not easily porous and not moldy. Throw the faux fur over the chair for a soft cushion. Wooden desk with built in cubbies storage from homebnc.

If you have a small home office then the storage idea should be looked at carefully. Because messy storage causes the room to be uncomfortable, you can try floating storage cubbies with wooden dividers that will differentiate some of your favorite books according to your needs. The white nuances in the home office make it look cleaner and more elegant. Floating cubbies storage with wooden divider from shelterness.

Standing minimalist cubbies is a storage idea that you can try to decorate your home office, the more cubbies you have, the more storage you will get. Cubbies storage that blends with the desk into space-saving furniture, you can attach abstract artwork to add color to this room. Standing minimalist cubbies storage from shelterness.

Manage All Your Cables

Next, try to deal with cable clutter on and under your desk. To do so, you can utilize a cable management box and tidy up all the cords in your workplace. What’s great is, this product is not only made of safe materials with the ability to prevent heat, but it also offers secure lids to protect the cables from children and pets. You may also use other organizers like cable clips, cable sleeves, and cable stations. 


So that the cables are not scattered everywhere, then you can use the idea of cable sleeves by joining all the cables you have neatly and orderly. This cable sleeves idea is easier, simpler and less complicated to try. The scattered cables will endanger you and others, put this cable behind your desk so as not to interfere with your space and activities while in the home office. Cable sleeves from bdiusa.

Consider using transparent cable clips to shorten the long cables you have so that they are less of an eyesore when viewing them. This cable shortening idea provides a solution so that all cables are neatly organized and organized. You can attach these cable clips to the table so they don’t come off easily and are more sturdy. The advantage you get is that it is cheap and easy to find in stores around your house. Cable clips ideas from bobvila.

The idea of tidying up home office cables that is easy, inexpensive and uncomplicated is to attach a plastic cable clip in black which is affixed to the side surface of your work desk. This cable clip keeps all your cables tangle free and easy to access. Choose a thick plastic cable clip material so that it doesn’t break easily over a long period of time. Thick plastic cable clips from bdiusa.

Get Papers Under Control

You should also pay attention to paper clutter in your working area. Thankfully, plenty of tools are available out there to help you handle this issue. From folder racks, paper drawers, file holders, to color-coded binders, all of which can help you manage your work documents, so you can find any paperwork you need in a breeze.

Take advantage of your empty wall in your home office to hang a file basket that is very easy and looks simple. You can add paper labels as needed so that incoming paper or letters can be better organized. In addition, you can also find paper faster so that it is more effective and efficient. Hanging basket files from homebnc.

Free up your floor space to provide more free space by using a wall mounted filing system as a good and safe paper storage idea. With some of these filling systems you can organize your paper according to your needs. Hang this filling system right in front of your computer. Wall mounted filing system from homebnc.

Arrange Office Supplies

Last but not least, arrange all the office supplies on your desk – such as pens, pencils, and markers – using unused stuff in your house. For DIYers, you can maximize recycled materials like toilet roll tubes, cardboard, and cans to create stylish holders and stands.    

Make a cardboard box for storage of your stationery to make it more effective and organized. With this container you will find stationery with a faster time. You can put this container in the corner of the workbench in use. Cover it with wrapping paper so that it doesn’t look plain and more colorful. Stationery containers made of cardboard from onecrazyhouse.

Take advantage of old glass and mason jars as stationery containers in your home office. Re-paint this container white to make it look cleaner and new. Adding a yellow ornament on the outside of the container changes the appearance to a more cute and passionate one. The combination of yellow and white provides an interesting contrasting color. Glass and mason jar which is used as a container for stationery from onecrazyhouse.

Those are home office organization ideas that will transform your home office into a stress-free space. Are you ready to try them out? Good luck!   

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