The area rug is a smaller carpet than standard room dimensions. People love area rugs as it brings a room together and helps you make a style statement. Area rugs are expensive, and it is a significant investment that you should do carefully. If you are planning to buy area rugs, these are five crucial things you need to consider. 

1. Size

The area rug comes in different sizes like 1.10″ X 7.6″, 3.10″ X 5.5″, 5.3″ X 7.3″, 6.7″ X 9.2″, 7.10″ X 10.0″, and 9.10″ X 12.10″. Brands like oriental wavers juleitte offer them in varied sizes to suit every need. If the area rug is large, it will overshadow the room design and décor. If the area rug is small, it will make the room uninviting. 

When deciding the rug’s size, you need to determine how it will interact with the furniture placed in the room. If you face difficulty in determining the right size of the area rug, you can do the following.

Take a painter’s tape and create an outline of different spaces in the room. Compare these spaces and find which one looks more balanced. You can consider the measurements of the balance space to determine the size of the area rug. 

2. Material 

According to experts, the rug’s material is an essential factor that determines the price, general aesthetic, maintenance, and durability. Some of the common types of area rugs you can buy are:

  • Oriental rugs from brands like Oriental Weavers Juliette are made of cotton, silk, and wool.
  • Wool rugs are popular with homeowners due to their versatility and long-lasting characteristics. 
  • Cotton provides a more natural look. Cotton rugs are less expensive than wool rugs. 
  • Silk rugs are soft and have a nice sheen. These rugs are absorbent and available in vivid colors. 

3. Weave

The weave is an essential factor in the quality and looks of the rug. You have the option of hand-oven and machine-made rugs. Hand-knotted ones are considered art pieces, and hence they are sold at a premium. Every hand-knotted rug is different. Machine-made rugs offer intricate designs and are affordable. 

4. Color and Pattern 

You have a wide choice in color and pattern of the area rug. It will be the functional accent or focal point of the room, so make sure it matches the room’s overall décor. If you regularly change the décor, a rug with neutral colors and patterns might be right for you. In the end, the color and pattern depend on individual taste and preferences. 

5. Maintenance 

You need to consider the maintenance requirements of the rug. To determine future maintenance requirements, consider the wear and tear it will have to go through. Will the area rug be placed in a high-traffic area frequented by children and pets? It would help if you found out how easy you can spot clean or vacuum clean the rug. 

To sum up, an area rug is like artwork on the floor. It creates a frame that allows you to define spaces in the room and place furniture in a decorative way. The tips given above helps you focus on crucial things and ensure the area rug enhances the décor of your home.  

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