Many Americans favor farmhouse decor simply because of its practicality and countrified elements. It’s light, airy, and inviting, with some easy basic elements to decorate your house with. You may find most farmhouse-style houses have a country and rustic interior look, embellished with wooden furniture and natural tones like white, pale grey, blue, and green. Besides playing with colors, here are some key elements to be incorporated into your farmhouse decoration

1. Lots of lights

No farmhouse-style building is a dismal building. To achieve the goal, make sure your house has lots of natural lights. Think about getting as much sunlight as you start redesigning the room. If possible, you can add some precious window treatments or even add a skylight window in a darker room. 

Change your wall decor with large and spacious transparent glass windows. You can open the curtains in the morning and during the day to help the lighting in the living room naturally, with this window you will save more on expenses to pay for monthly electricity. Flowers that are placed on the coffee table become a fresh decoration and beautify the room. Instead of walls with transparent glass windows from southernliving.

Turn off your lights during the day, replace with glass windows that can provide light to your home decor. Complete your windows with white cotton curtains to emphasize the classic farmhouse style. Stone floors give a natural impression, besides that stone material will also be more economical because it has an affordable and cheap price. Use wooden furniture as a characteristic of the farmhouse style. Combination of glass windows with stone floors from southernliving.

2. Stonework

Natural elements play a huge role in farmhouse decor, creating a rustic appearance. Stack some bricks and stones in the firepit corner to create an interesting accent. If you don’t have enough room to play with inside, work with the landscaping stones to decorate the outside area.

The combination of stone and wood is a perfect blend for classic farmhouse decorations, you can apply stone on the walls and reclaimed wood on the roof. Complete the floral fabric in the bedding with curtains to balance out the bright color tones. Transparent glass windows make your bedroom brighter. Farmhouse bedrooms with stone and wood materials from countryliving.

The brick material on the wall gives the impression of a farmhouse as well as natural, concrete fireplaces are also items that reinforce this style. You can combine it with a sturdy wooden roof. The use of classic furniture is highly recommended for you, leather sofa is a recommendation that can be used. Vintage carpets reinforce the classic farmhouse style. Brick wall with a concrete fireplace from countryliving.

3. Fireplaces

Fireplaces add a vintage, authentic farmhouse decor in all homes. It can be your main source of lights and heat for the night while serving a homey feeling that’s perfect for a family gathering. 

Bring a natural stone fireplace in the farmhouse living room decor as an accent to warm your body when the weather starts to feel cold. Mount a wooden shelf above the fireplace for the area to place the canvas cow painting. Cover your sofa with different patterned fabrics, for example a plaid motif combined with a floral pattern for a vibrant and lively farmhouse living room decor. Natural stone fireplace from countryliving.

Create a large fireplace decoration in the living room decor to warm the room widely. You can make it with the main material of bricks, for a cleaner look, you can repaint it with white. In this living room you can gather comfortably with your family or friends. Don’t forget to add vintage carpets as items that reinforce the classic farmhouse decor. Repaint white brick fireplace from countryliving.

4. Lots of windows

Many farmhouse-style houses feature lots of windows occupying their walls. If you have the privilege to plan for a farmhouse look before building a house, opt to have wooden windows installed, even in the attic. It creates a traditional look and allows more natural lights to come in. 

The farmhouse kitchen is unusual for a dark room, so turning the walls into large glass windows is an idea and decoration that you can try. Use wooden window frames for a stronger farmhouse decorating idea. Try the silver pendant light for lighting at night to present a classic impression that is simple but looks attractive. Wooden frame windows from countryliving.

The wide and large windows help the lighting in your house, the sunlight that enters the room also keeps the room humidity from causing discomfort. Put your sofa close to the window, with this you can sunbathe in the house comfortably. The living room kitchen combo saves space to be more effective, efficient and more open. Big and wide windows from countryliving.

5. Barn doors

Nothing screams more farm than a barn door. It doesn’t have to be installed in the front, as barn doors are also highly functional to separate rooms or work as a bathroom door. It creates more room for traffic and is incredibly versatile. 

Use the barn door as a separator between spaces that gives a natural farmhouse impression. Use wood for the new door and then paint it with glossy black for a newer and cleaner look. This door really saves space because it doesn’t take up space when opening or closing it, just slide it to the right or left side. Paint wooden barn door from countryliving.

Choose teak wood as the main material for making new doors, this material will be stronger and not easily porous in a long time. This sliding barn door is suitable for small kitchen decorations because it does not take up much room. There’s no need to repaint it for a warm, natural feel. Sliding teak wood barn door from countryliving.

Choosing the right key elements for farmhouse decor style needs to be done carefully. You can incorporate anything to complement the look, but make sure it’s natural and not too staggering. 

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